Everyone Involved in Jena Case Needs to Wise Up…



Another perfect situation for racial tension. Blacks and whites are at it again –  fighting over skin color, lifestyle, culture, and ultimately…a way of life – this time in Jena, Louisiana. 


Jena is a mostly white town in central Louisiana with a population of about 3,000 people. This whole flap surrounds a tree on the local high school campus – the shade of which supposedly belongs to whites only? I was unaware one can claim shade?

Last fall during an assembly, a black student asked an administrator whether he could sit under the tree. The very fact that the question needed to be asked at all, embodies the crux of racial tensions in this country. To people in the assembly, the question may very well have represented the same retreaded innuendo that suggests a white vs. black power struggle that persists. Students were reassured…they could sit where ever they like.Several black students soon joined white students under the tree – and the next day, three nooses hung from it. The administration of the schools as well as the entire population of the town was oblivious to the hidden meaning of the question in the assembly, and now all wondered why the nooses? It was not a harmless prank – at least blacks didn’t see it that way. It was a sign of hidden racial hatred buried and bubbling just below the surface in the misled and ignorant minds of white students. Tensions immediately rose. The school administration blundered again by inviting Reed Walters, the district attorney, and several police officers, to threaten students at will, which they were all too happy to do. “I can be your best friend or your worst enemy,” Walters told the assembly. “With a stroke of my pen, I can make your lives disappear.” It sounds like a scene ripped straight from Mississippi Burning. Welcome Jim Crow esq.


What people in Jena don’t realize is that none of these things matter in the long run. Race, color, lifestyle and culture are not going to be the end of Western culture as we know it, nor will whites or blacks triumph over one another as the ‘ruling’ race. White people need not fear that their wholesome white-flight suburban existence is evaporating and black people need not fear that what they have fought for over the past 150 years will be undone. The real threat to this nation and culture as a whole is destructive economic policy, perpetuated at the hands of the power elite – and their worker bees like Reed Walters who are sent to keep the ‘black folk’ in line – and in some cases, the white folk too.


The rich love when we fight among ourselves. Racial tension and fighting in the streets, protests, and arrests, are wonderful distractions for the American middle class. They keeps our troubled minds off of some pretty disturbing facts – like the fact that Jena, is poor on the whole…really poor, and that most of their high school students probably won’t graduate – while the ones that do will have trouble ever finding meaningful work. It also distracts us from destructive war profiteering, the fact that our healthcare system is crumbling, that American wages are being depressed like never before, and that our elected leaders are nothing more than corporate puppets.


These issues are not white issues or black issues, they are everyone issues. More and more whites and blacks are falling into poverty as we speak. Some estimates have numbers set as high as 12% of all people in the U.S. living at or under the official poverty line. Of course the poverty line is a distraction in itself. When you really think about it, who can live on $12,000 per year? The poverty line should be at $17,000 to $20,000 per year. If that was the case, I believe the numbers of those in poverty would be much higher, and include many more people in places like Jena.


The point is, average people in this country cannot relate to the rich power elite and we never will. They loathe all of us. They will not help us, they do not care, and they want nothing more than to preserve the status quo. As a racially diverse populus, we help do their morally bankrupt bidding by scrapping among ourselves. If we are fighting each other, we can never unite to fight them. I say to the Jena six and everyone else involved in that case, don’t turn your anger on your black or white neighbors, level that anger toward the true culprits…the rich and powerful who manipulate and take advantage of situations like Jena to manufacture profit and rob you of your civil rights – while we bleed and our children are jailed in the name of false justice. 



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  1. Until this country faces its dark past we as a nation or even as individuals will not get past it. I know its 2007 but what does that matter in the minds of those who still feel slighted? We have to heal as individuals then we can heal as a nation. I have always said our problems are systematic.

  2. Mychal Bell is a four-time offender in the category of violent crimes: His latest display of distemper has nothing to do with “healing as a nation.”

    Turns out that the whole “Jena 6” incident was a figment of the overactive imagination of the American media–and in particular, the left-media. Should anyone be surprised that media lies have unduly inflamed the nation once more?

  3. Michael Cousins

    Here’s the truth about the so-called Jena ‘incident’–if in fact you’ve got the balls to read the truth:


    Click on the banner at the top of the webpage reading, “Chronological Order of Events [of the Jena incident].”

    “The truth shall set you free!”–Reverend Martin Luther King

  4. MJ "revoltingpawn"

    Michael Cousins…

    No one is saying the Jena six are angels. This is about equal justice under the law. If you don’t think Blacks are convicted and sentenced to longer terms then Whites for the same crime then you are in a state of ignorance. This was a case of under age kids in a school fight that went wrong and not attempted murder as charged.

    Not sure what you wanted people to learn from your link… The part where read… “They honestly had no knowledge of the history concerning nooses and black citizens” What crap education are the kids receiving at this school? There was no detail in what prompted the black kids to attack the white student. It was random violence? Not what I have read in other accounts. Sorry the whole document seems to be bias toward protecting the image of the school and community.

    I do agree the media blows things out of proportion in all stories and just not race related ones. Refer to the stories of the Iraq threat in the past and now the same in regards to Iran.

  5. Michael Cousins

    So an instance in which six black kids gang on a lone white kid, kicking and beating him into unconsciousness, and then kicking him yet more while he’s prostrate and defenseless, isn’t attempted murder, sir?

    “Equal justice under the law,” my ass. When liberals are compelled to lie so blatantly in order to stir the racial pot to the point of violence in this country, then something’s incredibly wrong with the liberal notion of peace and justice. Hence, the liberal loss in eight of the last nine presidential elections. Ordinary citizens know the truth when they hear it.

    Today’s students can’t locate Washington D.C. on a standard school map, let alone understand the intricate history of slavery or Reconstruction. Jena’s LaSalle High School’s students are no exception. How many black kids can identify Frederick Douglass’s picture in a high school textbook without help from their teacher? These kids are barely old enough to recall the Clinton presidency. Blame American education nationwide for the dilemma, not just a tiny high school in rural Louisiana.

    It’s highly doubtful that the Jena journalist had anything to hide in presenting his article. It’s similarly very unlikely that he’d lie simply to score political points for himself or his hometown. Meanwhile, young Mychal Bell–barely 18–is already guilty of four instances of arrest via violent-crimes. Where there’s smoke, there’s generally fire.

  6. MJ "revoltingpawn"

    Michael Cousins…

    It’s only attempted murder if they were trying to kill him and there is no evidence of that at all. It was a terrible violent beat down and the student were showing no good judgment. But guess we can charge attempted murder for every one sided unprovoked fight in our schools. The court system would be booked…

    Liberals are trying to stir the racial pot? Ever listen to national right wing radio or even worse local talk radio in the South? Bush and his fellow neocons whole political strategy has been to divide this nation.

    Sorry have to correct your recent Presidential election facts. DEMOCRATS lost six out of the last nine elections not eight. Clinton was not even a “liberal” but a moderate. Kind of like the “ordinary folk” you were talking about… Of course in 2000, George lost the popular vote to ‘liberal” Gore so was it really 5 out of 9? Boy that is almost a draw…

    I agree about our state of education nationwide but I was commenting on the school in Louisiana. The school I went to we learned that history. Funny how you had to use a black student example for your point and my education comment was non-racial. Who is stirring the racial pot?

    I never said the Jena journalist had anything to hide but the article seemed bias but he is a local. Sorry the whole piece was of low-medium journalist quality at best. Yes, Mr. Bell has had a troubled past so guess we should give up on him and lock him up for 20 years and he was not even 18 yet.

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