The mission of this blog….

The republic is in trouble. This may sound a bit dramatic for a site launch and initial blog post, but it needs to be said. I don’t mean to suggest that our nation is on the brink of ultimate demise – that’s even too dramatic for political blogging. However, I would put forth the premise that the America our parents lived in, the America that allowed the middle class to modestly progress, the America that embraced its citizenry and worked to protect and nurture its own, has been sold out by a corrupt national government and a fraudulent corporate community that is relentless in its greed and absent of pity. No one knows how far it has gone but the topical signs are alarming. Incidents of corruption and brash criminal activity at the hands of Congress are sadly realizing new pathetic heights, backed by a shadow culture of corporate socio-economic dominance that wields iron-fisted influence. These forces have adopted a domestically destructive political and economic policy agenda at the expense of a weary middle class. The cancerous effects of this dynamic are responsible for catastrophic consequences that infiltrate the most surprising circles of American culture breeding social chaos – often to fantastic to believe – many times brushed past or never reported in the main stream media. For these reasons I decided to launch this blog. This madness needs to be eradicated by any means available for the sake of our collective national future. To this end, I feel the only way to break through and create real dialog is to engage educated people and examine the issues that face us with an eye on forming common sense solutions. We will not engage in political folly. The positions put forth here will be lucid and well thought out, and all posts will be verified for informational accuracy with citations being provided whenever relevant. It is in this way that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, can be broken down if need be and reshaped into what it once was – a shining beacon the world aspired to – rather than the darkness it has become. If you share this passionate vision, I urge you to email and request authoring rights to post to this site and associated blog. Together, the informed can wage successful battle against this entrenched corruption and drive the engine of change to a better future for the sake of our children. Look for our official site launch April 1st…Matthew Podoba, Editor  

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  1. MJ "Revolting Pawn"

    Site is really starting to come around and looking good. First two posted already having me wanting more!

  2. You may want to split that up into paragraphs, it may tempt people to read beyond a line or two before giving up and clicking elsewhere.

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