Kucinich’s Impreachment Crusade…

I believe Dennis Kucinich and Rosie O’Donnel should get together and go bowling sometime. Don’t get me wrong. I totally support what Dennis and Rosie stand for. They are idealistic and moral people who speak on issues that matter. However, what forced Rosie from “The View” and make no mistake about it – she was forced – will ultimately bring Kucinich’s efforts to an agonizing halt. What is this you ask? Simply put, Dennis Kucinich and Rosie O’Donnel suffer from the same thing that the students in Tianamen Square suffered from or the Chinese Democratic Party suffers from or the 1960’s ultra radicals suffered from – a blind sense of moral duty with no real finger on the pulse of what is politically practical. The whole – “I’m a hero when no-one cares about the cause”  thing.

Go ahead – introduce articles of impeachment. No one in Congress with any political savvy will support it (i.e. Nancy Pelosi’s recent comments..) Why? It’s not because they don’t want Bush out – They’d give up a kidney if it could be done realistically – it’s because they have bigger fish to fry. Has Dennis Kucinich lost touch with how slow the wheels of government turn? Congress can’t spend a minimum wage bill in an expeditious manner. Does he think Congress can work to get the troops home and put a stop to that murdering while Congress embroils itself in impeachment hearings? Too many Republicans in Congress to make impeachment happen. I remember the Clinton impeachment circus. That took the better part of two years to play out from start to finish. What’s the point of all this? Just let this idiot of a president muck through his last two years and be done with him. Can things get any worse? His political capital is gone, he has been completely discredited and history will deal with him far more harshly than Kucinich and an impeachment could ever hope to.

The Democrats should have thought about the foolishness of this war when they all voted for it. They knew what Bush and the Republicans were about when they got in. The Beltway has ears you know. And by the way Rosie, if you’re reading this, fire has melted steel for the second time in history! This time it was an underpass in California. Getting our troops home right now, health care, reasonable wages, pensions, entrenched power, fair elections, cheap childcare – these are the issues guys that the Dems need to focus on – get off the impeachment thing. It’s a titanic waste of time if the only goal is to pander to the Bush despisers. Keep the subpoenas going and keep them off balance for two more years. 9-11 conspiracies and impeachments will only bleed the Democratic agenda white in the end. That’s not what we need.      

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