Nobel Prize Winner Dr. James Watson, Using Garbage Science to Reinforce a Racist Agenda…


The Science Museum in Great Britian cancelled a talk by American DNA researcher Dr. James Watson after he claimed people of color were less intelligent than white people. Watson won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1962 for his part in discovering the structure of DNA, was due to speak at the venue on Friday. But the museum has cancelled the event, saying his views went “beyond the point of acceptable debate”.

If he is suggesting that white DNA is intellectually superior to black DNA, he is wrong and a racist. If he is suggesting black culture may not or cannot prepare their own for educational and professional challenges, he may have a point. I think he meant the former.

Other have, and continue to wage Watson’s argument.

Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray’s The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life. outlines the social and economic advantages whites have over blacks is due to their greater intelligence. Among the many shortcomings of the authors’ logic is the simple fact that there is only one species of the human race and it cannot be broken into biological sub-units such as race. Furthermore, science has proved that DNA among all races is virtually identical and no anomalies have been discovered that would increase intelligence in whites over blacks. 

However, racism does persist.

Most blacks and whites have preconceived notions about each other. For instance, three-quarters of African-Americans believed in 1994 that whites are “insensitive to other people” and 42 percent said that Asian-Americans are “unscrupulously crafty and devious in business” (Harper’s Magazine, 1994). In 1990, the National Opinion Research Center asked a random sample of English-speaking Americans 18 years of age and older a series of questions dealing with characteristics of various racial and ethnic groups. Ironically, higher educated whites thought whites were smarter than blacks, and fewer higher educated blacks thought blacks were smarter!  

Efforts to prove the superiority or inferiority of different races have a long and undistinguished history, from the justifications of slavery, to the era of Darwin, to Nazi Germany.

Modern studies on race and intelligence have continued to create controversy.

In 1994, a dispute erupted over the best-selling book The Bell Curve, by Charles Murray and Richard Hermstein, which argued that there were IQ differences between races. These authors argue that welfare and other polices were diluting the intelligence of the population by inadvertently encouraging the “wrong” women (with low IQs) to have babies.

In 2002, Richard Lynn, a professor of psychology at the University of Ulster, also created an uproar with the publication of his book IQ and the Wealth of Nations. 

Arthur Jensen, a former professor of educational psychology at the University of Berkeley, California, published The g Factor: The Science of Mental Ability in 1998 suggesting that a “genetic component” lay behind the difference between whites and blacks in intelligence.

The cold fact is that people are intellectually equal, and that American culture is as divided as ever, as whites look for excuses to degrade blacks. The reason why blacks and Hispanics do poorly in jobs and education is because they are victims of racism on the institutional and professional levels. Minorities in general are forced to live in a sub-culture and life-style that oppresses them as a race and does not allow for upward societal mobility unless we legislate that mobility (i.e. affirmative action). If left to their devices, whites would have enslaved blacks for an indefinite period of time. Only the informed and those of high moral fiber initialized a process that changed all of that. To accomplish the goal, one million Americans had to die in the Civil War to alter this socio-economic dynamic.

I tend to agree with those who conclude intelligence within black culture is being eroded based on destructive cultural factors, however blacks are being force fed that culture at the hands of a white culture that holds supreme power over all financial, educational and institutional resources. Just look at inner city schools around the country. They are failing. Who attends those schools? Minorities mostly. Their parents are struggling financially and often kids in these schools cannot acheive simple things to help them along like new clothes, jackets, school supplies, etc. Simply put, they are setup to fail.

I’d like to ask Dr. Watson – if you swapped all whites kids and put them in inner city schools and took all of their money away, and put all blacks into cushy suburban schools, would this change the ‘intelligence’ dynamic? I bet it would.

It is patently foolish to suggest that whites are smarter than blacks based on biology, however as a society, if these people go unchallenged and their misguided beliefs are reinforced by other racists, their ignorance and racism will continue to take root and poison future generations. As a culture, we cannot progress until these people are throttled once and for all. 



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  1. Actually Dr. Watson claimed that African Blacks were less intelligent than Westerners. This is somewhat different than how your post presents the data.

    Given some of the quotes from his “discussion” there is no doubt in my mind that Watson is a racist pig. It is important though to present the correct data. This is especially true in this case because he may actually be right. African Blacks may, on average, be less intelligent than Westerners of any color. Here’s why:

    If he is suggesting that white DNA is intellectually superior to black DNA, he is wrong

    This I can agree with; I doubt there’s a genetic component. This doesn’t mean that African Blacks aren’t less intelligent though. Poor or non existent prenatal care, infant and early childhood malnutrition and ground water pollution from heavy metals are endemic in Africa and all of these factors can severely retard central nervous system development.

    I think it is right to denounce Dr. Watson’s attitude, but I think it would be wrong to discount the empirical evidence that may point out an actual horrendous problem that can be corrected.

  2. Nobel Prize Winner Dr. James Watson, is a great researcher for all the time.
    we wish him more succes in his life.

  3. jonolan,

    My apologies with taking liberty with white vs. westerner. I think we both know what he meant.

    I also agree with the you on the fact that there is a problem that can be corrected here. Environmental issues, poor education, institutional racism – these are all issues that must be addressed.

  4. It looks like he took the giant logical leap that blacks are generally genetically inferior based solely on his dealings with “Affirmative Action” or “Underqualified But Promoted Because They Were Black” employees.

  5. Well, we can certainly site white supremacy as a root cause for someone to think of intellectual superiority between “races.”

    However, let’s ask this question: When we look at global society, do we distinguish ourselves by what “race” or “ethnic” group we belong?

    More than likely, the answer to the above question is: Yes.

    Now, when we consider this partitioning of the “races,” most of these subgroups have a tendency to function as “tribes.”

    Unfortunately, there has been an injection of white supremacy in most of global society to determine social mores and trends. Should this injection be ACCEPTED by any group?


    So, this is where the real intelligence should be questioned. On a case-by-case basis, it’s impossible to make a general statement like that, and for it to be completely true.

    On the other hand, if we were to look at the so-called “group” behavior, I think Dr. Watson has a point.

    Since white supremacy has made it a point to highlight Blacks for their definitions of supremacy, naturally, Blacks are going to feel the full brunt of that onslaught by the colonizing whites.

    You would think this onslaught would galvanize the Black tribe into pooling there resources. But, it has done the opposite. Blacks in the USA have a tendency to be the most individualistic subgroup known to the world. So, if we are judging Blacks on “Tribal Intelligence,” then I will say that the actions of Blacks does show a low intelligence, more than likely stemmed by fear and brain washing.

    It should be noted that this behavior in the USA seems to have been adopted since the “end” of Jim Crow.

  6. As conscious and concerned Americans, we can not allow history to record the 21st century as an era that allowed racist and disparaging ideologies to shackle our doctrine of tolerance and acceptance. Therefore, it is a dismal day when a celebrated scholar, researcher, and biologist utters discriminatory comments. Today, Dr. James Watson has disgraced the honor of Nobel laureate.”

  7. The Congressional Black Caucus,

    Well said. I could not agree more.

  8. I heard about Dr. Watson’s comment on the BBC radio. I have not had the time to access the text or video to see for myself what he actually said- which is how I judge and wish to be judged myself, unlike many.

    If he actually said that Blacks are genetically predisposed to be less intelligent than Whites, I think that it is a marvellous idea! He is the expert, and I trust him to be responsible, and only say things he can defend with science.

    If Blacks are predisposed to lower intelligence thgan Whites THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING! Far from declaring Blacks the everlasting inferiors of Whites, it should prompt them to overcome this handicap, and so create our own lead. For instance, if we say that women are genetically predisposed to be more bodily flexible than men, so that men can NEVER be as adept at popping splits as women, THAT would be bad science. It would not take into account that any man can train his body to the maximum dynamic flexibility (ask arthur Balaskas, or Tom Kurz!) so that we have men who can instantly go right down to the floor in splits, and come right back to their feet without using their hands. How many women can do that, with all their “genetic advantage?” Most women might cripple themselves trying!

    It is exactly like that with the mind.
    I would question the means used to determine “intelligence.” I do not believe any average Black African, happening on a preserve of unfamiliar food birds would eat them to extinction, nor hunt animals to extinction for fun. Nor get themselves killed climbing mountains for fun. Nor construct weapons that could be used to destroy the whole world, just because they were about to be invaded by a neighbour a few countries away, who wants to annex their nation.

    On the other hand, I never heard of a White man embezzling the government revenues intended for the upkeep and development of their own home state, even their own hometowns. If anyone wants to say that Blacks are not intrisically inferior in intelligence, all they have to do is read a week’s supply of newspapers from any Black african country.

    If Blacks strive to OVERCOME their genetic tendency toward stupidity, THEN they can become superior to all other races- until they catch on, and start picking up the pace again!

  9. Bravo. You said it all! The utter foolishness of the entire argument is painfully obvious.

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