Talk About Living the Stereotype…

Well, the Democrats are up to their old tricks again. A few precious months of defiance is up in smoke after King George vetoed the war spending bill with troop withdrawals attached. “Darth Cheney” predicted it a few weeks ago. He said that the Democrats would back down and assured right-wing war wackos everywhere that things would mercilessly grind on as usual. It’s pathetic and sickening really. I’m fairly certain that the Democrats can read if they choose to – and when they do – they might notice that King George’s approval rating has sunk to 28% in most national polls. Call me kooky but that seems like a ripe environment for a stand-off with this moron of a president who we are collectively forced to endure. If “Commander Guy” thought for one minute that he had even the most remote morsel of an idea as to how we might get out this mess, he would have done it by now…believe me. Conservatives are stubborn and foolish but they’re even more famous for being opportunistic. The Democrats can’t seem to wrap their head around the fact that the administration has absolutely no way out of Iraq. Story over. I say, step on Bush’s throat while he is down. He did it to Democrats for six years. Cut the war spending and let Bush eat it. And by the way Democrats, don’t let Bush and his possie of the brainless try to brainwash America into thinking that cutting funding will leave troops stranded in the sand – because that is their latest line of bullshit that is on the street right now. Start a PR campaign immediately that ensures that every man woman and child breathing knows that troops will be brought home on the back of funds already in place and that they will not be stranded in Iraq like someone at the mall without bus fare home – as “Commander Guy” and the “Stupid League” would have us believe. 72% of America is behind you…do the right thing.

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