Senator Specter Asks: Who’s This Jenna Jameson?

Former porn star Jenna Jameson, who quit the porn business and even got a breast reduction got herself a V.I.P. tour of the Capitol. That isn’t what was shocking, because we all know most Senators and Congressmen will stick it into anything wearing a skirt anyways – so why not Jenna? What was really shocking was that Senator Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), seemed genuinely clueless about lovely Miss Jenna when confronted by his colleague Paul Kane, who questioned Spector about a rumored meeting he was having with Jameson. I think I’ll run for the Senate.

“I don’t recognize that name. Who? General Jameson?” Specter asked.

“No, sir, Jenna. She’s, well, she’s kind of an actress, in, well, uh, the adult film industry,” Kane explained.

“Paul, do you mean pornos?” Specter chuckled.

“Yes, senator, that’s what we’d call it.”

“I don’t think I’m meeting her,” Specter said.

Can anybody say “square?”

Lucky enough for Snarlin’ Arlen, Jenna Jameson’s name didn’t show up on Specter’s daily schedule. Too bad though, its been a whole two weeks since the last Republican sex scandal. However, a congressional official leaked that Jameson was given a tour of the Capitol by a male aide in Specter’s office. Lucky bastard.

Leave it up to a Republican to not know who Jenna Jameson is. I mean let’s be realistic here. Any male in this country between 16 and 60, blind, deaf, or dumb, who has a heartbeat, has at least has heard of Jenna Jameson. I’ve never met a high profile pornstar, which I find most unfortunate, but I bet I would recognize one when I saw one! Even without the “DD”-sized cups, I think I could pick Jenna out of a crowd of emtpy suits on Capitol Hill? The Capitol police certainly knew. They rushed in droves to have their photos taken with her, according to sources. Jameson’s spokeswoman, Susan Yannetti, explained that Jenna, the daughter of a police officer, is “very law enforcement friendly.” In fact, at Fashion Week in New York recently she had “lots of photos” taken with NYPD officers, Yannetti said. Go figure, cops sniffing around a pornstar. They must have taken a break from picking up 18 year old girls in their patrol cars for “lunch.”

Maybe I should give Specter a break. After all, most crooked politicians only bed down “professional” girls. Jenna is a good girl…she’s just too high profile I guess. However, if I had to pick between Republicans and their pedophiles or Democrats and their porn stars, I’ll take the Democrats and porn stars thanks. I can relate to it. Maybe Republicans should stick to shooting abortion doctors, trolling for men in public bathrooms, dragging people to death in Texas, or whatever else they do with themselves when they’re not busy hanging nooses over schoolyards or from the tailgates of their pick-up trucks.

“I would love to meet Hillary,” Jameson said. “But no one thinks to invite someone like me.”

Too bad she wasn’t some sleazy corporate donor or she probably would have been welcome with open arms.


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  1. MJ "revoltingpawn"

    Yes we are posting about porn stars to increase page hits. 🙂

  2. MJ, how dare you suggest we would stoop to the level of using sex to generate blog traffic? This blog is merely trying to maintain it’s purpose as a tool to keep the American public informed of all relevant political information…even if that information is in the form of Jenna Jameson’s breasts…good journalism knows no boundaries 🙂

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