Latest Education Report Says Our Kids Don’t Understand Economics…


Recently, the federal government tested American high school students on how much they understand economics. The results were predictably dismal. Only half knew that banks use deposits to make loans to other customers, while only half understood the basic principles of global trade.

In an era where global trade is directly affecting our culture on a critical level, why aren’t our high school students made to learn economics? The fact is, only about 5% of all high schools curriculums mandate economics as a requirement for graduation, while most schools don’t offer economic courses at all.

In addition, the same report shows that math skills are well below the international average and continuing to trend downward. Governor Richardson recently called for a new ‘Manhattan Project’ with the goal of developing alternative fuel. I say, with what talent? Will we have to import math and science students from China too to shore up the pathetic porduct our high schools are turning out? 

As a nation we cannot afford to allow future workers to languish in academic mediocrity at the risk of sacraficing our way of life. These statistics are the precursor for a socio-economic cataclysm that will see the U.S. slip into economic and cultural chaos, as we wilt in the face of economic pressure from countries like China, unable to compete or moreover, preserve our culture. Maybe the trend has already begun.  

No one in this generation experienced the great depression and few know much about it because by default, few students care to talk about history either – but if things continue on the same destructive path in this country both economically and culturally, they may get a taste of it first hand. Maybe students will be made to learn economics and math then? Of course our president doesn’t seem to understand economics either so why should our students be bothered? 


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