On Independence Day…..

Let us not forget the brave soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq and wish for their safe return home as soon as possible. Independence Day is more than hotdogs and fireworks and most Americans seem to forget that. Their blood and suffering as well as the blood and suffering of all American soldiers throughout history is the very stuff our freedom is made of. They don’t ask questions and they do not chronically complain like so many mashed potato eating whiners at home, they just go to places that you and I don’t care to think about to do a job most of us won’t do – and we are forever in debt to them. With any luck, their plight will change soon enough – and to that end – lets keep up the fight at home to hold our government accountable so we may continue refering to ourselves as the “land of the free” and “the home of the brave.”  Happy Independence Day to all.


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