Americans Financing Good Health????


I did it. Earlier this year my dentist solemly informed me that I had advanced Periodontis, and advised me that if I wished to have a continuing relationship with most of my teeth, I should get in the neighborhood of $2000.00 worth of dental work done immediately. I had no problem with the dental procedure part, however I did have an issue with the ‘immediate’ part. What to do??? My dental coverage only paid for approximately half of the proposed procedure – the other half would have to come from…somewhere else. In my case, the somewhere else would be my HSBC Discover account.

Zero-interest financing, a typical sales incentive at car dealerships, is now being utilized by the medical retail industry (as I have come to call it) as a marketing tool to woo clients (customers as I have come to call them) to the newest big-ticket market – expensive medical stuff your insufficient insurance policy doesn’t pay for. 

When first introduced by companies like GE Capital and Capital One Bank, this type of low or no interest financing was used primarily for procedures like laser eye surgery, $6,000 ceramic tooth implants (or other implants not rated PG), not typically covered by insurance. Of course, going into debt to pay for medical procedures is nothing new for many people, however as health costs continue to sky-rocket, large corporate lenders will invariably prey on the middle class with higher interest rates and procedure rates (sticker prices as I have come to call them). 

Big insurers, too, are devising new financing plans with various kickbacks to doctors. Casual observation of the ‘market’ suggests that rising deductibles, unfair co-payments and the shear fact that Americans aren’t making as much or saving as much money as their parents did, may force more of the nation’s 40 million uninsured people to finance out-of-pocket expenses for even basic medical care.

Is there no limit to the depth’s the corporate power and money elite will sink to in the name of driving this sham debt-driven economy to preserve our democratic village, even if that means burning the village to the ground in the process? When are we, the screwed, going to stand up and demand fundamental change in our laws to protect the middle class from these predatory vultures? It’s a disgrace. Again I ask, where is my Democratic Party?


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  1. Everyone is looking for a change with no solid plan. I am looking forward to the ellections just to see who is going to win. All the democrats talk about how they are going to change the healthcare syste. The matter of the fact is that I have a feeling is going to change.

  2. We need a national, single payer plan that would completely cover EVERYONE! This site is the best I’ve seen on this issue:

    Physicians for a National Health Program

    It shreds all arguments against…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  3. Very cool. I absolutely agree with single payer. get the profit out and the care back in. This for profit crap is ridiculous not to mention immoral.

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