The Foolishness that is Rosie O’Donnell…

     Recent comments by Rosie O’Donnell seem to complete a personality about-face that began with her first talk show “Rosie” in 1996, and have recently eroded to her latest conspiratorial blathering on “The View”. How exactly did the once crowned “Queen of Nice” morph into the “Bitch of Bayside” (Queens, NY in case you were wondering)? Interesting question don’t you think? Her Wikipedia bio reads like a psychotic laundry list of crumpled weirdness. For a relatively intelligent and accomplished woman, O’Donnell appears to most nowadays as a Zyprexa-starved political ambush artist, which is unfortunately low hanging fruit for idiots like O’Reilly and Limbaugh. Her curious legacy is well documented…blindsiding Tom Selleck in 1999 during an interview regarding his stance on gun control, insisting that the line “can shoot a partridge with a single cartridge” be removed from the song “Anything You Can Do” in the play “Annie Get Your Gun”, the “Ching-Chong” controversy, the “Trump” controversy, the “Royal Navy” controversy, this controversy, that controversy….but there is one that really opened my eyes this week to the apparent absence of any reason…that being the “9/11 Conspiracy” controversy.

        Rosie is quoted as saying, “I do believe that its the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel. I don’t know about you Rosie but I lived near a steel plant – I assure you it can be done. In the same breath she goes on to say, “I do believe that it defies physics that World Trade Center tower 7 – building 7 which collapsed in on itself – it is impossible for a building to fall the way it fell without explosives being involved.” I wonder what she part she disagrees with, the fire part or the gravity part? One too many cans of Red Bull and glossing over blogs about how the U.S. government planned the whole thing, evidently gets Rosie a bit ruffled. To be fair, there are a few precious grains of truth to Rosie’s story. For example, steel does melt at roughly 2700 degrees Fahrenheit (true)…the maximum heat produced by burning jet fuel, which is universally agreed upon as the propellant of the fire that engulfed the twin towers, is roughly 500 degrees Fahrenheit (also true)…the temperature at which steel loses half its strength is roughly 1100 degrees Fahrenheit (true once again)…so it must be conspiracy!!!! Not quite. What Rosie O’Donnell failed to surmise in her pathetic lack of any critical analysis, is that there were several other factors that may have very well contributed to the collapse but we may never be able to identify. Here are a few silly tidbits of common sense for all you conspiratorial folk out there…

     Has anyone stopped to think that it is well documented that structural steel begins to lose strength at 400 degrees Fahrenheit which could, in combination with other key factors, caused a massive structural failure? What factors you ask? How about the 6000 gallon fuel tanks located in the basement of both towers and their respective pressurized supply lines that traveled throughout both buildings? Or maybe we can check the original architectural plans of the twin towers to see if floor 95 was rated to accommodate 747 parking, which weighs approximately 900,000 pounds by the way. I’m going to gamble on this one and just take a flippant guess….no. And then there’s the photographs of the glowing orange molten metal that was removed from the debris pile at the site.

     Dark orange to bright orange molten steel indicates a heated temperature of approximately 1675 degrees Fahrenheit, not to mention the fact that many other buildings around the world with similar construction are documented as burning at temperatures in excess of 800 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than enough to weaken steel considerably. Maybe if any of these morons ever worked on an automotive exhaust system in their garage using a simple acetylene torch from Sears, they would know that you can heat steel to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit without much trouble at all. Just force a little oxygen into the equation. Kerosene, the base component of jet fuel, burns at 875 degrees Fahrenheit, well above the low end thresh-hold of 400 to 600 degrees needed to compromise the strength of structural steel. All of this evidence is available on hundreds of websites for those curious enough to look…for five minutes even. I could drone on but why bother. I’ve probably been hired by the Bush administration to counteract Rosie’s story and spread false information on the Internet.

     The progressive movement doesn’t need anymore morons Rosie, were’re all stocked up. If you don’t have anything intelligent to add, please, for the sake of people on the liberal side working on things that actually matter and whose credibility you continually bleed away with your quasi-political/self promotional baseless ranting…go back to lobbing koosh balls at some studio audience and stuff a sock in it. You’re embarassing thinking liberals everywhere. We have bigger things to worry about.  

Posted by Matthew J. Podoba 04/09/07 


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  1. As a young kid, I remember watching her with my mom.

    And the whole thing with 9/11 and trump… I don’t know what do say.

    Asher Heimermann

  2. I remember watching her with my mom when I was young.

    Asher Heimermann

  3. What bigger things to do have to worry about? and why is it hard to believe the government was in on it? I can see how the structure could have collapsed due to melting..but, why didn’t our military intervene? Why didn’t we stop these terrorists when there was conclusive forewarning?

  4. What bigger things do we have to worry about?

    Why is it difficult for people to believe the government was in on it?

    If the government did not cause the structure to collapse and it really was a terrorist attack, why didn’t we stop the terrorists when there was conclusive evidence and prior knowledge?

  5. I was somewhat tolerant of Rosie the pig years ago but she has turned into a total liberal lesbian flag waving cow that is a waste of public attention. She and others of her ilk want us all to embrace homosexuals, their civil rights, and her favorite cause which involves homosexuals adopting children and raising them as if it were the ideal environment for the kids; the kids will never ask or wonder as the data all points that kids in this situation accept it totally. yeah, right.

    I, however, have serious doubts about the 911 incidences as well. You threw around the term “jet fuel” as it were nitrogycerin. Jet fuel has been kerosene for as long as i can recall. My father used to keep some handy for use in space heaters when we lived overseas. Kerosene and charcoal lighter fluid are similar as well. The mere fact that the high tech misnomer is assigned to it doesn’t make it a magical fluid.It has been named JP-4 and KP-8 and this sets the world on ear,

  6. Some of you have responded with various vigor on the latest Rosie rant and I feel compelled to make a few things clear. I don’t have an issue with people questioning the U.S. government. They are basically a criminal organization and have been manipulating the American people and the international community for years with their narrow ideological agendas and other operative ventures of let’s say…questionable virtue. We should be questioning the whole 9/11 situation because it does smell. I completely agree with that. However, when one misinformed fool decides to wage holy war on a supposed conspiracy issue while offering absolutely no solid demonstrable evidence or faulty evidence at best to support it, is counter-productive. Liberals should be lining up behind things that need more immediate attention. The war in Iraq, healthcare, our failing education system, tax reform, lack of affordable daycare, etc. My question to Rosie is simply this…why doesn’t she put her name and resources to better use instead of setting herself up as a raving lunatic who by default becomes an easy target for right-wing blowholes? Common sense says that the U.S. could stage any number of fake attacks to start a war. A 9/11 type of idea justs seems a bit nuts to me, even for Bush.

  7. This is for mjcross…

    Why is this so outlandish?

    A 9/11 type of idea justs seems a bit nuts to me, even for Bush.

    Consider the fact that it is not even Bush that plans this stuff.
    He is nothing in the grand scheme of things and will be gone in two years.

    However – the USA will be stuck with whatever his administration has done
    or will do in the future. Tax rates are going to be in the 40 percentile
    range within a decade because of the cost of his “war”. That movement of
    cash was actually the buying and selling of the USA we aren’t yet aware of.
    There are other operatives in play. Call me crazy and conspiratorial
    but when your taxes are unreal and gasoline is $4.00 gal think back on this.
    He has successfully played the fool for those who want to bring down the USA.
    We will not be enjoying the great American lifestyle any longer; we will be
    living life as those in Europe know it. We are going to become equal to the EU.
    It sounds a bit biblical and end times doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

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