Bush Remarks on Iraq – Vietnam Parallel are Ridiculous and Contradictory…


I suppose this is where a failed foreign policy gets you. When 70% of the American people are not in your camp on the Iraq War and you’ve exhausted every possible socio-political excuse known to man for continuing that war where you have categorically proved you are not competent to lead, you are forced to up the ante, as they say. Politically, President Bush has reached the point all presidents’ fear: being so far down in the polls that a stab at the riduculous begins to seem appealing. 

Perhaps Mr. Bush felt he had very little to lose Wednesday in his speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Kansas City, Mo. In a stunning conundrum of stupidity that even I didn’t believe was possible, Bush argued not only that America needs to stay in Iraq until a stable democracy can take root, but also implied we should have done the same in Vietnam a generation ago.

After choking on my cinnamon bun while listening to this latest pathetic attempt at reconciling his failed administration with the American people, I composed myself, and realized that he violated the conservative code! You know – all those things the real wackos talk about on hunting trips as they sit around the campfire, farting away the wieners and beans they ate for lunch, while they were smoking a joint in the woods, waiting to blast some deer’s brains out. I must confess, I was stunned that he actually did it. He revealed himself in spades, because we all know that any real gun-toting conservative still thinks that liberals sold us out and that we really could have won in Vietnam in the end. Once more however, Mr. Bush overlooked one small detail – all of those people he spoke of that were “hanging off the bottom of helicopters” as we left and the people who were trying to scale the walls of the U.S. embassy, were running ‘to’ us, not ‘from’ us. They feared for their lives at the hands of the North Vietnamese. The last time I checked, 58% of the Iraqi people want us out and we won’t go! No clinging to helicopters there. In Vietnam, most of the South Vietnamese wanted us in and we couldn’t stay – not because we didn’t want to, because we waged an ill-conceived war and we were beat…plain and simple! Sound familiar Mr. Bush?

In the end, Bush’s undeniable lack of credibility will once again backfire as he tries to politicize the Iraq War with his invocation of Vietnam. What are we to believe? Are we to accept how the Republicans in mass have continually labored to convince us for the past three years that Iraq is not the same failure as Vietnam? Or…should we believe the disastrous ramifications of failure and the potential glories of victory in Iraq are worth the price of American blood and treasure? 

The fact is Bush’s rhetoric no longer holds the same currency that it once did. In fact, given how low support for the Iraq War is, it makes absolutely no sense at all to chain the specter of Vietnam to the current situation, given the fact that Vietnam is universally viewed as the most unpopular war in American history – except by neocons of course. Personally, I don’t need a soft-in-the-middle conservative who actively avoided service in Vietnam while he served in the ‘Champagne Squadron”, giving me advice about foreign wars and what the consequences will be if we leave Iraq. If this is the only political card Bush has left to play, he should just keep his mouth shut and fold. Nobody wants to hear it anymore Mr. President…trust me. 

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