The 2008 Presidential Election is Coming…Time for Republicans to Cheat…


The Republicans are in trouble this time around, so what do they do? – what they have always done…change the rules. Our compassionate conservative friends who brought us the Willie Horton ads, the Swift boat campaign, disenfranchisement of black voters in Florida, the Iraq debacle and Tom Delay, are trying to hatch a plan to steal California electoral votes. Arnold would be proud.

It’s almost sad really – but it appears they can’t help themselves. With an eager eye toward seizing the White House next year, the Republicans, even if they lose the popular vote – are trying to rewrite election rules for the distribution of electoral votes in California. You know the old Republican saying…when you’re beat…cheat. 

Under current law, all of California’s 55 electoral votes go to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote statewide. This is a ”winner take all” system and is the norm in states across the country except for Maine and Nebraska. So here’s the plan… 

Scumbag lawyers with close ties to the Republican Party say they can work to scrap the current system in California and replace it with one that would divide up the electoral votes in a way that would likely give 20 or more of them to the candidate who loses the popular vote in the state…how convenient. Under this new proposal, the 20 or more electoral votes that would be denied to the winner of the statewide popular vote could be just enough to steal the White House for the Republicans, effectively neutralizing the California Democratic 800 pound gorilla. 

To pull it off, the Republicans have resorted to typically deceptive tactics. First off, it has been named the ”Presidential Election Reform Act,” yet only state Republicans seem to think the election rules in California need reforming. The name is even more telling. Let’s name the legislation something that indicates a problem is afoot with the goal of fooling people. Its kind of like the Nazis putting the statement, “Work will set you free” over the main gates at death camps. 

Thomas Hiltachk of Bell, McAndrews and Hiltachk, a conservative law firm that has represented both the state Republican Party and G.O.P. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is linked to a political committee, that targeted Democratic candidates in 2006. Others tied to this firm and political action committee, and longtime supporters of George W. Bush, contributed millions of dollars to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, whose unconsciously deceptive campaign in 2004 was so damaging to the candidacy of John Kerry, that it cost him the presidency. These guys are just more of the same liars that have come to define the entire Bush regime from top to bottom.

The burning question is – are California Democrats going to stand up to this blatant deception? Democrats must realize that this effort is a clear abuse of California’s initiative process and stop it cold before these criminals get any traction.

The proposal is flawed on it’s face for many reasons including: the proposal might be unconstitutional, at least in the eyes of the Supreme Court. In Bush v. Gore, a concurring opinion by Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justices Scalia, concluded that when the federal Constitution, in Article II, enlists state “legislatures” to determine the method of selecting members of the Electoral College, the Constitution necessarily forbids states from involving other entities, including state courts, in a way that interferes with the state legislature’s wishes.

Also, if moving away from winner-take-all rules makes so much sense, then why aren’t more blue states doing it? I would think Republicans should unilaterally give up their advantages in red states in electing a President. If Republican majorities in other states are not doing the same thing in states they control, then the fundamental basis for reform is a joke.


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  1. Interesting post. I will be watching to see what unfolds.

    Steve Davis, Calgary, Alberta

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