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Quick! Who’s Position is This…Bush or Giuliani???

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Okay, time for a little fun. Can you guess who said the following regarding various issues??? 

U.S. Policy toward Africa

He said the United States should focus its policy toward Africa on increases in trade. “U.S. government aid is important, but aid not linked to reform perpetuates bad policies and poverty.”

In May 2007, he was informed that he held between $500,000 and $1 million in investments in companies that work in Sudan.

U.S. Policy toward India

He views India’s rapidly growing economy as a potentially lucrative market, saying the United States should “take advantage” (CNBC) of the “large number of consumers that are emerging in India.” In particular, he said, the U.S. stands to “make a lot of money in India” in new energy technology.

Military Tribunals and Guantanamo Bay

He said he supports the detention camp at Guantanamo. He said in a June 2007 interview with the Wall Street Journal that he believes the allegations of prisoner mistreatment at Guantanamo have “been grossly exaggerated, and many of the reports that I see are that it’s not terribly different from any other prisons.”

Domestic Intelligence

He defended the domestic spying initiatives, saying “he did it to protect our national security and to try to find out information about people that might attack us and might be preparing an attack on us, in order to secure us, in order to protect us.” He said in September 2007 that electronic surveillance should not be “unrealistically” limited.

War on Terror

He responded to John Edwards’ criticism of the war on terror, saying in June 2007, “This is not a bumper sticker; this war is a real war.” He generally refers to “the terrorist war against us,” lately, rather than the “war on terror,” he told TIME.

Democracy Promotion in the Arab World

He believes in a larger goal of a democratic (AFP) Iraq and Middle East. But, he says, stability takes precedence over democracy. “Democracy can’t flourish unless people are safe. You can’t have democracy when people are being killed,” he said in January 2007.

Energy Policy

He has ties to various energy companies, many of which are fossil fuel-oriented including Duke Energy Corp., the National Petrochemical & Refiners Association, Valero Energy Corp, and FPL Energy. He has supported increased use of nuclear power.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

He has held up Israel as “the only outpost of freedom and democracy in the Middle East and the only absolutely reliable friend of the United States.” (Haaretz) In a 2002 speech, he stressed that Jerusalem must “remain the undivided capital” of Israel. He also said at that time that the Palestinian Authority is not a “moral equivalent” to the Israeli government, because “there is a difference between a nation based on law and democracy and one that harbors terrorism.” He called on the Palestinian Authority to create “institutions of political and economic freedom and religious toleration.” More recently, he said that in his view it “makes no difference” whether the Palestinian Authority is run by Hamas or Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas. At a March 2007 fundraiser, he also said that the United States should “not push any peace process” until the Palestinian Authority recognizes Israel’s right to exist and condemns terrorism.

North Korea Policy

He supports the policy of China placing pressure on Pyongyang. “I think the strategy has produced enough results so far that you have to stick with it,” he said. He indicated it remains unclear whether Iran or North Korea is further along in developing a nuclear weapons program.

Cuba Policy

He is critical of Castro, which he made clear recently in a speech over whether or not to return Cuban child Elian Gonzales to Cuba in 2000 (He was an outspoken voice for keeping the boy in the United States).

He also attacked Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for following Castro’s “model.” (AP) Speaking to a group in Florida, he said the United States must build an alliance with Mexico and Colombia to counteract the shift to the left of Latin American governments.

U.S. Policy toward China

He has not made many public statements on his views of China. However, he said in an CNBC interview that limiting China ’s ownership of U.S. debt is “generally a bad idea and generally self-defeating.” He said that the U.S. should build industries that we can sell” in China.

Defense Policy

He has called for an “offense-as-a-defense” (Journal-Register)strategy towards al-Qaeda, backing the U.S. troop surge and continued presence in Iraq.

He fully advocates the addition of thirty-five thousand troops to the army’s current level of 512,000 (AP).

In September 2007, he said the United States should pursue a nuclear missile defense system, as “America can no longer rely on Cold War doctrines such as ‘mutual assured destruction’ in the face of threats from hostile, unstable regimes.”


He says we need a plan by which to measure progress but that does not include troop withdrawals. “You need statistics,” (FOX) he said in January 2007. “You need to be able to determine whether or not you’ve brought the violence down. If it doesn’t work, then you got to put more people in.”

He opposes any “artificial timeline” for troop withdrawal from Iraq, which he says would be tantamount to giving America’s enemies “a printed-out list of how it’s going to retreat (ChiTrib) to its enemy.” He is steadfast in his support for the war, which he considers part of the larger global war on terror.


In October 2007 he spoke in support of the pending Free Trade Agreements with Peru, Colombia, Panama, and South Korea, saying they “would be good deals for the United States.”

Homeland Security

In a September 2006 he stressed the need for a nuclear material detection system in the United States.


He has the United States should proceed diplomatically with Iran, but that “we will use a military option if we have to.” He said a military strike would be “very dangerous”but nuclear arms in the control of “an irrational person” like President Ahmadinejad was more dangerous.

His supporters are vocal advocates for bombing Iran preemptively in order to prevent it from obtaining nuclear weapons. 

Climate Change

He said he believes climate change exists (SFChron) and that something must be done to reduce pollution. However, he has not said outright that he believes climate change is caused by human activity. His statements with regard to policy on the issue have been rather vague.


He supports some type of path (NYT) to citizenship for illegal immigrants. “If you have twelve million people, to thirteen to fourteen to fifteen million that are here illegally, it is much easier for terrorists and drug dealers to hide,” he said recently. He also said that he is in favor of a border fence and a database with which to keep track of all immigrants. 

As mayor of New York City, Giuliani opposed a law (NYT) that would have prevented illegal immigrants from receiving Social Security, food stamps and health care benefits.

United Nations

He has been extremely critical of the United Nations, which, he said, “proved irrelevant to the resolution of almost every major dispute of the last 50 years.” He says the institution’s primary capabilities are in humanitarian and peacekeeping missions, but “we should not expect much more of it.”

Specifically, he said the United Nations must hold accountable states that support or condone terrorism. “Otherwise, you will fail in your primary mission as peacekeeper,” he said. “It must ostracize any nation that supports terrorism. It must isolate any nation that remains neutral in the fight against terrorism.”

U.S. Policy toward Russia

He advocates commercial engagement with Russia, but has also expressed support for the planned missile defense shield in Eastern Europe. In October 2007 he called for an increase in military spending to “send a heck of a signal” to Russia.

Recently he traveled to Moscow to promote U.S.-Russian business relations.

And the answer is [dramatic pause…]

Rudi Giuliani

So if you vote for him, you clearly vote for more of the same neo-con nonsense. 


Is Spitzer Politicizing the New York State D.M.V.???


In an unprecedented move, New York governor Eliot Spitzer has issued a decree by executive order that would provide driver licenses to any and all illegal aliens in New York State. The outrage that has ensued was predictable, complete with a county clerk revolt. In fact, thirteen county clerks say  they will not abide by the executive order and five more are rumored to follow pending legal review of the order.

What puzzles me is why? Why would Spitzer do this? The language being used in the proposal conveniently doesn’t contain the word ‘illegal’ when referring to immigrants who would receive these licenses. It uses language like “immigrant workers,” and “foreign workers.” Does someone need to send Spitzer to How to be a Competent Governor 101 class? Whether Spitzer wants to acknowledge the fact or not, these people are breaking the law. They should not be rewarded, their cases should be reviewed or they should be arrested. Let’s spend money on that. Let’s pursue that. Let’s uphold the law for a change instead of caving in to cultural and ideological pressures for wrong-headed pro-immigration groups who believe that foreigners can rule the U.S. roost and impose their will on our culture, even if that means breaking the law. What does Spitzer think makes some of these countries the dysfunctional states that they are – driving people to this country in the first place? A lack of accountability to the law, that’s what!   

The fact of the matter is that these people are breaking immigration law and they are here illegally – end of story. The very idea that Spitzer or any of these other detached and outright arrogant political leaders pursue an agenda that simply looks to wish them and their conscious choice to break those laws away, is simply incomprehensible to me. The governor of one of the largest states in the union, whose civil duty it is to protect the citizenry, with arguably the most secure driver license program in the country, wouldn’t purposefully compromise the safety of New Yorkers by proposing such nonsense – not where 9/11 happened? Not in New York City – a rich target to those who wish to harm us? I believe he would, and for the worst of reasons…politics.

The fact is that immigrants, including many who are here illegally, including Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and Eastern Europeans, represent a larger and larger population demographic – especially in New York City. These minorities traditionally vote Democrat, however state Republicans have been making inroads slowly over the past three election cycles. Doesn’t it make perfect sense to give these people the brass ring in exchange for votes? Put yourself in Spitzers shoes. Many of these people work, and those who are here illegally are simply potential votes…only if they have a license to register or better yet, register when they get their license right at the D.M.V.

What Spitzer fails to see in this shortsighted policy, as reflected in the clerk revolt, among whom there are several Democrats, is that his long-term political capital may be greatly eroded by the Democratic base who is largely made up of white middle income voters (who apparently don’t matter to Spitzer). However, they will matter in the next election when they decide to punish him, much like they did to Mario Cuomo, effectively ending his career. If all Spitzer sees here is votes, which is a total slap in the face to New Yorkers on it’s face, and completely disregards the laws within our adversarial legal system that are designed to protect all citizens, then maybe he should be arrested for aiding these criminals in their lawbreaking activities. If he won’t look out for us, we’ll have to look out for ourselves. In the end, the arrogance and destructive ideologically driven policies by people unfit to lead, must be quashed.

I support the New York county clerk revolt. Spitzer is a fool.             

Los Angeles Immigration Sweep is Long Over Due…


The U.S. Border Patrol in conjunction with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), rounded up 1300 illegal immigrants in the greater Los Angeles area and are in the process of arresting and/or deporting them. Over 600 in fact have already been deported.What was the reaction of pro-immigration groups? They claimed this action has separated these people from their families and will force other illegals further underground. This reaction, at least in my eyes, showcases the continued mindless defiance and total lack of respect that these groups harbor for the U.S. justice system. Many groups, in official statements, conveniently omit the fact that over 90% of all those arrested were CRIMINALS – and we’re not talking about parking violations or failure to report to court either! We ‘re talking about people who have committed multiple felonies, robbery, carjacking, assault, theft, even murder! 

Do these pro-immigration groups honestly think that average Americans are just going to swallow this element into our society and stand by while they impose their chaotic and destructive lifestyle on the public at large? I do not oppose immigration. I do oppose criminal activity that works to slowly undo a productive and safe society. These people are not just unfortunate illegals who got caught up in the snare, they are people that we do not want crowding our already dysfunctional jails. Let Mexico, Russia, Ireland, and Lithuania (all among the arrested), house their own degenerates – we’re all stocked up here thanks.    

Here are the numbers…  

Los Angeles: 187 including, 34 fugitive criminals, 56 fugitives,40 criminal non-fugitives, 57 non-fugitives

Orange: 62 including, 8 fugitive criminals, 7 fugitives, 6 criminal, non-fugitives, 41 non-fugitives

Riverside/San Bernardino: 245 including, 96 fugitive criminals, 42 fugitives, 77 criminal non-fugitives, 30 non-fugitives

Ventura: 36 including, 5 fugitive criminals, 10 fugitives,3 fugitives, 18 criminal non fugitives, 36 non-fugitives.

*Total: 530 including 143 fugitive criminals, 115 fugitives, 126 criminal non-fugitives, 146 non-fugitives. * Additionally, 797 illegal immigrants were taken from these counties’ jails. 

A secure border and common sense immigration policy would solve this issue. This action is proof that given the resources, U.S. Border patrol and other agencies can resolve this issue if the power elite really want them to.

Ex-border agents Compean and Ramos appeal Convictions..


A few months back I wrote a piece on the grossly unjust arrest and conviction of U.S. Border patrol Agents Compean and Ramos. We try to track and update past posts from time to time, so here is some new information.

These two former U.S. Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, were sentenced to lengthy prison terms for shooting a drug-smuggling degenerate suspect, and have filed for an appeal on September 25th to overturn their convictions. They claimed they were charged with a nonexistent crime and convicted after the jury was given improper instructions by the trial judge. These facts are pretty well documented on this and other blogs.

Houston defense lawyer J. Mark Brewer said two counts of a grand jury indictment against former agents Ramos and Compean charged them under a federal statute with the discharge of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence, but the statute does not define a crime and contains only a sentencing factor to be addressed after conviction. Mr. Brewer said in a 20-page motion that the “improperly-crafted indictment” misfocused the agents, counsel and jury on a nonexistent crime of unlawful discharge of a firearm, because the agents were authorized to possess, carry and use a firearm in the normal course of their job. He said that in order to charge a crime under the government’s 10-year mandatory sentence statute, an indictment “must allege that a defendant either has used or carried a firearm…during and in relation to any crime of violence or has possessed a firearm in furtherance of such a crime.” He said the prosecution “misstated” the crime defined by federal statute. Mr. Brewer went on to say that the district court “erroneously told the jury the federal statute made it a crime for anyone to discharge a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence.”

A ruling in the case is expected next month.

“This is an outrageous case of prosecutorial abuse,” said Paul Kamenar, senior executive counsel for the Washington Legal Foundation, a watchdog group among eight organizations and persons who have filed briefs in support of the agents. “Instead of prosecuting the drug smuggler, the Justice Department filed a dozen felony charges against two agents trying to do their job.”

The pending appeal is being heard by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans and seeks to overturn 11- and 12-year prison terms, respectively, for Ramos and Compean.

These two men defending our border from criminals continue to languish in prison through beatings at the hands of illegals in prison, through solitary confinement, and through separation from family. My question continues to be this – if you can’t use a sidearm in the line of duty, even to defend yourself, then why are they issued to agents. You may as well have them carry plastic swords or something! There is demonstrative evidence in this case that these two agents at most were in danger of being shot by a drug smuggler, and at the very least attempted to stop him from fleeing using techniques learned in training. These techniques involve ‘non-lethal’ shots to the legs or feet. All of the testimony points to these conclusions, however prosecutor Johnny Sutton, through tunnel-visioned and abusive tactics, railroaded these two men into conviction for political and career related reasons. His acts are unconscionable, as is the in-action by the Bush administration regarding a potential pardon in this unfair ruling.

If Ramos and Compean are allowed to rot in a jail cell to full term, we as a nation will have sent a clear message to Mexican scumbag drug runners who pump drugs into our kids – challenge the U.S. Border Patrol because in the end, our legal system is incompetent, unjustly opportunistic, selffish, and ultimately…eats it’s own.

This action by U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton and the reciprocal inaction by George Bush, is damaging the fundamental ability of our Border patrol to do it’s job efficiently and keep these types of undesirables at bay. I urge anyone reading this to visit the links below and sign one or all of the petitions to free these two innocent agents. A link to prosecutor Sutton’s contact information is listed as well. This action was wrong on every level and must be reversed. Only through numbers will the voices of reason be heard.

Free Compean and Ramos now!

Contact information for the United States Attorney’s Office – Western District of Texas

Should the H-1B Visa Cap be Raised? Absolutely Not…


By continually flooding the labor market in the U.S. with inexpensive foreign workers, we are destroying our own talent pool in a long run. What would motivate a prospective college student go into a technology, spent years of time, money and effort and keep on developing his own skills if he can see how quickly the market could be flooded with a cheap replacement? This will only compound an ongoing issue, as we continue to create tremendous downward pressure on wages, and force businesses to complete based on the dependency of foreign workers. I can see corporate America’s view I suppose, if you can’t have slavery, this is the next best thing. These are people who routinely work overtime for free under the threat of their visa being ‘revoked’ and universally accept lower wages for equal work being done by their American counterparts.

Moreover, large corp[orations like Microsoft, want us to buy into the idea that there is such a shortage of skilled tech workers, that HB-1 workers are needed. Places like Monster are loaded with resumes of American IT workers who can’t buy a job with their soul – and if you’re over forty, you may as well hang it up. It also takes longer for unemployed IT people to find jobs than ever before – just talk to people like myself (MCSE, MCDBA, A+, Net+, Linux+, 15 years experience, etc.) It took me 17 months to find gainful employment at a reasonable wage. In fact, during the last economic downturn (that Bush said never happened), IT people were among the hardest hit, and many had to leave the industry all together as IT budgets sank to just 3% of total sales on average, while training dollars went up in smoke. The real effort should be to re-claim these workers and get them back into the industry, not replace them with lower paying HB-1 Visa holders. Any other explanation is a smoke and mirrors tactic by the corporate fat cats who need to pad the almighty bottom line at the expense of American workers.

Equally important, given how many resources a local IT worker invests in their skills, they should be carefully protected so we might keep our economy moving. It is one thing to jerk around an employee who has just couple of months of formal training at the entry level, it is quite another to push someone out who has spent 10 years and $100,000 on education and skills development, like myself and many of my colleagues did. Where do these fools, who are perpetuating this nonsense, think this is all going? When did corporations stop caring about American born workers and begin sacraficing them for profit?

Lastly, the quality of foreign workers is mostly a myth. Many companies put foreign workers through internal training and there is absolutely no reason why this training should not be offered to American born workers instead. In fact, many IT advocate groups for American workers have found that few foreign workers start providing high quality, high volume output from the first day on the job.

Many bloggers are questioning whether HB-1’s should be regulated or levels allowed to be dictated by the market. Some question whether or not supply and demand laws have been artificially manipulated. I say they have and that manipulation is causing a back-log of foreign workers which ultimately results in brain-drain as often higher skilled and more experienced American workers are forced to exit in the name of lower wages and profit.

Check this study…

Companies have overloaded the market with foreign labor while American workers struggle, it is as simple as that. From that situation, the market works to force domestic workers out of the industry. Meanwhile, foreign workers are getting subsidized education in their home countries, addition training by their new American employers, and ultimately hired for much less – sometimes up to 25% less.

The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected job growth in Core IT (Information Technology) jobs of 110,000 a year through 2007; it also estimates that about 35,000 degrees in IT per se are earned a year. That may sound at first like a worker shortage in IT. A closer look at the situation, however, suggests otherwise. What people don’t realize is that as many as half of all IT professionals do not IT degrees. Many American IT workers are industry certified like myself and as many as 80,000 more per year get certified without getting a college degree. These people are competent and no better or worse off than any HB-1 worker from an entry level knowledge standpoint. So what are we being fed here by cry babies like Bill Gates? And if foreign IT workers are so much more qualified, why did the Indian company Wipro just announce plans to build a new facility in Atlanta, hiring American workers? Check out link here…

We’re being lied to by the greedy.   

According to the BLS, changes in the earnings of Core IT Professionals have been similar to those for all professionals and only marginally higher than those for the entire civilian labor force.

There is evidence, in part, that the “labor shortage” has been artifically created by the IT industry. The alleged worker shortage is at least partly due to the stinginess of the American corporations and the general practice of cutting forcing wages downward. Check out a very informative article complete with references regarding the ‘artificial shortage.’

Finally, a quick story I found on a blog. Five years ago, an American IT worker in New York City needed some additional training and approached a school that provided programs in Oracle. The coordinator there was frank and told the truth, “You shouldn’t take this class. Most of the Oracle people in New York are workers from India. You will not be able to break into a shop because they tend to hire their own. So don’t waste your time.” 

Is this what we want in the long-term? Congress and American corporate greed farms are wrong. I am not anti-immigrant – I am born of first generation immigrants. I simply want to make sure Americans don’t suffer due to bad policy, and that is exactly what the HB-1 program is. We must build from within to ensure high paid jobs for all, including our immigrant friends, not the least common denominator so one group is under-paid and the other not paid at all. This is what corporations want, and they must challenged on it. 

Hillary Clinton Suggests Lou Dobbs a Racist…


I guess it was a campaign tactic to pander to the Latino vote, but it seems Hillary Clinton went a bit far when she said that some in the media attack Latinos and that she found it “destructive.” Later, she would single out Lou Dobbs of Lou Dobbs Tonight.

The Monday New York Times described how Democrats pandered to a Latino audience during their debate on the Spanish-language channel Univision. “They expressed concerns that Republicans were enabling anti-immigrant feelings and even racist attitudes, or at least not taking a tougher stand against them.” 

Hillary Clinton said legislative proposals to overhaul the immigration system, which all the Democrats at the debate endorsed, had been used by Republicans and some in the news media to “bash immigrants” and then added, “There are many in the political and frankly in the broadcast world today who take a particular aim at our Latino population. I think it’s very destructive.”

The Times pressed Clinton after the debate for clarification and she said she was referring to the CNN anchor Lou Dobbs and the radio host Rush Limbaugh, among others.

How on earth does Hillary Clinton draw the parallel between Limbaugh and Dobbs? For the record, Limbaugh is a racist. If he had his way, anyone with the skin color of ‘non-white’ would be deported. He has made racist comments about everyone from Jesse Jackson to Barack Obama to Donovan McNabb, which he was fired for from ESPN.  Dobbs, on the other hand, simple wants the government to stop beating the hell out of the middle class. He has never uttered a racist word about any Latino I know of. He merely takes the apparently ‘destructive’ position, that immigration laws should be enforced and American companies should be held accountable and summarily punished for hiring and harboring illegals.

Sen. Barack Obama, who is polling at 25% to Clinton at 44%, said President Bush missed a chance to defuse the fears of American workers who believe illegal immigrants will take their jobs. He stated, “They (American workers) feel that they are losing jobs. They feel like they are losing health care…” He also added, “They feel that they are falling behind, and their children won’t have a better future. So a president has to speak out forcefully against anti-immigrant sentiment and racist sentiment, but also has to make sure that all workers are being tended to.”

This is Dobbs’ position and that of many other Democrats, including myself. Why can’t we enforce laws while protecting American workers, and people who want to come to this country legally?

What Hillary has done is reinforced to moderates that she just doesn’t get it. She is willing to pay lip service to the Latino voting block and liberal Democrats in the name of getting elected, while ignoring those Democrats who favor immigration reform and stricter enforcement of the law (polls suggest a majority of Americans want stronger border security and a fair way to handle illegals already here.) This position isn’t destructive or racist as she suggests, it’s just plain common sense. We have finally reached a point where we can’t afford this nonsense to continue. There are too many hard working American born and legal immigrants who need health care, welfare, childcare and jobs. Why should any of the spoils of America go to those who consciously cheat the entire system and make a mockery of our legal process? Is it appropriate that immigration activists are calling Elvira Arellano the next Rosa Parks – a woman with blatant disregard for U.S. laws and a mother who is using her American born son as political leverage so she might live here illegally and help others do the same? 

If Hillary wants to label people and their agendas “destrcutive” she should invest a little more critical analysis and a little less rhetoric before she throws someone under the bus, who actually wants to protect the middle class.

Personally I stand by Lou Dobbs and his position because it reflects my own feelings on the issue. American workers and their families first…the Mexicans can do it like every other immigrant group has since the 1850’s, or go back to Mexico and work on reversing 200 years of corruption and dysfunctional government. Either way, I cannot endorse the idea that they be allowed to sponge off of hardworking and honest people. Hillary is wrong and she has given me another reason to support Obama.         

Maybe we should do exactly what Elvira Arellano wants us to….


Recently arrested and deported immigration activist Elvira Arellano has decided to blame the U.S. and it’s failed immigration laws for her deportation (This would be the third time by the way). For those of you who might be questioning this reasoning…allow me to draw you an analogy.

Arellano, a repeat immigration offender and brazen activist for immigration reform, is employing what is commonly referred to as ‘circular logic.’ Here’s an example…

Only sick people need to take medicine, therefore, if you don’t take medicine, you will never be sick!

If only life were this easy.

I say let’s give Miss Arellano exactly what she wants. She claims that the U.S. isn’t enforcing immigration laws and allows immigration issues to purposefully fester (which I happen to completely agree with by the way), then maybe we should start enforcing the laws on the books starting with Miss Arellano. Elvira Arellano’s level of unchecked arrogance and contempt for the laws of this country is exactly why she and 20 million of her closest friends annually, are drawing fire from anti-immigration groups. Besides the fact that she has been arrested for identity theft and jumping the border two times, she also drew Medicaid illegally as some sources have confirmed.

What is the penalty for these crimes you ask? If pled out, the minimum Miss Arellano would receive would be seven years in a federal jail. I say let’s turn over a new leaf and begin to correct the “unfair bias against immigrants” and broken U.S. immigration laws, by executing an order of extradition, and demanding that Mexico hand her over to U.S. authorities. And as far as the Mexican government is concerned, if they do follow through on the proposed diplomatic letter to the U.S. protesting Elvira’s deportation, we can simple respond by telling them that we’ll read the letter when they make good on repaying all of their economic aid debt back to the U.S. I’ll be eating sandwiches and watching CNN everyday in joyful anticipation of that news.

A piece of advice for Elvira and the U.S. Congress – If you are really committed to immigration reform, how about you start by working together to elevate Mexico to a somewhat higher level than dirty-toilet-status as a nation on whole. Maybe, and I know this may sound wacky, people will actually want to stay at home and build a better life for themselves rather than breaking the law to do it here. You can start by repealing NAFTA and turn to a policy that institutes real worker rights and environmental reform in Mexico that has some teeth. Maybe then Elvira Arellano could work as an activist at home with her son instead of resort to squatting in churches in the U.S. to make her point. Either way, it’s not the problem of the U.S. that she decided to give birth to her son in this country and that she facing separation from him, it’s not the problem of the U.S. that Mexico is a corrupt wasteland, and it is certainly not the problem of the U.S. that citizens here do no want the blight and cancer that is the failed Mexican state, to envelop this nation. If my mother could emigrate to this country legally in 1955 as countless millions have since the 1870’s, then the Mexican people can as well. Civil disobedience is one thing – that was what Martin Luther King did. Elvira Arellano is a brazen criminal who wants to make her point by circumventing the law and impose her will on this countries immigration system. She is wrong and her deportation is completely justified. In light of her criminal acts, she should be arrested and jailed on sight if she is ever seen on this side of the border again.

Support Unjustly Jailed Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean….


Here is a few link where you can purchase t-shirts and  bumper stickers to support U.S. Border patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean who were unjustly jailed by our unscupulous legal system. 

Bumper sticker link

T-Shirt link


Fuzzy Conservative Math: 2 plus 2 Equals 1


One thing that Americans hate about Chinese is that there are not enough of them. I have heard countless arguments from people that it is immoral and unethical and oppressive for China to control its population growth. Well, first of all the “control” of its population growth is far less severe than people here believe. It is only the ethnic majority that are limited to one child and if their child dies as an infant they can have another. And there are dozens of other exceptions that allow for more than one child. But if someone simply has another child rarely does anyone even say anything. The law simply is not enforced. But that is beside my point. I think it is funny when people here take a “for-shame” tone about China’s population control. I ask them, “Do you really wish there were ten times as many Chinese out there?” They already outnumber us 6 to 1. There is not much room left in south east Asia so most of them would have to come to wide open spaces – like here. No one ever answers. But the truth is I don’t understand why China doesn’t try to outnumber us 60 to 1. Maybe it is because they really like us. But since we seem hellbent on going to war with them before 2045 it would make sense (we’ll call that World Oil War III). They seem to think if they have, say 6 billion more people in the next 30 years it will cause massive shortages of food, water, plumbing, housing, jobs, health care, etc. Of course this is very silly of them, but strangely enough we seem to have the same delusion here (we are not so different from the Chinese after all).

We seem to live in constant fear that if more than 10 people per year cross our boarders and stay that we will lose our cars, our gameboys, our 401ks and our jobs. Why does anyone believe this nonsense? If Arabs live I am going to die. If Mexicans work I will be unemployed . If people in India have food to eat I will go hungry. If I give a homeless man a dollar soon he will live in a mansion and i will be broke. Where is the rationale behind this? If you have two children you must love one of them and hate the other because if you try to love them both the universe will implode. I don’t get it.

Let me explain why this is so simple for me and I don’t understand other people’s perspective on this one. Let’s say we open our doors to Mexico – in fact – let’s open our doors to all of Latin America. Anyone who wants in gets in – no red-tape. Yes, the Neo-Cons would go crazy but I am still looking for a downside. First of all, I can guarantee no where near as many people as you might think would take the offer. But that is not my point. At most there are about 300 million of us now. Let’s say over night the population more than triples to 1 billion. Of course this would never happen, not that many people feel like moving and the process would be very slow even if they did. But let’s pretend. “Oh no!” Everyone says, “Who will ever feed, house, clothe, and care for these 700 million new people?” – Gee, I don’t know. How about the 700 million unemployed people who just showed up? Why not give them jobs as farmers, cooks, textile workers, builders, teachers, doctors, etc. I never understand how politicians and other demigogues can stand before the country and say, “We have two grave problems to face and no solution in site: one, everything is falling apart and we don’t have the manpower to fix anything, and two, unemployment is just too high.” If you have something that needs to be done and you have someone with nothing to do you do not have 2 problems – you have one solution.

When I was young coming up in North Carolina it was a vast empty desert with a few crusty old klansmen and some inbred mountain folk, that’s how I remember it anyway. Today it is a thriving state with numerous sprawling metropolitan communities that simply didn’t exist 25 years ago. What happened? Shortly after I moved some change in political climate (I can’t remember what anymore) caused many thousands of people of Mexican heritage to migrate to North Carolina. It did not destroy the state, it made it excel.

Unfortunately in a racist society like ours it is predictable that heavy manual labor and grunt work will be delegated to Mexicans if there are any around, and Blacks othewise. If your state suddenly has millions of new farmers, cooks, maids, janitors, factory workers, construction crews, orderlies, etc. then all that will still be needed is skilled labor, teachers, restaurant owners, local news teams, small businesses, lawyers, etc. And that is what they got. Masses of unemployed college educated people from Western New York and Ohio (where there are few Mexicans) flooded to North Carolina to find work. And they are still there.

My point is simple, more people means more needs and more needs means more jobs, not less. But then again, those in power have always known this. That is why when Haitians and Mexicans and others running from oppression and poverty come here they are turned away at gunpoint while Cubans are immediately accepted and embraced as citizens. There is no fear of running out of anything here. Our immigration policies are based on geopolitical chess games and racism. But it sounds a lot better to say “there is not enough America to go around” than to say, “America doesn’t have any more use for your race but we’ll take more of someone else’s.”

Free Ramos and Compean Now Mr. President…This is an Outrage…

Border Patrol Logo 

T.J. Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council, the union that represents convicted U.S. border patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, expressed anger at the sentences handed down Tuesday and said the Border Patrol is suffering as a result: “The ramifications of this case will be felt by the Border Patrol,” Bonner said. Bonner added an anecdote about a former Border Patrol recruit who eventually declined joining and said “You have to be crazy to join this outfit, because you eat your own.”

Remember Ramos and Compean Mr. Bush? They were two hardworking border patrol agents doing the best job they could. They were the guys that were sold out by our court system at the whim of an over zealous prosecutor who felt that freeing a scumbag drug runner in exchange for testimony against two guys who broke the cardinal rules of failing to report a shooting in a timely manner and picking up shell casings after chasing a criminal who refused to surrender, and will now serve 10 to 12 years. Of course no one is talking about the fact that these types of scenarios are routine and usually result in temporary suspension rather than jail time.

I was wondering Mr. President, if you could find it in what grain of a moral conscious you have left, to treat these two men in the same manner that you treated bona fide felon candidate “Scooter” Libby? Maybe we could work to reverse the trend of easy “conviction-itis” at the cost of sending a murderous drug runner back to the street to make his small contribution to destroying the lives of our kids. Or…will we continue to pollute the waters of our legal system with the mis-guided arrogance of men like prosecutor Johnny Sutton who chose to throw two border agents under the bus in the name of “justice.”

Surely you can find it in you heart to afford the same treatment to these men that was afforded to your buddy “Scooter.” After all, they are responsible for protecting America – kind of like our soldiers in Iraq.