Is Spitzer Politicizing the New York State D.M.V.???


In an unprecedented move, New York governor Eliot Spitzer has issued a decree by executive order that would provide driver licenses to any and all illegal aliens in New York State. The outrage that has ensued was predictable, complete with a county clerk revolt. In fact, thirteen county clerks say  they will not abide by the executive order and five more are rumored to follow pending legal review of the order.

What puzzles me is why? Why would Spitzer do this? The language being used in the proposal conveniently doesn’t contain the word ‘illegal’ when referring to immigrants who would receive these licenses. It uses language like “immigrant workers,” and “foreign workers.” Does someone need to send Spitzer to How to be a Competent Governor 101 class? Whether Spitzer wants to acknowledge the fact or not, these people are breaking the law. They should not be rewarded, their cases should be reviewed or they should be arrested. Let’s spend money on that. Let’s pursue that. Let’s uphold the law for a change instead of caving in to cultural and ideological pressures for wrong-headed pro-immigration groups who believe that foreigners can rule the U.S. roost and impose their will on our culture, even if that means breaking the law. What does Spitzer think makes some of these countries the dysfunctional states that they are – driving people to this country in the first place? A lack of accountability to the law, that’s what!   

The fact of the matter is that these people are breaking immigration law and they are here illegally – end of story. The very idea that Spitzer or any of these other detached and outright arrogant political leaders pursue an agenda that simply looks to wish them and their conscious choice to break those laws away, is simply incomprehensible to me. The governor of one of the largest states in the union, whose civil duty it is to protect the citizenry, with arguably the most secure driver license program in the country, wouldn’t purposefully compromise the safety of New Yorkers by proposing such nonsense – not where 9/11 happened? Not in New York City – a rich target to those who wish to harm us? I believe he would, and for the worst of reasons…politics.

The fact is that immigrants, including many who are here illegally, including Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and Eastern Europeans, represent a larger and larger population demographic – especially in New York City. These minorities traditionally vote Democrat, however state Republicans have been making inroads slowly over the past three election cycles. Doesn’t it make perfect sense to give these people the brass ring in exchange for votes? Put yourself in Spitzers shoes. Many of these people work, and those who are here illegally are simply potential votes…only if they have a license to register or better yet, register when they get their license right at the D.M.V.

What Spitzer fails to see in this shortsighted policy, as reflected in the clerk revolt, among whom there are several Democrats, is that his long-term political capital may be greatly eroded by the Democratic base who is largely made up of white middle income voters (who apparently don’t matter to Spitzer). However, they will matter in the next election when they decide to punish him, much like they did to Mario Cuomo, effectively ending his career. If all Spitzer sees here is votes, which is a total slap in the face to New Yorkers on it’s face, and completely disregards the laws within our adversarial legal system that are designed to protect all citizens, then maybe he should be arrested for aiding these criminals in their lawbreaking activities. If he won’t look out for us, we’ll have to look out for ourselves. In the end, the arrogance and destructive ideologically driven policies by people unfit to lead, must be quashed.

I support the New York county clerk revolt. Spitzer is a fool.             

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  1. FYI, Puerto Ricans have been US Citizens since 1917, get your facts rights! Stupid moron, and you call yourself an American, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.!!

  2. MJ "revoltingpawn"


    Any further comments with needless name calling will not be approved…

    I allowed this one since you are correct in that Puerto Ricans are in fact citizens and I am sure was just an oversight by Matthew.

    By the way, rights should have been singular but we won’t call you a stupid moron.

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