Atlanta Mega-Church Takes in $69 Million…Who benefits?


An Atlanta mega-church took in $69 million in 2006, according to a financial statement the church’s minister released in response to a Senate investigation into him and five other well-known televangelists.

The Rev. Creflo Dollar (excuse me as I snicker a bit) disclosed the World Changers Church International’s financial information to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but said the money he spends is his own.

I’m sure it is. Every last dollar from every last gullible donor.

The good reverand said his income comes from personal investments, but the church gave him a Rolls Royce, which he mainly uses for special occasions.

Don’t pre-judge! It was just a tiny Rolls.

‘Without a doubt, my life is not average,’ he said. ‘But I’d like to say, just because it is excessive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong.’

Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa disagrees.

He launched an investigation into the finances of six ministers after hearing reports of some preachers’ excessive lifestyles. In a letter last week, he requested answers by Dec. 6 to questions about their executive compensation and amenities, including use of fancy cars and private jets.

Besides Dollar, the letters were sent to faith healer Benny Hinn, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland of Texas, David and Joyce Meyer of Missouri, Randy and Paula White of Florida and Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Ga.

Dollar questioned the investigation’s focus on religious groups.

Boy, you gotta love the balls on this guy.

The minister is among the religious leaders who preach the ‘prosperity gospel,’ the teaching that God will shower faithful followers with material riches. But he said he uses only his personal finances to pay for his luxuries.

‘My lifestyle does not come out of the church’s bank account,’ he said.

So, do you still think these ‘Big Box Retail Churches’, as I like to call them, still shouldn’t be taxed??

Rolls Royce Creflo?

I wonder what kind of Gods work he does in the back seat and with whom?

Wake up my fellow church going sheep!

Anyone who gives money to a mega-church is naive and foolish. Giving money to ANY church benefits very few people as it is, with mega-churches being the worst offenders. Maybe the good minister Creflo could tool around in a Mercedes instead. Maybe a nice “E” Class and use the left over money from the sale of the Rolls Royce to feed 20 or so hungry families in greater Atlanta for oh, I don’t know, maybe two years!!!

The name itself was enough to keep me in laughter until the New Year. “

“Dollar!” You’ve gotta be kidding me!

Can someone please administer an I.Q. test to all of Creflo’s followers? I’m dying to know the results, but I have a suspicion that the average score would be a tad low.

Those “investments” Dollar spoke of were purchased with funds taken from desperate poor people who watch his show while he begs for people to “plant a seed of faith”. These tele-evangelists are nothing but corporate thieves, no different than the ones who have outsourced our economy to China in the name of profit, while taking a giant dump on the middle class.

Think about it for a minute. Most people who watch the program give the church money they’d normally use for medicine, food, shelter, clothes. The minister makes them think they’ll get a windfall blessing in their bank account if they only “plant a seed of faith”. GOD says for us to work, WORK, for a living…so we might give 10% to our church. The Bible states nothing about planting seeds. is a great site that tells cold, hard, sinful truth about these tele-thieves.

This is just another tale of people using religion to pad their own pockets, as they prey on the poor and uneducated. Thanks to our government’s unfair endorsement of religion, they do not pay a dime in taxes. Since God apparently will not punish Creflo, we will have to do it ourselves.

He can start by paying taxing his scam operation.

The fact that God didn’t strike Creflo Dollar dead on the spot, in itself, may be proof that there is no god at all!


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  1. Hey! Be nice! At least Dollar is pimping himself instead of a string of crack whores. At least Dollar is selling some bogus pseudo-religion instead of selling crack to a bunch of school kids.

    Give a Brotha a chance! LOL

  2. i’m not one to usually call the race card, in fact i abhor it, but the sudden attention on this is awfully bothersome to me. i remember either 20/20 or dateline doing extensive coverage on this issue a few years ago, yet somehow this issue still managed to stay under the radar. they featured benny hinn, the potters house guy, and a few others. i was disgusted to learn about benny hinn staying in very expensive (6000 per night) hotels on the church’s dime while doing “missions” work overseas. make no mistake; i have absolutely no problem with the investigations, but it’s the face the media has painted on it. even with several others under investigation(including kenneth copeland), most news reports focus on creflo dollar (maybe, like you, other news outlets find the irony of his surname to easy to pass up, i don’t know) but to me it feels like the perpetuation of blacks as criminals. i’m not talking about some little small article here or some blog there, but major news outlets that actually shape the general public opinion. as i’ve been working from home from the past few weeks, i have actually been able to see things on cnn or what have you instead of hearing from a co worker or other a third party source. my first reaction to the first report (i thought they had reported seven, but i could be mistaken), i immediately thought back to that show that i had seen a few years ago, and thought to myself “wow, it’s about time someone looked into this!” i also expressed shock at some of the names listed (joyce meyer! i know she makes a lot of money from her books, so i would be really sad to hear that she is involved in anything shady with church funds ). but as i viewed more news clips, the angrier i got, because they seemed to downplay the others involved in these investigations, and practiaclly rattle off a list of the other targets of the investigation as merely an afterthought. it’s especially troublesome since the black ministers are in the minority of the investigation. if the guy is misappropriating funds, then yes, yes yes that is absolutely wrong. i am only saying that joyce meyer and kenneth copeland and benny hinn should get equal coverage. after all, they are all following a formula that was laid out some 25 years ago by jim bakker and the like.

  3. emmy,

    Part of it might be “race”, but a lot more is attitude and presentation. Creflo Dollar likes to show off his “bling”; he’s much more flamboyant with his wealth. That draws more attention.

  4. emmy,

    There are plenty of ‘white’ evangelical scumbags out there as well. Remember Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Baker, etc? Creflo is just bleeding his congregation white as he lives the high life, and flaunts it!.

    It’s unconsciousable and he should burn for it. No question. This type of nonsense must stop.

  5. Yep – it’s flamboyant personality and his flaunting of his wealth that is causing the media to make him the poster-preacher for this investigation.

  6. All have sinned and fall short. Trust me there are things that need to be exposed so that a situation can be corrected. I read this blog. One thing I realize is that everyone participating in this blog discussion got what we call issues. I call it sin. God does too, thats why He sent His son to die for our sins. So while some people are truly concerned about the situation and not just pointing fingers, others are just ranting and raving about people’s royal royces. some of these people in this blog are making this an issue of i don’t have and they do. This investigation is more important than who got big cars and houses. The truth is the investigation is needful, but should’t be distorted before tried. And for the ranters and ravers who get off calling people greedy and steelers, you must realize that all of us have mess in our lives we need to correct instead of worring about who got a benz. No one should be taken advantage of and that is what this should be about. But before you waist all your time complaing about what they are doing, get busy getting the mess out your own lives. Like cheating on your wife, lying all the time, stealing money from work, and whatever else you might do…
    And for those who are truly concernced about this sitauation pray to God and leave it in His hands, He judges and fixes all things.

  7. MJ "revoltingpawn"


    People who have discussions on blogs have issues? I would not disagree in many cases but what does that have to do with sin?

    Yes we all have “sinned” but doesn’t mean we can’t call others on theirs.

    People who are truly concerned should take action and not pray to God. Only we can fix things here on earth. God has a hands off policy.

    Funny you talked about people ranting since yours was kinda long. Seems you have many “issues” yourself.

  8. Katherine,

    Have you ever considered the possibility that we are God’s hands? Have you considered the possibility that He judges and uses Man to “fix” these things?

    If you are the servant of God, shouldn’t you be willing to be His instrument? Shouldn’t you at least entertain the possibility that God may use His servants to further His aims?

  9. jonolan,

    I agree. Why is it that man is always assumed to have no hand in their own fate?

  10. Matthew,

    My admittedly cynical opinion is that “man is always assumed to have no hand in their own fate” because otherwise Man would have to accept that he had power and therefor Responsibility.

    Powerlessness = Not Responsible or Accountable – which is a deliciously seductive belief – pernicious but seductive 😉

  11. Dimitri Lawrence Guy

    I was a member of Fred Prices church from 1976 until the mid 1980’s. I still have vhs tapes of him swearing that he’ll go off of television before he’d ever ask for a dollar to support his ministry. I remember him saying that he’ll never give a doctor a dollar because HE LIVES BY FAITH. LOL. I fell for that crap. I wish I could get all of my money back so I can pay off my mortgage. He now says “I don’t need to live by faith now, because I’ve got the money to pay the doctor (he had the money back then too because before the Rolls Royce, he drove brand new Continentals. He always preached to us about trusting God to heal us, but when HIS wife got sick with cancer, what did they do? They took her in for surgery. Why couldn’t they just “Lay Hands” on her, pray the prayer of faith over her (just like he always preached to us over the years) and just “Trust” God to “Heal” HER??? Practice what you preach, dude!! I remember going without some of the things that we really needed when my two kids (Now Grown) were just babies back in 1988 because I felt convicted if I didn’t give my 10 percent to “Ever Increasing Faith Ministries”. I would love to slap the shit out of Fred Price if I ever get a chance to without going to jail. Oh, I would only do so in Love. You see, He’s So Full of Shit, I’d feel a need to slap it out of him so then maybe he could really do the community some good. He can start by refunding all of the money I donated to his church. He a hypocrite. His actions proved that when the shit hits the fan, God is not the one HE turns to for help… His help cometh from the flock !!!

  12. Dimitri Lawrence Guy

    Everyone who believes that the bible was written by the inspiration of God should take a good look at the book of “Job”. First of all I want to say that I no longer struggle with wether what was written in the book of “Job” actually took place or not because I no longer believe or acknowledge anything that’s written in the bible (except: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you). But, in the book of “Job”, God, himself, conspires with the Devil to allow harm to come upon Job and his family. God ALLOWS the DEVIL!!! Just think about that for a minute. God ALLOWS….. the Devil… to harm… his faithful servant. I don’t care WHAT kind of message the writer was trying to get accross- this goes against all of “Gods” promises that are written in the bible. There is NO WAY that this story could have been true. By the way, who was actually present to witness this conversation between God and the Devil??? If this story were true and someone were present to listen in on it, why didn’t anyone speak up to God and ask: “God, have you lost your mind??? What are you doing???” “Lord, Did the Devil slip something into your drink???” “Is the Devil smoking weed around the throne and getting you high off the contact??” “Come on, God!!” “Don’t you realize that This conversation between you and the Devil is being recorded!!” “What’ll people think about you???” “You want the people to resist the Devil but now YOU’RE giving into him??” “What kind of example are you setting for your children, God??” “God, you’ve got a good man here (Job) who’s doing everything you’ve asked of him, and this is how you plan to repay him?” “And for what, God?” “To prove a point to the Devil??” “God, how can you allow yourself to be so easily persuaded by the one who’s responsible for so much chaos and misery??” “God, how can you expect the people of the world to resist the Devil if you’re not setting a good example yourself??” “Lord I beseech you, please take a moment and think before you allow this to happen.” ” Job is a good man”. “Lord, Job needs to know that he can trust you and count on you to protect him and his family”. “Keep that hedge around him, Lord”. “Lord, REBUKE the Devil right now and tell him to depart from you!!” “Lord, the Devil already gets enough gratification from all of the misery he’s causing.” “Lord, Please don’t allow him to trample all over this good man’s life”. “Spare him, Lord!!” “Lord, please use this time to hold Job up as an example of how you’ll bless and protect those who obey you”.

    (If the story of Job was true, this is what whoever was present to hear that conversation should have said to God. Jesus said that HE existed even before he was born into this world. Why didn’t HE speak up?? Even the Angels should have spoken up and said “God, this is wrong”)

    Anyway, All of the FLASHY SALESMEN (Preachers, evangelist, ministers, etc.) who want YOUR money will pace back and forth on stage and tell you that “Job” was an example of how… “WE” …should be dedicated to God and do his will no matter what, and this always means keep on digging deep into your pockets and purses and give your money even when it hurts. Be Like Job. Be a Faithful Servant. The story of Job is just one of the tactics that religious salesmen will use on their congregation and TV viewers at those times when the message of prosperity isn’t bringing in the Big Buck$. And, when this tactic is not as effective, they pull out the verbal flame throwers from hell and scare the shit out of the people and get them to give out of fear. HEY, WHAT EVER WORKS, HUH? Turn up da HEAT!!! praise the lord! “Will A Man Rob God???”

    But, because of the way the book of “Job” is written, it really doesn’t give us a GOOD example of how the “God” of the bible is dedicated to Loving, Caring and Rewarding those who do his will and ESPECIALLY…… Someone LIKE “JOB” WHO (in God’s Own Words To The Devil) WAS A MAN WHO WAS CAREFUL… (CAREFUL)… CAREFUL…… TO OBSERVE ALL….. ALL…. ALL…. OF GOD’S COMMANDMENTS!!!!!!!! God told the Devil that “Job” was a faithful servant who was careful to observe all of his commandments. But, according to the book of “Job”, God allowed HIMSELF to be persuaded by… THE DEVIL … to allow HARM…. to come upon HIS FAITHFUL SERVANT…… and……. his family. You know, I choose to believe that someone, who is greater than we are, IS responsible for the creation of life, but at this point in my life, I’m no longer concerned if our creator is a he, she, they, it, or whatever. I no longer believe what the bible says about “God” and I’m convinced that it really doesn’t matter. I no longer believe in Hell, except for the fact that every living creature experiences hell to some degree or on some level, right here on earth in this life. But after this life is over, hell ends with the death of physical body. Our Ttrue Creator owes everyone and everything that ever lived on this earth a damn good break after this life is over and I’m convinced that provisions have already been made. All of the living spirits that once lived in physical bodies here are experiencing it right now. We don’t have to ask for it and we damn sure don’t have to pay for it. After my life changing experience with the well known psychic medium, John Edward, I no longer live in fear of our true God throwing me or anyone into a place of eternal torment. Everyone and every creature that ever lived and will ever live here on this earth has something good to look forward to after stepping out of these physical bodies. It doesn’t matter who was good or who was bad here. We’ll all step out of these bodies and into a realm of peace and tranquility, and the forgiveness that we receive will not come from our Creator, but from those who we’ve harmed back here in this life. We won’t have to ask for it, they’ll give it freely. And, when WE get there, WE’LL give our forgiveness freely too. I now understand that no one really has to believe this. There are people in the spirit realm now who, when on this earth, didn’t believe in what they’re now experiencing. I learned this from someone who is already there now. He gave personal information to me through John Edward, things that NO ONE KNEW!! NO ONE!!! Those of us who are enemies here will become friends in the spirit realm. This is how our True Creator has designed life to be. So, don’t worry. It WILL be OK, and you don’t have to pay for it. If you have money to give, give to the poor. I do. If you just want to keep that TV preacher in a Bentley or a Rolls Royce, Go ahead. If it makes you feel good, do it, but don’t be fooled by the crap that comes out of their mouth, because a lot of them don’t believe it themselves.

  13. Dimitri,

    You know how to bring it my friend. I agree with you 100%.

  14. Dimitri Lawrence Guy

    Mr. Podoba, Thank you. first of all, I need to say that I’m not using my “Legal” last name. “Dimitri Lawrence Guy” is on my birth certificate, but my legal last name was changed when I was 3 yrs old, and out of respect to my parents, who are still Strong, Dedicated Christians who don’t share my new belief, nor my current opinions on Christianity, I’ve chosen to use the last name of my biological father so that I don’t run the risk of bringing any… “SHAME” … to my parents. My mother believes that I’ve strayed from… “The Lord”… because of my new belief. It was very hard in the beginning, but… I’m OK with that now. I just want to say that I love my mother very much and I know that she loves me. She says that she prays for me every day that I’ll return to the Lord, because she still remembers how I was just so on FIRE for the Lord waaaaaaaaaaaaay back then. but I’m convinced that within the next 15 to maybe 40 or 50 years or so from now, when she and I are in the spirit realm together, that’s when she and I will be on the same page. I love my mother with all of my heart. I would give my life for her. I don’t hate anyone, but if you were to disrespect my mother, I would walk up to you, put my hand around your neck, and squeeze so hard that it’ll make your head pop right off. Then, (Even though I was never good at basketball) I’d take your head with me while I look for Michael Jordan, or Kobe Bryant, and I’d use your head to challenge them to a one on one, ten pointer game . And, because of the fury that built up in me over the fact that you disrespected my mother, I’d actually believe that I could beat Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant in a one on one, Ten point game, using your head as a basket ball. LOL.!!! But, even though I love my mother so much, there is no way that I could ever change or disregard my new, current belief about Life after this life. I’m referring to my life changing experience with the well known psychic medium, John Edward. Just throw me in with all the kooks and the off the wall people who are strapped down to a bed in a psych ward, if you want to. It’s OK. I understand fully why people think that I’ve got a few loose screws rolling around in my head because I talk so much about “John Edward, ” the psychic medium. I understand that people don’t believe or accept this because THEY’RE not the one who had this phenomenal experience with him like… ” I “… did. Mama, I’m so sorry that you feel the way you do towards me because of my new belief. You know that I’m a good person. You know I’ve always helped people. You know that I’ve always been there when people have needed help. But, YOU ALSO KNOW that I have ALWAYS been the type of person who has acted on ANY issue that comes too closely to my heart, my soul, and the very core of my being. Mama, I love you dearly, but …I’m willing to wait 15, 20, 30, 40, or 50 years or so, if that’s what it takes to get to the point where you’ll look at me again as your precious little boy who you love so much, with NO disappointment. That’s OK, Mama. I’m willing to wait. It’ll happen. You’ll see. We’ll be on the same page again. It’s Ok. It’ll be OK again.
    Mr. Podoba, Thank You for setting up this site. When I first heard the report on the news stations about this investigation, I must admit that I had to take a day off from work. You see, Even though I’ve tried to do this forgiveness thing in my heart towards Fred Price, over, and over, and over, and over again, over the years, I just got to a point where I finally realized that I really can’t forgive him for being a hypocrite. He needs to come clean to his dedicated “Christian” viewers and supporters who donated so much money to his ministry that had a foundation that was made or based on “FAITH” or Trust In God. Fred Price himself, quoted from the bible, and said himself, as he read from the bible that “Without Faith, It Is Impossible To Please God.” Well, I can tell EVERYONE, that I’ve tested the grounds of “FAITH” in “God”, According To The Bible. I’ve Stretched out my body on the ground in an attempt to totally submit my total being to “The Lord Thy God”. I’ve humbled myself to the point where I’ve actually made myself to look totally ridiculous in the eyes to ALL…ALL… ALL of the people… all of the people.. (

  15. Dimitri Lawrence Guy

    Anyway, Let’s just say you were in Creflo Dollars “Million Dollar” club. You’re Seated right in the first two rows among the wealthy people who don’t actually have to believe in “God” in order to sit there, but you’re allowed be present right up front where the big man is doing his back and forth pacing across the stage , where you’ll get to savor his very expensive, sweet smelling cologne lingering through the air waves, just because you were willing to funnel your annual two to five million dollar income through his ministry in order to avoid paying federal taxes. Now that you’ve been able to save a little bit of money, you, (through the church and in the churches name) have been able to spend vacations around the world, purchase a mansion, a yacht, Bentley, Rolls Royce, a Jet airplane, all because the church’s tax exempt status has “Eliminated your Tax Liability”, Being in Creflo Dollar’s million dollar club, That’s becomes a hefty sum. A large percentage of your “Gross” income. If you’re making millions per year, then, depending on the knowledge and skills of Creflo Dollars staff of accountants and financial advisors, who just happen to be able to recite the tax codes backwards as well as forward and in maybe three or four different languages, your total tax liabilities could be reduced from around 49 percent to around 9 percent. Now, add 10 percent for the cut that goes to the church. You’re now at 19 percent. I’m pretty sure that the report on Creflo Dollars total church intake in 2006 was accurate ($69 Million). Being a religious non profit organization, as long as your tax documents and legal paperwork is in tact, it’s to your advantage to be up front and honest. The current U.S. tax laws are in favor of non profit religious organizations. You’re free to spend that extra twenty percent on anything you want as long as it’s done in the name of the church. Just imagine how much a twenty percent tax break means to those church members who earn millions a year and who funnel their incomes through ministries that are given tax exempt status. But that’s only if you’re in the Million Dollar A Year Income Bracket. Legally, you can have Sally Sue from the local strip club come aboard your yacht and give you a lap dance as long as she’s laying hands on you and reciting the prayer of faith. You can tell the IRS that it’s just “Healing”. Just omit Marvin Gaye’s word “Sexual” and just call it “Healing”. A twenty percent tax break would be looked upon as a tremendous “God” given blessing for lower middle class to middle class, hard working tax payers. And for those who are not even in the lower middle class, you’ll have to stay on your knees and pray to the Lord for your blessing. It’ll be better if you do so with no expectation. And, don’t bother Dr. Creflo Dollar with your problems. His staff will probably just point you in the direction of his soup kitchen that dishes out a couple of bowls to about 89 people per day and refer you to that part in the bible where Jesus says “If you have food, clothes and a place to lay your head, be content.” Right?

  16. Dimitri Lawrence Guy

    sorry… had a few drinks before writing- that’s the reason for all of the mistakes.

  17. Dimitri Lawrence Guy,

    So you support Dollar? It sounds like you don’t but I’m not sure. I think the guy is a leach and a liar. It is what it is. The criminal part remains to be seen. In the meantime, put your money in your matress my friend.

  18. Dimitri Lawrence Guy,

    What else do you know about Fred price?

  19. If you really love your mother instead of just your self, then honor her. Honor your mother and father is the first commandment of promise.

  20. Dimitri Lawrence Guy

    Dr. Dollar said on CNN “The Lord Delights In The Prosperity Of His Servant.” I personally believe that he’s taken this way too far. It’s true that none of us really know what’s going on in a mans heart or his mind. We can only go by his actions. Dr. Dollar believes that as long as he isn’t breaking any laws then it’s alright to move forward at full speed with any type of business he wants. It appears that Dr. Dollar may have proven himself to be a brilliant businessman by utilizing the services of expert accounts and financial advisers who are well educated on current IRS tax laws/codes, (specifically 501(c) provisions) in order to profit in the “Non Profit Organization” arena. I may be proven wrong, but I personally don’t believe the investigation will turn up anything that is currently illegal, but if the investigation is able to go deep enough (which usually requires an awful lot of government money) they may be able to find abuse by greedy individuals, but abuse that is currently legal, but since it would be frowned upon, it would initiate changes in tax laws for non-profit organizations that would make it too difficult or nearly impossible for these abuses to occur in the future. I’m sure Dr. Dollar and his hand full of Million Dollar A Year income bracket members don’t want to see this happen, because if it does, He’ll lose those wealthy members and he’ll have to just rely on the $5, $10, $20 to $50 a week donations currently being made by his “Sincere, God Fearing” members.
    Now, I like the fact that people have an opportunity, in this country, to go out and pursue their goals, become rich, purchase mansions, yachts, jets, spend vacations anywhere in the world, shower family, friends and needy people with wealth if they choose to. But, because he claims to be a man of “God” who tells his Christian followers that their donations and gifts are going to the “Lords” work, I have to give Dr. Dollar a thumbs down because his ministry web site says that they distribute around 60 tons of food annually, to needy families. Do the math. They bring in over $69 Million a year in donations, but spend less than $250,000 a year to feed the poor. That’ll feed approximately 89 or so people every day, 365 days a year. His Church owns a Rolls Royce that is probably valued between $275,000 to $325,000 or even more. ??????????????????????????????????????????????

  21. Dimitri Lawrence Guy

    This would only make sense if Dr. Dollar’s outreach ministry were totally confined within the city limits of Beverly Hills, California.

  22. Dimitri Lawrence Guy

    Dollar and the Gospel
    Pastor revered by many, criticized by some
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution/March 5, 2000
    By John Blake

    The Rev. Creflo Dollar Jr. has unabashedly embraced his name by building a religious empire on the message that his brand of piety leads to prosperity. He drives a black Rolls-Royce, flies to speaking engagements across the nation and Europe in a $5 million private jet and lives in a $1 million home behind iron gates in an upscale Atlanta neighborhood.

    Dollar seems to have it all and says his followers can, too – riches on earth as well as in heaven.

    “We settle for being broke, for being poor, for being in debt,” the 38-year-old pastor of World Changers Church International in College Park said in a recent sermon. “I’ve heard people in church say, ‘I may not have this, I may not have that, but praise the Lord when I get to heaven on the other side.’ Well, honey, God wants you to get it on this side.”

    But now Dollar is wrestling with more temporal matters. He’s been cited for contempt of court in the Evander Holyfield divorce. He’s appealing the contempt charge issued in December by a Fayette County Superior Court judge after Dollar refused to give a deposition in the boxer’s divorce case. Janice Holyfield’s attorneys want Dollar to account for what they say is at least $4 million that Holyfield has given to the church and to Dollar personally. They also want a record of Dollar’s counseling sessions with Evander Holyfield.

    Dollar said testifying in a divorce trial would destroy the trust between a pastor and parishioner, an issue he addresses in Journal-Constitution ads this weekend. In September, Dollar vowed he would go to jail before relenting.

    “I realize there are a bunch of high-strung people that have got the love of money on their mind, but they just messed with” the wrong person, he said in a sermon.

    In December, 100 Fulton County police officers were admonished by the county’s ethics board for accepting $1,000 apiece from Dollar. Dollar sent the money to recognize the officers’ service to the community. But the gesture was criticized because it came a month after two traffic tickets Dollar had received were downgraded to warnings.

    A fiercely private man, Dollar has refused repeated requests for an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. But in interviews with 25 people, including Dollar’s relatives, childhood friends and former and current church members, two clashing portraits of Dollar emerged. Supporters see Dollar as a compassionate man who helps the needy and a spiritual visionary whose message of prosperity is twisted out of context. Detractors characterize him privately as “Cash-Flow” Dollar, a high roller who often refuses to let members touch him and whose church requests access to their W-2 forms. Evelyn Williamson, who joined the church in 1993, said she was instructed during a class for new members to turn over her financial records. She refused. When the power to her home was turned off, Williamson said, she called the church for financial assistance.

    She said a church minister refused her request and told her that if she had turned over her finances to God she wouldn’t need help. Williamson said she left the church after four months when church members refused to answer her calls.

    Dollar also has attracted the attention of Ole, the founder of Trinity Foundation Inc., a nonprofit Christian group based in Dallas that investigates televangelists. Anthony gained attention in 1991 when he filmed televangelist Robert Tilton dumping hundreds of prayer requests in a garbage bag after removing the money.

    Anthony said many former members of World Changers are afraid to speak out against Dollar because they are constantly reminded that they will be punished if they talk against a man of God. But some aren’t afraid.

    “He’s Satan wrapped in an Armani suit,” said Evelyn Williamson of Decatur. Still confident

    Despite the legal troubles that loom over Dollar, those close to him say he is not dismayed.

    “He’s a complete man of 100 percent faith,” said Dollar’s brother-in-law, Vic Bolton of Bakersfield, Calif. “He doesn’t doubt at all what he’s doing.” Dollar displayed that confidence during a sermon in September. He warned the congregation that disgruntled members would use his legal troubles to criticize World Changers. If he went to jail, Dollar said, he expected the congregation to come down and “pray him out.”

    March 5, 2000

  23. Dimitri Lawrence Guy

    Re: Fred Price… all I can say is that when I WAS a Christian, Fred Price was my mentor. It was HIS Strong, Continuous Confessions Of Faith In God, that kept ME motivated during those years when I had ventured out into and through the jungles of the business world. As a Christian, I truly believed that …God… “Had My Back”. I had BIG dreams back then of being a Successful Salesman in the Food Service Industry. At first, I was actually afraid of becoming a salesman because I (like most people) found it almost impossible to deal with the rejection. The reason I took the rejection personally, is because I was the type of person who would only AGREE to pursue a prospective client, only if I, myself ,was convinced that I had a product that would benefit their company or their business. I was in the business of helping other businesses make more money or save more money (it’s the same thing). Being a black man who represented a company that produced top of the line poultry products (processed and manufactured in Gainsville Georgia) that were sold to food service distributors and big chain restaurants in Southern California, I knew that I had what every chain restaurant needed. When I stepped out on the streets and pounded on the doors of big chain restaurant headquarters in Los Angeles County, I never felt like I got the same respect as the other salesmen/women who were White or Jewish. When I began to follow along in the bible as Fred Price teached, I began to build up enough confidence in “God” to a point where I really believed that if I would just go in, refuse to be ignored or if I myself would just ignore the type of disrespect that I was confronted with almost every time, then “The Lord Would Make Every Thing I Touch Turn Into Gold”. I got Sooooooo High off of the way Fred Price presented this. I believed it so much that I (at times) began to donate most of my paycheck to his ministry, because I really believed that “God” was speaking to ME through HIM. That part in the bible where “God” said “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test Me now in this,” says the LORD of hosts, “if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows. Well, I believed that shit. I went out and did a “David and Goliath” type of business pursuit. I went after a BIG manufacturing company that produced a top of the line “Gourmet Frozen Entree” (if I mentioned the name, most women who shop in the frozen section of the supermarkets across the country would be familiar with it, but I’m not at liberty to say the name). I was told by EVERY salesman that this was a “Big Fish” that NO ONE was ever able to catch. I was told that NO one even knew what the President of company LOOKED like. Because of my faith in God and my belief that THIS account would be the way that the “Lord” would “Bless” me for my loyalty to him and my unselfish, continuous giving to him (through Fred Price’s Ever Increasing Faith Ministries), and that “God ” would “Rebuke The Devourer” for MY sake, as it is stated in the bible. Well, I did something that I realized no other salesman did. I made a decision to call the man twice a day, every day until I got him on the phone. You know what? It worked. “Praise the Lord!!” I found him to be one of the nicest people I’d ever spoken with. He gave me all of the information I needed and after hearing my sales pitch (right over the phone) he said that if we could product the type of chicken and beef products that they need for their entree, (at a few pennies per pound less, of course) our company would be able to do business with him. I gave “God” so much praise!! After that phone call, I called my wife, gave her the news asked my wife if it was OK for me to send Fred Price a check that would clean out my bank account. I wanted to give it to the “Lord”. After three months of red tape between companies, we were in line to get our first order in June 1988. Up until that time, I was so happy to give $5, $10, $20, to every homeless person I came in contact with on the streets as well as giving to Fred Prices ministry. Our first order for the first week of June 1988 would have need ME a commission of around $12,000. That’s just for ONE WEEK. I was counting on earning a half a million dollars a year just from this one account alone. There was only ONE problem. I later found out from disgruntled employee of our company that everyone involved in helping me make this happen felt that it was too much money for a 27 year old black man to be making in an industry that was dominated by JEWS. My boss (a jew) gave the account to his father (a jew). The bible told us to Pray for the Jews. Bless the Jews. I did that. Just like in the book of “Job”, I was such a dedicated Christian, that I made sure that I was doing everything I knew to live a life that was pleasing to God. I even drove 55 mph on the freeway at that time. “God, where are you???” “God, where is my protection???” “God, you said I’ll find favor in the eyes of men!!!” “God, where are you???” My bosses father was the one who was able to purchase that house in the marina with a boat slip right in front of his house, AND a boat. I was later told that my bosses father had shelled out $80,000 cash for a new mercedes (in 1989). And that projected income of $500,000 a year that I was counting on…. it actually turned out to be so much more than I thought. It was so much that my friend couldn’t tell me, but she said the brokerage company moved out of a leased office space overlooking Los Angeles International Airport, and into their own two story office building in Manhattan Beach California. “God, What Happened???” After I left the company, I consulted with three attorneys. They told me that it would be an uphill battle since we’d be dealing with people who wouldn’t be cooperative, and the only one who was didn’t have access to documents that would have supported her testimony in court. In addition, our poultry company was located in Gainsville Georgia. We’re in Los Angeles. We’d have to deal with them also. That translated into lots of money that I didn’t have, since I’d already given it to Fred Prices ministry, and to lots of happy homeless people on the streets because I wanted to “Do What Saith The Lord”.

  24. Dimitri Lawrence Guy

    Really, I know I have no one to blame but myself for being so stupid, naive, trusting, gullible, etc. Sometime after coming out of my depression, I was listening to Fred Price on television as he was trying to explain to his congregation why they weren’t seeing the answers to their prayers. He said it was because they were weak in their faith. That’s when I really felt like I wanted to rise up and stomp his fucking ass right into the God damn ground. Fred Price, you fucking asshole, you’d better hope I never come face to face with you again. What the fuck did you and your family do when your wife got sick with cancer? What happened to YOUR faith and HER faith? In my opinion, SHE NEVER should have been allowed to get up to address YOUR congregation EVER again after that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she’s OK now, and it’s a good thing that she DID go to the doctor. But do you REALLY understand just how seriously YOUR followers took you?????

    I remember back in 1985 and 1986 when I got the two worst cases of the Flu. My boss actually had to TELL me to go home for a week until I got better. I remember getting to the bottom of the steps to my front door. Took weak to walk up, I “CRAWLED UP” SAYING, “i believe i’m healed. in the name of JESUS CHRIST,…… i believe… i’m healed. Please excuse my language right now, because I didn’t ever use profanity back then, but I was FUCKING READY TO DIE BECAUSE OF MY FAITH IN GOD!!! MY CHILDREN, AND MY FAMILY WENT WITHOUT IN 1988 AND 1989 BECAUSE I FELL FOR THE SHIT THAT CAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!!! Now, you’ve got your Fat ass son standing up trying to scare people into believing that they’re going to hell if THEY don’t accept Jesus as their lord and savior. Where the fuck to you get your balls man???? Tell me. I’d like to call you a son of a bitch, but I don’t want to disrespect your mother. FRED PRICE, YOU ARE THE BITCH.

    I made a commitment to myself that if I ever got to a point where I became so mad with someone and seriously wanted to kill or maim them, I’d put my shotgun in my mouth and blow my own brains out first. So, Fred Price, you’re safe, man.

    Mr. Podoba, this is all I can tell you about Fred Price. lol I hope I’ve been able to paint a good enough picture.

  25. Dimitri Lawrence Guy

    Barbara, Sweetheart, I wish you could have walked in MY shoes from May 1961 up until around August 2000 instead of me. Then, maybe I’d be willing to consider any advice you’d have to give me.

  26. Dimitri Lawrence Guy

    Only in the spirit realm will I be able to willfully, and happily forgive Fred Price for his hypocrisy. But until then, stay the fuck away from my path, man.

  27. Dimitri Lawrence Guy

    I have a great idea. First, how many “Men/Women” who claim that they’ve been charged or ordained by “God” to preach the Gospel (any gospel), would be willing to take a lie detector test? probably none. Maybe a few that no one has ever heard of, but I’m talking about the mega church pastors, preachers, etc.? If it became a requirement for a professional, certified polygraph examiner to be present whenever the “Man Of God” got up to speak in front of a congregation, how many would actually agree to do it?? Make this a requirement in order to obtain a 501(c)(3) provision allowing a church to be exempt from paying federal taxes. This way, members (who have money to donate) can see for themselves who’s being honest. I don’t think it’ll ever happen though.

  28. Dimitri Lawrence Guy

    I personally believe that the bible was written several hundred years ago, published and distributed in an attempt (by governing authorities) to control the masses of the public. Using the bible was a way for the U.S. Government to control the public by appealing to their conscious through a mythical authority such as “God”, “Jesus”, or even the “Devil”, or “Satan”. I fell for this shit as a teenager. I lived my earlier years dealing with this life oppressing and life altering bullshit. I finally discovered that as a black man living in America, instead of relying on “God”, I needed to stake my claim on R-E-S-P-E-C-T by educating myself and by determining that I would NOT allow myself to be disrespected. It’s unfortunate that a lot, if not most, of Black Americans have fallen victim to this religious bullshit called Christianity. I now refuse to believe that the “God” of the “Bible” exist. I don’t believe that “Jesus” existed. If he did exist, then HE of all people should have realize that it is totally unfair for an “Almighty God” to require the people of the world (who have had absolutely no type of access to 100% truth or have ever seen a divine miracle by Jesus) to put all of their trust and faith in a person written about around 2000 years ago, who claimed to be the son of God (the so called Creator Of The Universe)in order to be assured of eternal life in paradise rather than an eternal existence in a place of torment. I understand that this will be almost impossible for most people to comprehend, but if you take time to think about it, and think about what your own opinion of the “Almighty God” is and what you’ve been told about the type of Love and Compassion that the “Almighty God” is suppose to have for YOU and for all of Humanity, you’ll begin to realize that all of the information that you’ve been listening to for all of these years is so damn confusing and contradictary. In other words, IT’S ALL BULLSHIT!!!!!! Doesn’t the bible say that “God is not the author of confusion?” Well, the fact that this is written in the bible means that if YOU TRULY believe that the bible was written by the inspiration of “God”, then the bible contradicted itself just by that statement because the bible is FULL Of Contradictions which creates CONFUSION. To all of the African American “Christians” out their, Get Off Of Your Knees!!! Don’t Waste Your Time Praying To A God Who Isn’t In The Business Of Granting Requests. You’ve Been Created With All Of The Necessary Tools To Be Self Sufficient. Learn to do what ever it takes to happily exist in this country and to just live on this planet. Consider this message that was written by ME to be the answer to your prayers that just happen to be heard by our TRUE Creator. YOU have what it takes to answer your OWN requests. Get off of your knees and go to work or go back to school and learn something new that you can work at in order to take care of yourselves and your family. If not, just lay down and die. The choice is yours. Either way, you’ll win. But, if you stay on your Knees expecting “God” to do something for you, YOU’LL LOSE!!!!!!!

  29. “God”, “Jesus”, the “Devil” or “Satan” are all mythical characters that are used by so called “Men Of God” as a way to scare you into submission to THEIR will, just as YOUR parents used “Santa Clause”, “The Boogie Man” (remember THAT monster?), the “Tooth Fairy”, “The Easter Bunny”, etc., in an attempt to get YOU to do what THEY wanted you to do. Being in the “Church” business is a great way to make a lot of money (Tax Free). I’m surprised Donald Trump hasn’t jumped on the “Gospel” band wagon to make a big profit for himself. But then again, maybe he already has. Maybe he’s secretly financing some of them or funneling some of his money through them. Hey, that’s what the Mafia has used the Catholic Church for over the last 80 years (in addition to pimping children to horny, wealthy perverts).

  30. Sorry for any mistakes… had a few drinks before writing. didn’t proof read before submitting comment.

  31. Older Americans can remember way back when a man named “Reverend Ike” was the first high rolling Gospel pimp to appear on television. Rev. Ike had 50 Rolls Royce automobiles. He eventually had to sell them and later went bankrupt. Eventually, some of the mega church gospel pimps will roll down the same path. Some might even flee the country or commit suicide.

  32. At the time of conversion, new Christians exercise more faith in “God” than the seasoned televangelist has had during his/her career.

  33. I’m done on this web site. (I think). Some people read soooo slow…. You know, when people read slow, they really miss the meaning. They fail to comprehend. They read so slow, it’s just I…….. can…….. read……. this……. sentence…….. that………. is…….. written………. here…….

    But after they’ve read it, they’ve taken so damn long to get through it that they have absolutely no understanding of the meaning of what they’ve just read. So, I’m done here unless I see comments of interest to me.

  34. Dimitri Lawrence Guy,

    We’re always looking for contributors. I’d like to post your entrys on the main post. Interested???

  35. Matthew,

    You made some valid points, but you nullified them all by saying my fellow churchgoers and then questioning God’s very exsistence. There is no need to demonize the members because of the leader. He shall be accountable for his own actions.

  36. A second Christian ministry is refusing to meet a Thursday deadline for a Senate investigation into preachers’ salaries, perks and travel, The Associated Press has learned.

    Benny Hinn of World Healing Center Church Inc. and Benny Hinn Ministries of Grapevine, Texas, said in a statement to the AP on Thursday that he will not respond to the inquiry until next year.

    A lawyer for preacher Creflo Dollar of World Changers Church International in suburban Atlanta had said Wednesday that the investigation should be referred to the IRS or the Senate panel should get a subpoena for the documents.

    Sen. Charles Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, sent lengthy questionnaires a month ago to six ministries so he could review whether pastors were complying with IRS rules that bar excessive personal gain through tax-exempt work.

  37. Because these are “Religious” Non Profit organizations, the IRS has already deemed that they’re NOT required to turn over information regarding their finances. Mr. Podoba, my brotha, do you believe in “God”?? if so, or even if you don’t, you an I can apply to the IRS for our own Religious non profit status and become exempt from paying federal taxes. We can go out and encourage wealthy people to withdraw their investments from 401K’s and other tax shelter investments and funnel their income through our bogus ministries and it will be perfectly legal. You and I can make a bundle. Mr. Podoba, do you know how to sing??? I’ve got some old Jimmy Swaggart Gospel tapes that you can take home and practice from. I’ll brush up on my evangelical street type of ministry lingo and convince a few homeless people to come and visit us every Sunday at a low rent two bedroom house just to convince the IRS that we actually have a congregation. After acquiring our 501(c)(3) provision, we’ll take out business loans in order to hire expert accountants and financial advisors who will counsel our wealthy solicited investors. We’ll make a fortune. (smile)

  38. Dimitri Lawrence,

    Give me an e-mail address so I can have the system invite you as a contributor. I will copy and paste your last comments with a by-line into a post on the main page. In the future I will have you contribute directly, check your post and publish it. Let me know about the e-mail ASAP. Thanks.

    Matt P.


    please note in my e-mail address that the “l” is actually a lower case “L” and not a lower case “I”.
    Dimitri I W 1

  40. Just in case you didn’t see this, someone by the name of “GripOnReality” posted this on another site. It had me laughing for almost 20 minutes. The laugh had me feeling better than my last sex session, my last prime cut steak, and my last cup of Lager beer!!

    Monday Nov 12

    Yesterday day I was sitting in a beanbag chair naked eating cheetos and I was flipping through the channels and I see a guy staring at me and he said to me “are you lonely?”

    I said “umm yea” he said “have you wasted half of your life pursuing sins of the mortal flesh?”

    I said “man, this guy’s good” he said “are you sitting in a beanbag chair naked eating cheetos?”

    I said “yes sir!” he said “do you feel the urge to get up and send me a thousand dollars?”

    I laughed and said “close!”

    Man, I thought he was talking about me there for a sec”.

  41. This was too good!! This guy has got to be a comic writer. I think he works for Jay Leno. If not, he should be. LOL

  42. I’ve followed Creflo for a long time. If you want an equally disgusted but more sober and Christian outlook, check out my posts on him, Joel Osteen and others here:

  43. When I clicked on the link, I didn’t expect the first page to be Ministry Watch begging for money!!! How hypocritical is that?????

  44. MJ "revoltingpawn"

    Don in Texas…

    I looked at seen banner looking for members and donations. Not sure the same as begging for money. They need to pay bills like everyone else.

    Thinking you are missing the point. As far as we know no one at is driving around in Rolls-Royces.

    But yes almost all religious organizations are hypocritical.

  45. Lets just say that your Wealthy Church members are those who are considered to be the ones “Which Hath”, and who earn around $5million dollars a year. Certainly, they don’t want their total tax liabilities to be near the 50% range. If they were to invest the majority of their income in IRS approved tax shelters such as stocks, bonds, 401K’s or whatever, they really haven’t placed themselves in a position to enjoy most of the money that they’ve earned AS THEY’RE earning it..

    Now, what if those same people with that type of disposable income were to arrange (through attorneys) to have all of their money funneled through your church. ??? The church would now legally own their money. The church does NOT have to pay Federal Taxes on that money. But, since they’ll have a good relationship / rapport, with you ( their pastor), you’ll make purchases FOR them, in the name of the church. The CHURCH FEE would be 10% of the total money that they pass through YOUR CHURCH. YOU (as the pastor and the one in control of the church) are the one who makes the purchase of whatever item, property etc., with the money that was donated by that particular individual. That is the service that you’ll provide to Him / Her for donating that large amount of funds (legally ) to ( but through) your Mega Church. You’ll be rich in no time.

    Do you want a Bentley like Creflo Dollar? let your church purchase it. It will NOT be YOURS LEGALLY (not legally on paper) It’ll be in the name of YOUR church, but YOU’LL be the only one who’ll get to use it at anytime you want to. Nobody else will have access to it. OK???

    You want a mansion? Your church will purchase it FOR you. It’s not LEGALLY yours, but guess who ONLY gets to live in it??? YOU DO!!!!!

    You want one of those super sonic private jets??? Your CHURCH will purchase it for you. It’s NOT LEGALLY yours, but guess who gets to fly in it when ever they want and where ever they want to??? YOU DO!!!!

    Guess what, max?? The Government will take almost 50% of your $5million a year income. Investing most of it in IRS approved tax shelters means you don’t get to enjoy most of it. But, by funneling it through your church means you get to enjoy it AS you’re making it.


    The Church will charge you 10% Their accountants, financial advisers and attorneys are there to serve you and make sure that your tax liabilities are kept at a bare minimum.

    The only Federal taxes that are paid are for wages or income paid TO an individual. A pastor of a church may bring in $69million, but if the pastor only shows a personal income of $15,000, the federal taxes that he’ll pay are based on that amount of income only. Not on the $69million that the CHURCH took in, but if YOUR $5million is mixed in with that $69million, every purchase that the church makes with the money that was donated by you can be CONTROLLED by YOU!!

    This is the reason why Warren Buffet is “Giving” (smile) all of HIS money to charities that are controlled by HIS kids and by people HE knows, so that HE can control where the money goes and how it is used…. SOOOooooOOO, he really isn’t giving ANYTHING away.

    It’s a great way for WEALTHY … people… to enjoy most of THEIR money as THEY earn it without paying federal taxes.

    Now, if you’re in the middle to lower middle class like most people, you aren’t earning and contributing enough money to your church to make it worth while for them to grant you these services. You’ve got to be in the “Million Dollar Club” to be treated as Royalty. You’ll also have more fun with a pastor who doesn’t believe in “God”.

  46. To: Mr. & Mrs. Middle or Lower Middle Class Mega Church member

    Re: The True *** GOSPEL OF PROSPERITY***
    King James Bible
    Luke 19:26
    “For I say unto you, That unto every one which …hath…shall
    be given; …and from him that …hath not, …even that (which) he hath …shall …be… taken…away …from …him.”

    Which category do you believe you’re in?

    Which category do you believe your… M-e-g-a C-h-u-r-c-h …considers… YOU to be in???

    The Bible considers RICH people to be those “Which Hath”.

    The Bible considers the poor as those “Which Hath Not”.

    So, as a Mega Church member who tithes 10% of YOUR income, but you’re somewhere between middle to lower middle class or even below, and you’re HOPING that “God” is going to “Bless” you for your faithful and unselfish giving,… WHICH category would you seriously believe YOUR Mega Church …C-O-N-S-I-D-E-R-S… YOU to be in???

    Here is some NEWS for you … as far as YOUR Mega Church is concerned, the last part of that bible verse applies to YOU!!!

    YOU’RE not RICH so YOU are the one “Which Hath Not!” So, the little that you DO “Hath” …is being taken away from you A-L-R-E-A-D-Y!! (10% of your income and “offerings” being given to the church)

    The ONLY People… who are TRULY being “Blessed” (REPAID) by “GIVING” to a Mega Church are the …RICH… people, THOSE WHICH HATH (They also “HATH” access to the pastor 24 / 7). It is to THEM ..that …MORE IS… ALREADY… BEING …GIVEN!!! They’re NOT the ones who are W-A-I-T-I-N-G for “God” to BURST through the clouds and pour out blessings upon them. THEY’RE ALREADY RECEIVING IT in the form of B-E-N-E-F-I-T-S from the GOVERNMENT (IRS) AND THE PASTOR (FAVORS Through the Church) that YOU (as a “HATH NOT”) WILL NOT receive.

    If YOUR Pastor (who preaches about Prosperity) REALLY WANTED to see YOU prosper, don’t YOU think it would be a good idea for HIM to at LEAST tell you the TRUTH (IN FULL DETAIL ) about how HE’S Prospering???

    In motivational seminars, you’re told to “treat a successful businessman to lunch and ask him to TELL YOU how HE became successful”. Do you believe that YOUR Mega Church Pastor would be willing to put you down in his appointment book??

    Don’t YOU think it’s about time for you to be told the WHOLE truth by YOUR Pastor before you decide to waste anymore of your time and money at that church???



    “Brother / Sister, Unless you’ve got some extraordinary talent, or some OTHER sure shot business plan to make Millions for yourself, If you want the “Almighty God” of the “Bible” to bless you, You Must be willing and motivated to do exactly what I and others LIKE me have already done AND are currently doing in order to have the type of success that We’re Now Enjoying. Do you really want it?? If so, then you can have it! Praise the Lord, Thank you Jesus!! So, this is what you have to do: ” You Have To… Start Y-O-U-R O-W-N Church!!!”


    ” Ha-la-luuuu-yah!! Brother, Sister, At every Sunday Morning worship service, you can have All of the “Hath Not’s” practically bowing down at your footstool, humbly, and with meekness, offering a tenth of their precious labor to YOU, the CHILD OF THE KING!! Praise God!!”

    “Yes, My Brother, My Sister, when you yourself become a Mega Church Pastor like Me and you’ve got all of that money justa… ROOOOOOLIN’ IN, Oh, praise God, THEN you can have yourself a Bentley! AND, you can have a Rolls Royce. Thaaaats right, Brother / Sister. Why have only one? Have two! Praise the Lord. THEN, you can reside in a Mansion that sits on the top of that Hill and have it staffed with maids and butlers who’ll eagerly wait on you on hand and foot! Gah-Looo-rey-tah-God!!!”

    “WoooHooo!! Thaaank yah, Jeeeesus!! My Lord!! MMmmmmm!! And the landscapers!! Oh, Lord… You should watch em as they’re doin’ all of the tendin’ to on all of that beautiful sprawlin’ glorified property property of yours!! LLLlllloooord, Have Mercy!!! Boooooy, wait til’ ya see it. And The pool cleaners! God Bless em. They’re justa keepin’ that pool lookin’ so crispy clean and just so blue and so perrrrdy!! It’s Just like lookin’ up at dah sky on a clear sunny day!! Praise God!! Oh, Thank Yah Jesus! And Don’t forget you gotta have somebody to look after all a dem other fancy cars you’ll be collectin’, Brotha!! . Glooooory tah God.

    “THEN, My Brother / Sister, just wait til ya get to taste the finest and most expensive foods, desserts that are all prepared for ya by your very own Professional Chef. LLLLLLooorrrrd HAVE MERCY!!! um, um um!! Ooooh, my God!! YOU just wait till ya get a taste of that. MMMMMMMMMMM … ummmm ummm um um!!! Tah he he he!! Thank Yah, Jesus!!”

    Haaaa Ba Sha Ba La Kooom By Yah Ha Ba Shaa La Hahhh!!! Oh, Gah-looo-rey-tah-God!!”

    “AND THEN, THEN, THEN, Oh Lord, Jesus! THEN, When You Look At Yourself in the Mirror, Glory tah God, wearing the finest and most expensive Taylor made clothes fit for Kings AND Queens!! Oh, Yes Sir!! GAH-LOOO-RE-TAH-GOD, Thank Yah, Jeeesus!! Cause NOW, You’re ACTIN’ LIKE The KINGS Kid. You’re gonna start your OWN Church now. Praise God!”

    Yes, Sir. Oh, yes Lord! thank yah! God is Good!! I SAID YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER IS GOOD!! Praise the Lord. Just give him praise right now. Thank you Jesus.”

    “THEN, when ya need to get away from all the cryin’, and all da belly achin’ that’s goin’ on all around ya, Prrrrraaaaise the Lord, HE SAID THAT HE’LL DELIVER YA, DIDN’T HE?? That’s just what he’ll do for ya… Thaaaaank ya Lord… Give him all the praise!! HE’ LL HAVE YOU MOUNTED UP ON WINGS AND SOARING SO HIGH IN THE SKY LIKE THE EAGLES IN NO TIME AT ALL! Glory da God!!”

    “You can just jump rrrrrright oooooon up in that beautiful private jet airplane and just flyyyyyyy right on away from here, Brother, and tah anywhere Ya Wont To. HA-LA-LUUU-YA! Can I get an AMEN, Brother / Sister?? Gloooory tah God, Thank yyyeeeah Jeeeeeesus!! Praaaaise him, just give him praise. Thank ya Lord.”

    “OOOOoooo, Ha-la-luuuuu-yah!!!! Ha-la-luuuuu-yah!!
    Glory to God!!”

    “Now, there’s just one more VERY important thaang ya gotta remember. The people who you’ve GOT to pray for, are the ones which HATH NOT. Those are the ones ya gotta lay hands on and pray over. It looks good. It’ll make em feel better. But never, never, never offer tah tell em exactly what they gotta do dah get tah where YOU are. If the Lord really wonts em ta know, just let HIM lead em to ya just like he led YOU tah me. Now ya got all a dat??”


    “I can feel the anointing comin’ down on me right now. Too bad we don’t have the choir here cause I feel like singin’ a song. Thank Yah Lord!”

  47. I support Dr. Dollar 100%!!!!!!!!!!!! Jealousy is not becoming of any of you people. I like how you DON’T mention Joel Osteen down in Texas who is also wealthy and white. If you’re going to criticize one, then you might as well criticize them all. Why not Donald Trump? Why don’t you criticize Zig Ziglar or Tom Cruise or Robert Kiyosaki? Hell, you might as well call Oprah the biggest fraud since television. Her net worth is in the high Billion range. Besides, the man drives around in a damn Volkswagen. He shouldn’t have to walk around in hammy-downs and salvation army clothing just appease your appetite. Why should he have to explain himself to you? Why is it that when people are rich they are only associated criminalistic acts? Chances are that in any given situation, if someone were to walk up to any one of you and hand you 69 million freely, you know damn well, you wouldn’t give all 69.9 million away to the poor because you’re so in love with you struggling life. Maybe you should place yourself in someone else’s shoes before you criticize their methods. Pretty soon you’re going to run out of rich people to blame for the reason why you still choose to be poor

  48. Since we talking about the gospel, we should talk about the Greatest gospel preacher Jesus.

    Take a look at his lifestyle, what a contrast between Him and those people! Dont you see the connection between the richest state in the world Vatican and the arising for that get rich gospel. Same spirit!

    Jesus says: no cupid (love for money) will enter His kingdom!!! Eph 5:16-25


    God bless you all

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