From the files of… “Things that weren’t illegal when we were kids”

Genarlow Wilson 

Several weeks ago on Shadow Democracy Radio on, we covered a story involving teenager Genarlow Wilson. Wilson, who is now 21, was arrested, tried, and convicted for having consensual oral sex with a 15 year old teenager when he was 17. Wilson has served over three years of his 10 year sentence.

A judge in Georgia has overturned the decision and ordered Wilson released – for the third time. However, Georgia state attorney general Thurbert Baker has appealed the decision and has warned that if Wilson is released, it could set as many as 1300 “child molesters” free.

Could someone who is proficient at lawyer speak please inform Mr. Baker, a conservative attorney by the way, that he has stretched the legal standard and definition of child molestation as thin as a cheap condom. This is just another case of a hard-line conservative nit-wit not having the character to admit when he made a blatant mistake. It makes one wonder, could it be that Wilson was arrested because he was black and his partner was white? We know conservatives are squemish about that particular little phenomenon. Could it be that Wilson was arrested the same day he was to sit for the SAT, bringing his 3.20 GPA to the table? Could it be that racism is still rampant in the new “Christian South” and that racism is reflected in a Georgia Court of Appeals that affirmed his conviction? (If Jesus is coming to judge, he better get here soon because neo-knucklehead Baker needs a pitch fork up the ass – oops…that would be sodomy and I’m sure that’s against the law too…never mind. ) And as a final thought – Why wasn’t the girl charged? She had consensual sex with a minor too -or are things different for white girls? If getting oral sex at age seventeen, or several other kinds of sex for that matter, was a criminal offense in 1986, I would have been executed.

Please join me in supporting Genarlow Wilson and send a message to these Draconian conservative rock heads that encompasses one simple principle – the only way you are going to stop teenagers from having sex is to castrate every male in this country between the ages of 13 and 17. You can’t legislate or pray hormones away – no matter what your pastor says.

Join heterosexual males everywhere and visit these links to support this kid.  

Genarlow’s legal team filed a Petition for Certiorari asking the Supreme Court of Georgia to consider the case.

Click here to read the Petition 

Donate to the Wilson Defense Fund

Contact Attorney General Thurbert E. Baker
Phone: 404-656-3300 FAX: 404-657-8733


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