Hillary Clinton Suggests Lou Dobbs a Racist…


I guess it was a campaign tactic to pander to the Latino vote, but it seems Hillary Clinton went a bit far when she said that some in the media attack Latinos and that she found it “destructive.” Later, she would single out Lou Dobbs of Lou Dobbs Tonight.

The Monday New York Times described how Democrats pandered to a Latino audience during their debate on the Spanish-language channel Univision. “They expressed concerns that Republicans were enabling anti-immigrant feelings and even racist attitudes, or at least not taking a tougher stand against them.” 

Hillary Clinton said legislative proposals to overhaul the immigration system, which all the Democrats at the debate endorsed, had been used by Republicans and some in the news media to “bash immigrants” and then added, “There are many in the political and frankly in the broadcast world today who take a particular aim at our Latino population. I think it’s very destructive.”

The Times pressed Clinton after the debate for clarification and she said she was referring to the CNN anchor Lou Dobbs and the radio host Rush Limbaugh, among others.

How on earth does Hillary Clinton draw the parallel between Limbaugh and Dobbs? For the record, Limbaugh is a racist. If he had his way, anyone with the skin color of ‘non-white’ would be deported. He has made racist comments about everyone from Jesse Jackson to Barack Obama to Donovan McNabb, which he was fired for from ESPN.  Dobbs, on the other hand, simple wants the government to stop beating the hell out of the middle class. He has never uttered a racist word about any Latino I know of. He merely takes the apparently ‘destructive’ position, that immigration laws should be enforced and American companies should be held accountable and summarily punished for hiring and harboring illegals.

Sen. Barack Obama, who is polling at 25% to Clinton at 44%, said President Bush missed a chance to defuse the fears of American workers who believe illegal immigrants will take their jobs. He stated, “They (American workers) feel that they are losing jobs. They feel like they are losing health care…” He also added, “They feel that they are falling behind, and their children won’t have a better future. So a president has to speak out forcefully against anti-immigrant sentiment and racist sentiment, but also has to make sure that all workers are being tended to.”

This is Dobbs’ position and that of many other Democrats, including myself. Why can’t we enforce laws while protecting American workers, and people who want to come to this country legally?

What Hillary has done is reinforced to moderates that she just doesn’t get it. She is willing to pay lip service to the Latino voting block and liberal Democrats in the name of getting elected, while ignoring those Democrats who favor immigration reform and stricter enforcement of the law (polls suggest a majority of Americans want stronger border security and a fair way to handle illegals already here.) This position isn’t destructive or racist as she suggests, it’s just plain common sense. We have finally reached a point where we can’t afford this nonsense to continue. There are too many hard working American born and legal immigrants who need health care, welfare, childcare and jobs. Why should any of the spoils of America go to those who consciously cheat the entire system and make a mockery of our legal process? Is it appropriate that immigration activists are calling Elvira Arellano the next Rosa Parks – a woman with blatant disregard for U.S. laws and a mother who is using her American born son as political leverage so she might live here illegally and help others do the same? 

If Hillary wants to label people and their agendas “destrcutive” she should invest a little more critical analysis and a little less rhetoric before she throws someone under the bus, who actually wants to protect the middle class.

Personally I stand by Lou Dobbs and his position because it reflects my own feelings on the issue. American workers and their families first…the Mexicans can do it like every other immigrant group has since the 1850’s, or go back to Mexico and work on reversing 200 years of corruption and dysfunctional government. Either way, I cannot endorse the idea that they be allowed to sponge off of hardworking and honest people. Hillary is wrong and she has given me another reason to support Obama.         


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  1. Lou’s position on immigration is rather simplistic. It is doubtful most people will be better off if there is some massive deportation of illegals. Illegals mostly take jobs Americans don’t want and if they are gone, dishwashing and fruit picking jobs will not suddenly become high wage. In some cases wages will be bid up but also some jobs will be mechanized or just go unfilled. That will drive up the cost of goods and services that the masses purchase.

    There is a narrow slice of the workforce that faces competition from immigrant labor, but they can be helped in far easier ways (such is with national health care or raising the earned income tax credit) than deporting 12 million people, most of whom are here just to support their families.

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