The Under Current of Why We Must Leave…

Anyone who is paying attention on any level has all the reasons why U.S. involvement in the Iraq War must end burned into their political conscious – Bush lied, bad plan, incompetent management, impossible logistics…on and on and on. But how about we take a short stroll on the human side. When the U.S. first invaded Iraq, there were plenty of people, in particular young Iraqi college students, who were prepared to risk their lives to exit the one way road to nowhere that was Saddam’s Iraq. They wanted the West. They wore jeans and listened to Metallica. They blogged with American students and listened to non-state news from the BBC. They greeted the invading force with open arms until all of the aforementioned botching of just about everything brought them full circle that started at hope and ended in a feeling of betrayal and eventually evolved into hatred. George Bush’s failure to comprehend, trust and protect these seeds of hope are manifested in the tragedy that is Iraq today. The clock of freedom has been wound back at least twenty-five years or more. Long after American troops are gone and long after this president’s arrogance is forgotten, these pillars of potential that learned English from American movies and music and whose motivation to create a free state was derived from the crushing oppression of the Baathist regime, will now spend the rest of their lives trying to resuccitate a battered, bloody and broken country and wondering why they ever trusted us to begin with. The troops may leave next year, but the war will rumble on for decades. This is the saddest consequence of a president not fit to lead.         


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