Los Angeles Immigration Sweep is Long Over Due…


The U.S. Border Patrol in conjunction with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), rounded up 1300 illegal immigrants in the greater Los Angeles area and are in the process of arresting and/or deporting them. Over 600 in fact have already been deported.What was the reaction of pro-immigration groups? They claimed this action has separated these people from their families and will force other illegals further underground. This reaction, at least in my eyes, showcases the continued mindless defiance and total lack of respect that these groups harbor for the U.S. justice system. Many groups, in official statements, conveniently omit the fact that over 90% of all those arrested were CRIMINALS – and we’re not talking about parking violations or failure to report to court either! We ‘re talking about people who have committed multiple felonies, robbery, carjacking, assault, theft, even murder! 

Do these pro-immigration groups honestly think that average Americans are just going to swallow this element into our society and stand by while they impose their chaotic and destructive lifestyle on the public at large? I do not oppose immigration. I do oppose criminal activity that works to slowly undo a productive and safe society. These people are not just unfortunate illegals who got caught up in the snare, they are people that we do not want crowding our already dysfunctional jails. Let Mexico, Russia, Ireland, and Lithuania (all among the arrested), house their own degenerates – we’re all stocked up here thanks.    

Here are the numbers…  

Los Angeles: 187 including, 34 fugitive criminals, 56 fugitives,40 criminal non-fugitives, 57 non-fugitives

Orange: 62 including, 8 fugitive criminals, 7 fugitives, 6 criminal, non-fugitives, 41 non-fugitives

Riverside/San Bernardino: 245 including, 96 fugitive criminals, 42 fugitives, 77 criminal non-fugitives, 30 non-fugitives

Ventura: 36 including, 5 fugitive criminals, 10 fugitives,3 fugitives, 18 criminal non fugitives, 36 non-fugitives.

*Total: 530 including 143 fugitive criminals, 115 fugitives, 126 criminal non-fugitives, 146 non-fugitives. * Additionally, 797 illegal immigrants were taken from these counties’ jails. 

A secure border and common sense immigration policy would solve this issue. This action is proof that given the resources, U.S. Border patrol and other agencies can resolve this issue if the power elite really want them to.


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