We Need Protesters Like Code Pink More Than Ever…


An aggressive protester confronted Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at close quarters today as she got set to testify before the House Foreign Relations Committee on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A protester with blood-colored paint on her hands rushed toward Rice as she entered the hearing room, yelling repeatedly that Rice was a “war criminal”, as she waved her blood covered hands in front of Rice. The anti-war protester was later identified as Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz.

Fairooz is a member of the anti-war group Code Pink, and got within inches of Rice’s face before security officials removed her from the hearing room. Chair Tom Lantos ordered all other members of Code Pink to be removed from the hearing room as well.

Of course conservatives have been bashing Ali-Fairooz on the blogs, labeling her a ‘wierdo’ and another ‘idiot protester.’ Some conservatives are also questioning why the Democrats would allow these people into hearings in the first place. The answer would be REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT. Remember Abe Lincoln talked about it in the Gettysburg Address – government of the people, by the people and for the people? Thank God we have protesters like this that will stand up and confront war criminals like Bush, Rice and Cheney, while fighting to protect the innocent who have no voice at all, and ensure full disclosure, instead of the secretive meetings behind closed doors that have come to define a corrupt Republican party – a party increasingly out of touch with middle America.

If groups like Code Pink, MoveOn.org, and Media Matters don’t keep people like Rice accountable, who will? The main stream media sure as hell won’t do it. Most main stream media outlets just broadcast the latest government propaganda at the behest of their conservative boards of directors, as soldiers and innocent Iraqi civilians die by the bushel, while their country is systematically devastated.

In light of this administration’s latest rhetoric regarding Iran, we need to rely on secondary news sources more than ever, as well as grass root protesters who are actually digging up facts and making their voices heard. The media never asks any hard questions or even attempts to expose the insanity behind the Neoconservative movement and their insatiable appetite to wage a bloody campaign with the purpose of forcefully instituting their inherently faulty ideology on the people of Iraq. The media has been utterly useless since 9/11 in my opinion. Couple this with recent hearings as well as a vote on further media consolidation and market monopolization by the FCC, and it becomes brutally clear that organizations like Code Pink need our support. 

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  1. Back at Beirut High School, her graduating class voted Desiree al-Fairooz the student “Most Likely To Shahid”.

  2. MJ "revoltingpawn"

    I am more Anti-Bush and Anti-War then anyone but the Code Pink people are weird even if their stance is correct. If more people would get off their ass and protest this illegal War it would push the fringe groups like Code Pink to the side.

    I agree with your points in regards to the media… Big Media has let the American people down and helped Bush go to War. Will they follow the same path with Iran? We can only hope the mainstream media will show some integrity this time around.



    Not sure where the Muslim reference fits in?

  3. The only way the capitoil pigs will cut back on their repression of non-violent dissent is if they are sued every time they are videotaped violating someone’s constitutional rights. Even then, it is presently worth the out of court settlements to the power brokers to arrest-detain-release anyone who goes against the grain of the warring class, if they can keep the story low profile. When incidents like this, or the detention of Col Ann Wright in Canada (at the request of the FBI) make it into the public awareness, then the corporate-capitol junta has to stay up late at night devising more elaborate schemes to delude us. They are sleep-walking a frayed tightrope in a hurricane, and when they fall they die. The whole world is watching with bated breath.

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