Maybe we should do exactly what Elvira Arellano wants us to….


Recently arrested and deported immigration activist Elvira Arellano has decided to blame the U.S. and it’s failed immigration laws for her deportation (This would be the third time by the way). For those of you who might be questioning this reasoning…allow me to draw you an analogy.

Arellano, a repeat immigration offender and brazen activist for immigration reform, is employing what is commonly referred to as ‘circular logic.’ Here’s an example…

Only sick people need to take medicine, therefore, if you don’t take medicine, you will never be sick!

If only life were this easy.

I say let’s give Miss Arellano exactly what she wants. She claims that the U.S. isn’t enforcing immigration laws and allows immigration issues to purposefully fester (which I happen to completely agree with by the way), then maybe we should start enforcing the laws on the books starting with Miss Arellano. Elvira Arellano’s level of unchecked arrogance and contempt for the laws of this country is exactly why she and 20 million of her closest friends annually, are drawing fire from anti-immigration groups. Besides the fact that she has been arrested for identity theft and jumping the border two times, she also drew Medicaid illegally as some sources have confirmed.

What is the penalty for these crimes you ask? If pled out, the minimum Miss Arellano would receive would be seven years in a federal jail. I say let’s turn over a new leaf and begin to correct the “unfair bias against immigrants” and broken U.S. immigration laws, by executing an order of extradition, and demanding that Mexico hand her over to U.S. authorities. And as far as the Mexican government is concerned, if they do follow through on the proposed diplomatic letter to the U.S. protesting Elvira’s deportation, we can simple respond by telling them that we’ll read the letter when they make good on repaying all of their economic aid debt back to the U.S. I’ll be eating sandwiches and watching CNN everyday in joyful anticipation of that news.

A piece of advice for Elvira and the U.S. Congress – If you are really committed to immigration reform, how about you start by working together to elevate Mexico to a somewhat higher level than dirty-toilet-status as a nation on whole. Maybe, and I know this may sound wacky, people will actually want to stay at home and build a better life for themselves rather than breaking the law to do it here. You can start by repealing NAFTA and turn to a policy that institutes real worker rights and environmental reform in Mexico that has some teeth. Maybe then Elvira Arellano could work as an activist at home with her son instead of resort to squatting in churches in the U.S. to make her point. Either way, it’s not the problem of the U.S. that she decided to give birth to her son in this country and that she facing separation from him, it’s not the problem of the U.S. that Mexico is a corrupt wasteland, and it is certainly not the problem of the U.S. that citizens here do no want the blight and cancer that is the failed Mexican state, to envelop this nation. If my mother could emigrate to this country legally in 1955 as countless millions have since the 1870’s, then the Mexican people can as well. Civil disobedience is one thing – that was what Martin Luther King did. Elvira Arellano is a brazen criminal who wants to make her point by circumventing the law and impose her will on this countries immigration system. She is wrong and her deportation is completely justified. In light of her criminal acts, she should be arrested and jailed on sight if she is ever seen on this side of the border again.


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  1. Amen. You have addressed this issue correctly and to the point. Why is it wrong that e deported her, she came back after being told not to, and has a kid. She was working the system.

    If you think they are upset now, imagine what would happen if we enforced our laws on them as we do on our own people?

    The special treatment of Illegal Immigrants needs to stop.

  2. Hello. I am contacting political bloggers around the country since I am one as well.

    I agree with your sentiments. It is bad enough to break the law, but to basically brag about it deserves a harsh response.

    If you are open to doing a link exchange, I get some pretty decent traffic.


    P.S. If you are remotely interested, I am # 5 in the country in the bloggers choice awards in the political category.

  3. The foolishness must stop I agree, but there is another larger dynamic at work here and that is corporate America. They are just as responsible as our broken government. They willingly ignore immigration laws and hold out the carrot for these people to jump the border. Once they get them hooked, they then use the stick to threaten them with the INS if they complain about anything. The situation is about as bad as it can be all the way around.

  4. Despite the efforts of the Bush administration to get the Mexican government to help guard the border, Mexico has no real incentive to do so. Mexico is your typical third world hole in the ground where a tiny minority owns the vast majority of the wealth and the power. So why not take advantage of those silly gringos in El Norte by encouraging their low skilled, high school dropouts to head to the States? Moreover, many of these illegal workers repatriate some of the dollars they earn in the U.S. to support extended family at home,even as they are collecting benefits from you and me. This means foreign exchange for the otherwise weak economy. Asks the Mexican congress: lose the low quality people or lose the foreign exchange? Hmmm

  5. All good points Lisa and all points that support the argument that the border must be closed. Those who say it is not possible are the same people who want this madness to continue. The idea is simple really – you must stop the source of the bleeding before you can help the patient recover. If the border if effectively sealed, the issues that you mention are moot. No more people sponging illegally off of our social welfare system, no more families being separated, no more exportation of high school dropouts to the U.S. (we have enough of our own), etc. Amnesty for all those already here for more than seven years, and the issue drys up overnight. I believe this is a viable solution. By the way, no one is talking about the collasal security hole the Mexican border represents either.

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