Leaked ‘Sicko’ Memo has Capital BlueCross Executive Fitpatrick Reeling…

It was bound to happen. Some stuff shirt HMO empty suit has gone on the offensive to damage control Michael Moore’s latest documentary ‘Sicko’. In a leaked memo, the not for profit (a kinder gentler way to charge outrageous premiums) Capital Blue Cross  CEO Barclay Fitzpatrick, authored a memo that explains how Moore’s latest work would have a “negative impact on our image in this community.” Moore’s work would have a negative impact? Could someone please tell this guy – once he pulls his head out of his ass – that most everyone already thinks that HMO’s and the medical industry in general are nothing more than a lot of slimy maggots who should all be dealt with in the same fashion that I deal with their kin found on rotten meat in my garbage cans? – with bleach and a heat gun. Moore just puts these crimes against the middle class on film to expose these scumbags who profiteer off the backs of the chronically ill for who they really are – a power money elite who are offended by the needs of an increasing desperate working America.

In the memo, Fitzpatrick crafts talking points that can be used to counter Moore’s commentary, thus essentially offering a weapon for corporate America to use in it never ending crusade to anal rape as much money as humanly possible out of the middle class. To read the memo, link to our ‘Books, Essays & Evidence’ page or click the link below and download a copy from Michael Moore’s website…it’s a must read.


More commentary to come…

Posted by Matthew Podoba 7/6/07

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