hillary speaks and shows shes a phony for votes

another pandering leftwing clinton presidency leading us down the path of deception that we are used to from her first two terms. please let me clarify. as a senator hillary says lets war. agreed. we need to have a strong presence in iraq as a launch pad for our true enemy iran. largest military and announced enemy of isreal and the entire west. luckily isreal will strike in the next 2-5 years with or without u.s. approval. also i agree as it is needed four their survival which u.s. will never understand nor do we need to because we will back isreal and that is all thats important.(need national guard called home and put on southern border). anyway,..iran cant get nukes point blank. tell me thats inaccurate. they will close access to the whole gulf and all middle of the road musilum countries will have to go along or take the side of isreal which wont happen….WORLD WAR THREE?…now here is the hillary point. the 2000 election was a trade off with right thinking dems. why? to set to solve this problem. Goerge bush has such a low approval rating he can afford to do whats right without offending the sheep called the american people. now i dont want our men dying but l0ok at the larger picture as the next leftwing president has. she started with a go vote and moved left to make sure she had the dems locked up with “out of iraq talk” months ago. now what option does the left have? this is their horse like it or not. now in the last month she has been shouted down by her own lefties in at least 2 rallies I know about . why? because she has said “whe must maintain SOME presence in iraq”. FLIP >>>FLOP. the clinton lie is already at work and no clown candidates like rudi is going to stop the election of our first woman president (and the first ladies-man and probably next ambassador to AMSTERDAMS RED LIGHT DISTRICT). whats tomorrow…? how long before the pardoning of criminals starts again. you like being lied to.? fine at least bring back the W keys you pried off all the whitehouse keyboards in 2000. Travelgate , filegate, whitewater. go u sheep. elect her again like in 1992. Were goin into iran anyway. so ill be happy eitherway. hey lewinski..do you think their is a vast right wing conspiricy. i think not. i think the draft dodgers wife will have us at war anyway with our enimies.  you just dont know it yet…..but I do. and its ok with me. roll over over one more time .sorry hubble. sorry mcdugals. buy the way whats that guy who supposedly commited suicied in park.?? well nevermind her wont need a healthcare plan that will never take place anyway, if it did…. hold on to your pocketbook cause we will wish gas prices were back to 3 dollars again after they hit 5 bucks…… p.s. followers of cattlegate……, how long before she lies under oath just like slick willy???????????????.Sandy, the national archives wants the papers you shoved down your pants back………..YOU SHEEP. 

“out of this


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  1. ‘We need a military presence in the Middle East’ is the latest pathetic – johnny come lately – conservative attempt to jusitfy a war that has failed in every objective it set out to accomplish except making the U.S. the laughing stock of international politics, reinforcing our cowboy image abroad and proving once again that we have an incredible knack for choosing the most collosal knucklehead we can drudge up to be president. Iraq was never a threat – unless punks running around with shotguns counts – and Iran will never come close to a nuke before we bomb their facilities into oblivion. The only threat to our nation and long-term cultural security is China. Hence, why the hell are we in Iraq again?

    If we don’t start dealing with the current trade situation with China and the parallel de-industrialization (and wage erosion) of the American middle class, we will witness shrinking GDP in our lifetime – that’s when the real chaos will begin. Of course high roller Republicans will perpetually ignore this as long as the truck loads of corporate profit keep rolling in off the backs of American and Chinese workers, while 47 million Americans are without health care and our heavy and light industry is in full freefall.

    As for Hillary, you can bash Clinton all you want. No one is buying it anymore except of course the right-wing wackos. Conservatives love to throw around trumped up unsubstantiated, unproven conspiracy theories about Vince Foster and McDougal that are nothing more than the wanna-be character destruction wet PR dreams of the likes of Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove – whose respective life missions are to stack the shit so high that the shear smell of it will drive any real thinking people away. Hey ‘michaeljoe’- do yourself and the rest of the country a favor, stick your head in the sand and wait for the next presidential election to pass so you don’t have to explain away anymore of the outright deception, constitution shredding and just general anal raping of the middle class and their traditional way of life, perpetuated by a man who still has not proven to me that he has more than a sixth grade proficiency in standard American english grammar. With any luck, I won’t have to endure another idiot Republican president until my kids are in high school. (Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2 are about all my stomach can take) By that time the cowboy tough-guys-in-suits conservative base will have us in a war with Iran I’m sure, because these morons who pass themselves off as ‘the party of ideas’ can’t ever seem to get past reaching for daddy’s shotgun before they formulate policy that invariably involves trying to run over some piss-ant country in the name of democracy. Well I’ve got some bad news for you, the piss-ants are learning to fight back – the same way they did in Vietnam and the same way they are in Iraq – so unless we are prepared to wage war with a purpose (..and I don’t think we have one in Iraq) all the “soft-in-the-middle”, “I-grew-up-on-the-tough-streets-of-Kennebunkport”, “never-served-a-day-in-real-combat”, “would-get-assbanged-in-prison-by several large-felons-after-being-there-five-minutes” conservatives, should pack up their little green soldiers and dissappear into the sunset like 72% of the American people want them to. Enough already.

    Posted by MJ Cross 7-1-07

  2. look at this……CHINA. agreed a big problem. talk about diversion. if you don`t get the iran threat (the fact that they will force egypt,lybia, saudi`s, jordan, pakistan, kuwait to name a few other moderate “piss ant” countries …some already with nukes ,…not to mention syria whose a country foaming at the teeth to to get at killing americans .hope turkey isnt arab either. ha-ha.) than in good concious vote for the liar. like i said we will be full scale war and there wont be any one to trade with., while your busy in a fatory making bullets and your kids are in a bomb shelter or breathing our new air, the kind with radiation in it. as for bush…of course he`s a moron..we agree that he is an idiot but even a broken clock is right two times a day. thats enough for me. also, remember if your flavor is trade have these liars undo nafta and the other crippling trade agreements that your buddies set us up with. one more thing stone thrower…..if 10 to 12 scandles are right wing propaganda, and you need several covictions to not buy the currupt couples angle any way (speaking of shit) than the ” If it looks like shit and smells like shit it must be shit” Has finally been debunked by you. Thanks for changing the world. Hey, I don’t care if 99% of the American sheep are hurded in the wrong direction it’s still wrong! All a sheep knows is that when it’s hungry it heads for the food. That doesn’t change how dumb it is when I hand it a rifle that it needs for it’s own surrival. One last thing… their not my little green men, they are the people who make it possible to write whatever they think is right without the thought police knocking at our doors. Apparantly, they are OUR LITTLE GREEN MEN, so pull the lever and sleep tight… YOU SHEEP !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. MJ "revoltingpawn"

    It’s nice Shadow Democracy allows contributers with a different political viewpoint to post on the blog since thats what freedom of speech is all about. But I have to say that incoherent rants which made little sense do make us progressive people look even smarter. 🙂
    Of course when given a forum to speak you can’t help but take pot shots at the Clinton’s. Why do right wing nut jobs have such hard-ons for the Clinton’s? I still read and hear Republicans blame Bill for George’s mistakes after 7 years. She is not my choice but Hillary is not even the best example of a “flip-flopper”…lets not forget about Giuliani, McCain, and Romney, none of whom can seem to figure out what they stand for. I worry more about the liar Georgie myself. Also funny how you bring up those minor scandals of the Clinton Administration… You seem to be more worried about ancient history then the current crimes being committed by this administration like torture, treason, constitutional abuses of power, and outing of CIA agents. Gee…give me the good old Whitewater days again. Your statement of $5 gallon gas if Hillary becomes President? Not sure where that came from. Yes, Bush has brought us to $3 gas and if he makes a move on Iran we will have that $5 gallon gas before the next President.
    Speaking of Iran… Why are we so worried if they get nukes? If Iran gets nukes the same thing will happen when any other nation in the past acquired them. NOTHING! What are they going to do? Launch a nuclear strike at Israel or us? Only if they want their county turned to glass! IRAN IS NO THREAT TO US! Now all repeat.. IRAN IS NO THREAT TO US! We need to stop being so fearful and I agree with my partner that need to realize threats to America are not going to be military but economic.

    Lastly, whats up with all of us being sheep? The only sheep I see are the ones who believed Bush and the media about WMD’s in Iraq. Now don’t the real sheep look foolish $600 billion and tens of thousand’s dead later… Please get a clue and have some real points if you ever post again.

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