Bush Has Set a Dangerous Precedent for the Executive….


In a sea of blunders, George Bush has proved one thing. You can rule through fear and politicians will not do the right thing in the name of re-election. Profiles in Courage is as dead as Julius Ceasar. Our president has proved you can be incompetent, an accomplished liar, a thief, you can abuse executive power – you can do just about anything you want, and one thing is certain – the opposition party will not stop you. This is how is begins. This is how one dangerously misguided individual can easily set a precedent that could very well make Congress irrelevent.

It really started with Richard Nixon knocking on the door of dictatorship, however Bush has opened that door wide open and in turn will afford future presidents the opportunity to abuse executive power and  consequently damage our democracy in the process – Democrats and Republicans alike. There is a reason why the Democrats have a 25% approval rating in Congress at the moment – failure to act. The power elite in this country has its hooks in our federal government on a dangerous level. When one man or woman sets an agenda to consolidate power and shred the constitution in the process, while neglecting the people, someone needs to do the right thing if only in the name of – doing the right thing…corporate determinism be damned.

Here is a short list of what our modern Ceasar has done…and this is only the stuff journalists have managed to uncover in one of the most hostile White House press corp environments ever…  

NSA Warrantless Surveillance Controversy

2003 Invasion of Iraq

Constitutionality of invasion Iraq and deceiving the American people 

Justification for invasion of Iraq

Unlawful combatant status of captured combatants and mal-treatment of those detainees 

Neglecting Veterans (VA Controversy)

Leaking of classified information

Commuting “Scooter” Libby’s sentence

Declassifying top secret information for political purposes

Improper politicization of the United States attorney offices

Irresponsible treatment of Hurricane Katrina victims 

Lying to Congress

Refusal to adhere to Congress’ subpeona powers 

Will our Democratic Congress save us? I am not optimistic. I for one will punish any member of my party that refuses to follow through on campaign promises and that includes Hillary Clinton. If the Democrats want my vote, they better learn to stand up to the Republicans and fight the way Republicans fight. Real change and the progressive agenda will only be advanced through tactics that may border on the extreme – if you call cutting war funding extreme. The entrenched power elite has a strangle hold on our democracy and in order to release that grip, thinking people better begin to re-evaluate what the Democrats are doing or more to the point – not doing. I am not anti-Democrat but I am anti-stupid. Things better change or the next election may not be as much of a done deal as most progressives think. Could Barack Obama leading in fund raising last quarter be a leading indicater?

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  1. MJ "revoltingpawn"

    I agree with your post and want to hold Democrats accountable also but how do we do that? Vote Republican? The problem as I see it is the two party system we have which really leaves us with not much choice. Fellow Democrats are already attacking Obama just like Howard Dean before him. Doubtful the progressive left really will have voice in the current Democrat party.

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