Giuliani Blasts and Hillary over Iraq Report…


Rudy Giuliani, sharply criticized for attacking Gen. David Petraeus in the New York Times as they effectively labeled him a liar. Giuliani also said Hillary Clinton was spewing political venom during her recent questioning of the general.

During an appearance on the “Randy and Spiff Radio Show” in Atlanta, Georgia, Giuliani refered to the ad as “one of the more disgusting things that has happened in American politics,” and said “it’s unfortunate” more Democratic candidates haven’t spoken out against the liberal advocacy group’s ad. He also added, “I think the failure of the Democratic candidates to really condemn that, given how much money spends on behalf of Democratic candidates, which is millions if not hundreds of millions, is really, I really think it’s very, very unfortunate.”

Giuliani went on to scold Clinton directly for her comments during Petraeus’ testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday when she said his progress report required “a willing suspension of disbelief.” “I really do think to accuse a general of the ‘willing suspension of disbelief,’ — particularly in the atmosphere that has created with these terrible attacks — I think that’s not the way in a responsible way to go about forging the foreign policy of the United States and the military policy of the United States,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani thinks is disgusting? He thinks it’s unfortunate that the Democrats didn’t speak out against them? He’s kidding right? I guess someone needs to refresh Giuliani’s memory and dust off some ‘disgusting’ Republican political tactics.

How about we start with Bush vs. McCain in the 2000 presidential campaign. Bush accused McCain, a legitimate war hero, of everything leaving the toilet seat up to anal raping young boys. The depths that Bush’s campaign sunk to was shameful to say the least – yet it all makes sense in hindsight as Bush has shown himself to be the most dishonest and unscrupulous president we have ever endured.

Then there are the Swift Boat ads depicting Kerry as anything but a hero – nevermind his three purple hearts. Was that ad appropriate? Did Giuliani forget that right-wing dominated talk radio slandered Kerry until his war record was torn to pieces? It appears not, but someone should remind him I suppose.

What Giuliani failed to reinforce is that his Commander-in-Chief is an idiot and that no matter how many times he says to the American people that things are getting better in Iraq, it doesn’t make it true. Iraq and the surrounding area has been in a constant state of war since the time of Christ. Does Giuliani really believe that some asshole from Texas and his messenger boy four star general are going to keep the Sunni and Shia from tearing each other to pieces? If he does, I have a bridge to sell him.

Political ads only have as much power as people assign to them. What Giuliani fails to realize is that the article isn’t that far from the truth. Petraeous’ report smacked of a faithful messenger boy delivering the mail for his corrupt master. The only way went wrong was to unsuspectingly give hypocrites like Giuliani and other long-term memory challenged Republicans a rallying cry. The integrity of Petraeus the soldier should never come into question. The willingness of Petraeus to lay himself at George Bush’s feet as a propaganda tool of this regime should absolutely be questioned – and did exactly that.

It’s not about the man, but it is about the man’s decision to set aside his principles in the name of career advancement and politics. Someone needs to remind Giuliani that you don’t grease the wheels of history with American blood – and if someone says they want to, it is perfectly legitimate to question their motives and honesty. I would hope for nothing less.    


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  1. Sen. Clinton is too wishy-washy to be President. She flip flops her mind on many issues and accepts money from crooks for her campaign.

  2. And who exactly in the Republican camp is not “wishy-washy?” Giuliani? I think not. Check the record.

    Also, the last time I looked, Hillary gave back $850 million in campaign contributions from questionable donors. Her campaign was unaware that the money was from tainted sources. No harm there.

    By the way, flip flops are for walking on the beach – get off of it already. You’re three years behind the neat-Republican-catch-phrase cycle of calling Democrats flip-floppers. It’s old hat.

  3. MJ "revoltingpawn"

    Funny how scared Republicans are of Move On and the Daily Kos that they have to attack them. Neither are the voice of the Democrat Party or control the party like the right seems to think. If they did the Democrat leadership would be cutting the funding to the war and impeaching the President which is not happening. The Christian right raises millions for the Republicans and practice hate speech and nobody says anything or demands their money returned.


    Next time try writing a comment that has something to do with the post. Repeating Republican campaign “buzz words” makes you look unintelligent. Oh yeah Bush and Cheney are actual crooks and liars. If I have to tell you why you are not paying attention.

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