Yet Another Callous Reaction to Human Tragedy by a Conservative…

 Crushed vehicles burned in the wreckage.

Liberal bloggers and others in the talk radio world were appalled at President Bush’s comments after the Minneapolis bridge tragedy. Not me. I am completely numb to ignorant, racist, and otherwise callous comments from conservatives in the wake of middle class human tragedy. Bush blatently politicized the Minneapolis incident by blaming the Democrats for not passing spending bills in a timely fashion, implying somehow it was their fault. The simple fact is that 139 words were used to address the bridge tragedy itself, while 509 were used to blame the Democrats. Not much in the way of sympathy there huh? Confused? Outraged? You shouldn’t be. Conservatives are consistently heartless and course when it comes to the poor (everyone making under $100,000 per year). I learned this long ago.

 Let us not forget what his mother said during the Katrina disaster…

“What I’m hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them.”

Conservative Nathaniel Blake at Human Events Online links positively to John Derbyshire’s post, wrote that students at Virginia tech should feel “heartely ashamed” for not acting more bravely.

How about Glenn Beck calling Cindy Sheehan (bankrupt, unemployed, divorced and perpetually arrested for her anti-war principles) a “whore for the money” and a “camera pig.” I suppose she was hoping for a dead son so she could pursue her “camera pig” career.

Remember Rush Limbaugh mocking Michael Keaton’s Parkinson’s disease on his radio show?

And lets not forget Ann Coulter on the 9/11 widows…”I simply do not believe that having their husband die entitles your left-wing views to sanctification…” Time for another estrogen shot Ann…the five o’clock shadow is starting to show on your upper lip.

It appears to me the party of God is long on hatred and short on understanding. Hopefully next time a disaster happens, the almighty will get the “have nots” even on the score card and kill a couple a hundred of hedge fund CEOs.  Spontaneous volcanic eruption on a private golf course might work nicely. Just an idea.

Some stereotypes live up to the hype. Conservatives are shortsighted and tunnel-visioned, as well as racist. This is being proved out by the current administration who are collectively too boneheaded to hide their contempt. Funny how the response to the “white” Minneapolis tragedy differed so much from the “black” Katrina tragedy? Republicans from Hoover to Nixon to Reagan to Bush have revealed their true ideology in spades – screw the poor, people of color don’t matter, and the middle class will suffer a bit more in the name of another CEO bonus or botched war effort.


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  1. I am glad that you have revealed the obvious discrepancy between ‘words and deeds’. I complain about this all the time. If you have to tell me you are a Christian, I know that you are not. If you spend your energy doing Christian good deeds, then you don’t have to waste your breath. I will see for myself. Religion in America is so insecure, that it must preach through intimidation instead of demonstration. King George and his Dominionists are the best example of hateful, arrogant and entitled privileged hiding behind someone else’s Bible and stepping on everyone in their way.

  2. I agree with you completely. The entrenched power elite in this country are not only jeopardizing our pluralistic democratic system of government through their unscrupulous arrogance and contempt for the middle class, but moreover, they are using the very main stream Christian socio-political culture to entrench their narrow minded views for genrations. It is an unfortunate reality in America today.

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