Taser this: Fuck Bush – Yeah I just said that…

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OK…I do say ‘FUCK BUSH’ all the time, but the publishing credit for the “Taser this” tag line goes to David McSwane. He is the editor-in-chief of The Rocky Mountain Collegian, the Colorado State University’s student newspaper. The CSU Board of Student Communications did admonish but not fire McSwane. You can read all about that at CNN – so they do understand First Amendment rights and that the student newspaper is not a professional publication. Unfortunately, the college Republicans failed to understand that and tried to have McSwane fired by circulating a petition.

You can read student comments about the editorial at the The Collegian online. Please read on down the page… Many of the comments are very scary like the gentlemen who would like to see McSwane jailed for three years to “teach” him a lesson. He is a real friend of the free press, as you can see. Shocked at the comments from current and former military personal who, for some odd reason, equate criticizing Bush with dissing the military. Guys, George led us into a war soaked in lies, that we are stuck in for the foreseeable future, then proceeds to cut veteran aid. He is the most pathetic supporter of the troops I have ever seen.

Not to worry – enlightened CSU students did a good job of countering those arguments. However, I would like to touch upon some of the comments regarding the showing of respect for the Commender-in-Chief.

In my opinion, the mainstream media and common people in general, have been showing to much respect for George. If the press and more people had spoke up earlier, we would not be trapped in Iraq, having to endure four more years of Bush, while watching him try to block health care for kids for God’s sake! I have said more than once on our radio show that besides impeachment, Bush should stand trial for war crimes and I will never back away from that position. If the Republicans had stopped and smelled the coffee they would not be looking at losing more seats in Congress, and the presidency next year.

When I was watching President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, speaking in NYC little over week ago, I couldn’t help but think he was a Bush clone! They both have the same mix of arrogance, ignorance, misleading ideology, and not to mention record of civil rights abuses, toward their own people. I know am not the only one who can see this. If only one of the many news commentators covering the speech had the guts to also make that comparison, maybe more people would pay a bit more attention to Bush’s destructive policies..

So people like McSwane, Andrew Meyer (the one who started “Don’t taser me“), Cindy Sheehan, myself, and countless others are going to have to speak up. Even the people who may be rude and crude about it. Maybe Mr. Bush and his few loyalists who are left will get the hint that we are not going to lay down anymore and just take it.

Once more with love…Fuck Bush!


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  1. I agree with you. On the matter of the media leading up to the war, it was an unprecedented time. We’d just come off Bush stealing the White House, followed by 9/11, everyone was scared and no one knew what the hell was going on.

  2. The sad part about it is, I feel we’re only one national setback away from winding up right back where we were after 9/11. The American public is fickle and not terribly well informed. If it wasn’t for blogs and Internet news sites, we might have never know what was going on.

  3. You can say “Fuck Bush!” all you want because nobody gives a rat’s ass! Bush is going to be the prez for the next 15 months and there just ain’t nothing you or Cindy Sheehan (now there’s a real class act!) or anyone else can do about. The votes aren’t there for an impeachment so Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy can just rant and rave all they want. I guess what I am really trying to say is “Fuck you, you leftist loonies!”

  4. MJ "revoltingpawn"

    Sedgewick Hunsaker…

    It amazes me still people out there who will defend Bush. Some will never achieve realization of the lies, failed policies, and crimes of George’s administration.

    You didn’t understand my post at all. I know it’s to late to impeach Bush. People should have woke up earlier and not have let him be re-elected. People do give a “rat’s ass”.. Maybe you have missed all the protests across the county the past couple of years? Just cause you care more about your political party or ideology then America itself don’t assume everyone does.

    Not sure where from post think I am a leftist.. Oh yeah learned that phase from your far right blow holes Rush, Bill, and company. The label people who don’t agree with me syndrome. Hope next months phase is not “I suck donkey dick”. You will look real silly repeating that. Fucking sheep…

  5. Sedgewick Hunsacker,

    I couldn’t agree more with MJ. If conservatives could get past the fact that they’re being lied to like everyone else, it still wouldn’t matter, because most of them are too stupid to know the difference. All they do is pretend to be macho with all their talk of kicking ass and guns and all the other windbag bullshit. Truth is, most Republicans I know are soft-in-the-middle pussies who would get ass-banged like a $3.00 whore if they ever thought to street fight anyone in good conscious, Bush included. You’re just another Republican wet noodle loudmouth shithead like O-Reilly, and Limbaugh, and Bush, and probably your father…who should have pulled out and spared us your existence from the gene pool -along with your mindless comment.

  6. Actually I don’t support Bush (think he’s been a disaster!) nor the Iraq war (biggest foreign blunder in the last century in my humble opinion). I just think the far left can be as goofy as the far right. For evidence of that witness Ralph Nader, Cindy Sheehan and “Mr. Macho” Matthew Padoba above. Talk about a mindless comment! LOL I might add that it was the leftist loonies, the Nader voting numbskulls for gave us 8 years of George Bush. I rest my case!

  7. MJ "revoltingpawn"

    Sedgewick Hunsaker…

    Sorry you really made little sense in your last comment. You don’t support Bush or the War but attack Cindy Sheehan twice for yet unknown reasons. A mother who has lost a son for no reason in an unneeded illegal war who has had the courage to stand up when others will not. The “leftist loonies” label is just a construction of the far right talking heads that you repeat which only reflects ignorance.

    Nader is responsible for eight years of George Bush? Funny I aways thought it was voting fraud in Florida which was a state conveniently run by George’s brother that won him the first election. Nader had less to do with a Bush win in last election then simply uneducated Americans voting in fear for Bush that resulted in four more years of digging our grave deeper. I wish more people would vote for third party candidates and stop the Republican and Democrat strangle hold on America.

    Sedgewick, yes there are crazy people on both sides but you just are pointing out the wrong ones on the Left. If you really don’t support Bush and the War stop attacking the people who are standing against them.

  8. Sedgewick,

    Like most conservative Bush supporters, and that is exactly what you are, as well as a typical neo-con liar, you have spoke before looking at any facts. Take a moment to read my past posts on immigration and education and tell me if you think they sound “lefty” to you. Your last post was totally off point and contradictory. Anyone who bashes Cindy Sheehan is a neo-con intellectual lightweight who supports Bush, and anybody who is a Bush guy is an idiot, because Bush himself is an idiot. Righties are all the same. You can’t critically analyze anything, you don’t read anything and you just do what conservative talk radio tells you to do. Take your ignorance somewhere else please.

  9. MJ “revolting pawn”

    Show me the proof of voter fraud in Florida. The fact also remains that if the Nader numbskulls hadn’t voted for Ralphie Baby we wouldn’t have endured 8 years of Bush. I mean all the polls showed it was going to be extremely close…why throw away your fucking vote (in any state!) and take the chance of putting an idiot in office? I readily admit that people have the right to vote for anyone they want to but in a critical race it is just plain stupid to throw away your vote. Just my most humble opinion you understand.

    I do think it’s perfect permissable for me to detest Bush and the Iraq war and diss Cindy too. I have full sympathy for any mother who loses a son in any war, let alone an unnecessary war but Cindy has demonstrated that she is totally looney time after time. She’s just standing on her son’s casket and pissing on his grave to promote her far leftist agenda. Again that’s my most humble opinion you understand!

    Yeah yeah Mathew righties are idiots…and lefties are idiots too! You have to look no further than yourself and Cindy Sheehan for that. Of course us middle of the roaders have no rights either, freedom of speech ends with you lefties when you don’t agree 100 per cent with the party line! On the other hand any looney says they hate Bush and the USA you are on your knees with your head up their assholes! What I’m trying to say is uhhh….fuck you…please! LOL I’m outa here!

  10. MJ "revoltingpawn"

    Sedgewick Hunsaker…

    Why do you keep make these non-sense comments? You keep saying there are idiots on both sides but only seem concerned with the ones on the Left.

    Never heard of voter fraud in Florida? Google is your friend… But does not matter since no real federal investigation or recount of all the votes were ever done.

    You worry about the handful of Nader voters in the last two elections but ignore the tens of millions of people who voted for Bush not once but twice. By this logic during WWII if you were President would have declared War on Italy but not Germany and Japan. You need to worry about the big problems not the small ones…

    Did Cindy Sheehan turn you down for a date in the past or something? I don’t agree with everything she says but that doesn’t mean her crusade is not noble. How is she pissing on her son’s grave by trying to stop the illegal War he died in so more soldieries like him and maybe his friends won’t die also. So huh?? Oh, the argument they signed up for service and can’t choose their wars does not make it OK for them to die for no reason. The people must keep the Government in line or we will repeat the mistakes of Vietnam and Iraq over and over again.

    Your comment about middle of the roaders have no rights or freedom of speech was a surprise to me. Who is impeding these rights to them exactly? Once again worry about the big problem like George’s attacks on all our civil liberties.

    Where did hating the USA come into this discussion? Sorry the more comments you make the more think you really are a right winger in denial.

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