Ron Paul Excluded from Iowa Debate Due to Low Polling…


 The Iowa GOP has decided to exclude Ron Paul from their debate on December 4th because Ron Paul’s polling numbers are simply too low. Using a 5% polling threshold for participation in the next debate, the Iowa GOP has determined that Paul does not qualify…and his supporters are swarming as usual… 

From the USA Today

The Iowa Republican Party put out an advisory Tuesday setting standards for participation in a Dec. 4 debate it is sponsoring with Fox News. The phone has been ringing off the hook ever since.That’s because the sponsors said participants need to average 5% support among Republicans in recent national or Iowa polls—and so far, Texas Rep. Ron Paul is one of the candidates not making the cut.

News of the party’s decision and how to protest it was spread quickly over the Internet by supporters of the anti-war, anti-tax, anti-abortion libertarian. “We are getting bombarded” with calls and e-mails from Paul’s supporters, said GOP spokeswoman Mary Tiffany. She said there were 25 voice mails from angry Paul supporters before the start of business Thursday.

“I’m all about the First Amendment, but at the same time, how is this productive?” she asked. “They need to start calling voters and start door-knocking instead of calling the Republican Party of Iowa.”

Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo and California Rep. Duncan Hunter also fall below the 5% threshold at this point. Tiffany said Thursday there had been a few e-mails from Hunter fans and no word from anyone about Tancredo. No campaigns have objected so far, including Paul’s, she said.

In’s latest averaging of national poll results of Republicans, Paul’s support comes in at 2.7%. The website calculates Paul’s support among Republicans in Iowa, based on polls there, to be 3.8%.


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  1. Um, not true. Paul has not been excluded despite the hysteria of some of his supporters.
    He’s polling 10% in NH and 5% according to GOP polls.

  2. The word from the Ron Paul campaign and the Iowa Republican Party is that Ron Paul has not been excluded.

    Ron Paul has hit 6% in the Rasmussen national poll, 5% in the CNN national poll, and 5% in the Gallup national poll.

    He’s catchin’ on, I’m tellin’ ya.

  3. Had Ron Paul been polling at 9%, they would have set the bar at 10%. The great fraud being promoted is that the polls which show Paul so low are the only polls that count and are “scientific”. However, those polls are well managed by people who know how to ask the right question of the right demographic to get the results they want.

    This move to deny Ron Paul the exposure that he has earned is desparation on stilts and evidence of how well he is doing, not how poorly. In the end, it is causing massive contempt for the Iowa GOP and for FOX news. And that is good, since they so richly deserve utter contempt.

  4. Doe’s anybody still watch Fox News?

  5. The massive Neo-Con conspiracy against Ron Paul is a REAL and continuing one—the consequence of the CORPORATE-collectivism that is destroying this country from within and American Liberty along with it.

  6. Notice how Tancredo and Hunter supporters understand the concept of rules and yet Paul supporters cry like babies when those same exact rules apply to their candidate.

    Childish mentality.

  7. “Notice how Tancredo and Hunter supporters . . . . ”

    There are no Tancredo and Hunter supporters.

  8. “Notice how Tancredo and Hunter supporters understand the concept of rules and yet Paul supporters cry like babies when those same exact rules apply to their candidate.

    Childish mentality.”

    It would seem that the Ron Paul supporters are the only ones that care enough about this country to take issue with the possibility of their candidate being excluded. I realize it’s been awhile since the people have actually stepped up to make something happen, but maybe you can finally sit back and see democracy in action. God bless em.

  9. James V,

    You absolutely cannot question Paul’s effort…I’ll must give him that.

  10. 11-26-2007
    “The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows a three-way tie for second behind national frontrunner Rudy Giuliani in the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination. Giuliani attracts 24% support from Likely Republican Primary voters nationwide while Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, and Mike Huckabee are each preferred by 13% of Likely Primary Voters. John McCain is close behind at 11%, Ron Paul’s is at 6% and no other Republican candidate reaches 2%”

    It appears taht RonPaul is now above the threshold….

  11. Paulbot,

    What threshold would that be?

  12. Traditional polling methods arent working to determine Ron Paul’s following.

    1. The majority of Ron Paul followers do not own lan lines.
    2. A LOT of Ron Paul supporters are people who havent voted much in the past, because Ron Pauls fan boys have political views not shared by any canadates running in past elections.
    3. A lot of Ron Paul supporters arent registered republicans, a lot of them were before registered democrats or independants.

    Also on average only 20-25% of people involved or interested in politics actually vote in the primarys. Watch any videos from debates, Ron Paul supporters are crazy and he has more signs and people wearing stickers and clothing to support him than any other cannidate. Ron Paul will have a higher voter turn out from his audience in the primarys than any other cannidate on either side of the isle.

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