Is Larry Craig Kidding…He’s Coming Back?


Senator Craig mingled with fellow senators, cast several votes and had lunch with the same Republican caucus members who withheld support for him as his latest sex scandal exploded last month after a police sting operation in a Minneapolis airport bathroom. Senator Craig has said he will step down on September 30th – unless he can get his guilty plea in the case in Minnesota overturned by then. Amazing what lawyering up does to people. 

“Senator Craig is here representing Idaho, working on transition and meeting with his legal team,” said the senator’s spokesman Dan Whiting.

I’m a bit confused. Who in Idaho does Craig represent exactly? Does he represent gay men jonesing in public johns for a quick hit? Does he represent liars who abuse power and priveledge to weasel out of trouble when their caught dead – to – rights? Does he represent people who can’t accept their sexual identity and lead double lives as they cheat on their wives and deceive their children while they pursue their clandestine gay passions? 

Craig has taken conservative denial and ignorance to its absurd yet logical conclusion. The man is a collassal embarassment to Congressional office, but has let the drunken effect of unbridled power lead him into a selfish and destructive decision. It is fitting that Craig has decided to resist the pressure from his own party to resign. In this momentus battle of rock-headedness, the Republican party will be taking it in the shorts (metaphorically of course), as the most fundamental of conservative mantras comes home to roost courtesy of the Larry Craig bandwagon…the fact that conservatives never admit they are ever wrong…even when they’re caught.

Larry Craig is a buffoon who should do the American public a favor and dissappear into the night, or into a public bathroom… whatever looks more appealing. Moreover, he should try to wrap his mind around the fact that his desire did not do him in, his arrogance did. He’s a pathetic shell of a leader who is trying to recapture his coveted mantle of power, only to mask his contempt for his constituents as he lies to them, his family, and his colleagues, in the name of using that power as a vehicle to pursue his sexual agenda, while laying waste to truth and integrity. I urge the Republican Party to do America a favor, and force this cancer out if he decides to stay beyond September 30th.   

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