Wal-Mart withdraws bank application…

I try to follow a self-imposed rule of waiting at least two weeks between blog beating the same organization, but in this case, I couldn’t help myself. Yesterday Wal-Mart, admitting total defeat, has withdrawn its application to establish the Wal-Mart Bank. Organizations including www.wakeupwalmart.com, have claimed a resounding grassroots victory citing Wal-Mart simply wilted under a tremendous grassroots campaign and subsequent e-mail blitz that culminated in Republican Congressman Paul Gillmor, releasing evidence in the form of an internal Wal-Mart email, exposing the fact that Wal-Mart had misled both elected leaders and the FDIC about its banking intentions. First pay the politicians then lie to them – you gotta love it. Imagine the number one employer in the country yet again sheep herding the American public into believing that it only had the health of the American economy in mind when deciding to start the banking campaign in the first place. Horse sh%t. This is the same company that destroyed Rubber Maid, undercuts local supermarkets by using food as a ”loss leader”, while making up the lost profits on the general merchandise side of the store, moved their entire product purchasing headquarters to China in 2001, and outright owns or partners in hundreds of Chinese factories that employ workers for $2500.00 per year while American workers laboring right in their own stores are supplementing their paychecks with food stamps and welfare just to eat. It is disgraceful what the typical moron American consumer will ignore. Just read the blogs. One blogger is quoted as saying, “Yeah, it really sucks but I worry about low prices more.” A response in the same thread read, “I agree, if Wal-Mart is forced to pay higher wages that will mean higher prices! I don’t want to go back to $15.00 CDs.” These people should be stripped naked and thrown into a tank of leaches – from the genitals down. Maybe then they’ll feel what it’s like to get the blood sucked out of you slowly while you’re forced to watch your family struggle just to survive. Anyone gullible enough to believe that Wal-Mart has any intention other than anal raping the American economy for every dollar they can get their greedy hands on, should just shut the hell up and stop insulting the intelligence of thinking people. And just as a side note – where in the hell were the Democrats in the banking application investigation? It took a Republican to expose Wal-Mart’s deceptions? Odd don’t you think? There are reasons for this too. If you’re thinking corruption and financial glad-handing…you’re on the right track. More to come…Posted by Matthew J. Podoba 3/17/07 

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