Farm worker rights…

Farm workers who pick tomatoes for the fast food industry are among this country’s most exploited workers: sub poverty wages, no rights to overtime pay, no benefits of any kind.
Two years ago, Taco Bell did something about it — agreeing to pay a penny more per pound of tomatoes to double the workers’ earnings, and establishing a real code of conduct to ensure safe working conditions. But the fast food giant McDonald’s has refused to follow Taco Bell’s lead. Consumers have joined together with religious, human rights, student, and workers’ rights groups across the country to protest McDonald’s behavior to advance real rights for these workers. I just signed a petition to McDonald’s to urge them to do
better. Will you join me?
Just go to:
and tell McDonalds these workers deserve real rights and fair wages. by O.K. 03/19/07  


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  1. MJ "Revolting Pawn"

    I signed the petition but haven’t eaten at McDonald’s in years so not helping the workers anyway. Hard to believe that paying penny more pound for tomatoes helps the worker’s wages. How low are their wages right now?

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