More Reasons Why People Hate Cops – Updated …


I managed to dig up some stories on ‘taser-happy’ cops. They just can’t figure out what to do with that itchy trigger finger I guess. Taser guns use compressed nitrogen to propel two darts that attach to the body. The darts are connected to the gun by a wire and deliver a 50,000-volt shock at five-second intervals to incapacitate a suspect.

You’ll love these…

Alachua County, Florida – Alachua County Sheriff’s say a Lieutenant didn’t know a mother was pregnant when he tasered her stomach. Leslie Donaldson says she was trying to help break up a fight between neighborhood kids when a deputy showed up and tazed one of the boys fighting. He then announced he was going to taser Donaldson.

“She raised her arm to the deputy. The deputy felt threatened like she was going to hit him…” said Alachua County Sheriff’s Lieutenant David Clark. Clark is a certified taser instructor and explained that the deputy didn’t realize she was 8 months pregnant.


Huh? She looks 8 months pregnant to me!

Donaldson says she still has the marks on her belly.

To add insult to injury, she was arrested for battery after she was taken to a hospital to be checked out.

Miami, Florida – Police defended an action to use a 50,000 volt taser on a 12 year old girl and 6 year old boy. Police director Bobby Parker defended that decision because the boy threatened to injure himself with a shard of glass. The 12 year old committed the unspeakable crime of skipping school and possibly drinking. According to the incident report, the 12 year old girl was running from officer William Nelson. When he couldn’t catch her and she was nearing traffic, he decided to taser her. The electric probes hit the girl in the neck and lower back, immobilizing her. He said he used the taser for her safety.

This was the latest in several disturbing incidents involving the department.

Orange County, California – Sheriff’s deputies on Tuesday defended their decision to use a stun gun on a 15-year-old autistic boy who ran away from his parents.

Using the Taser in this case “was the right thing to do,” said Jim Amormino, a sheriff’s spokesman. “If that were your son, would you want him tased or hit by a car? The deputy made the right decision. . . . “It could have saved the boy’s life.”

I suppose he couldn’t be brain damaged or killed by the 50,000 volt shock. 

Taylor’s mother, Doris Karras, said deputies did not need to use the Taser gun. In fact she had called several times to alert them that her son was missing. “This was a very aggressive response,” she said, “my son didn’t have any weapon on him. He didn’t even have a pencil.”

Taylor fled a therapy visit at the Regional Center of Orange County because he didn’t want to go. Nine hours later, his mother saw him about one block from their home – 16 miles from the center – on the ground and handcuffed by deputies.

Amormino said Tustin police called the Sheriff’s Department after a pedestrian reported a suspicious person. Taylor was pushing a shopping cart down Newport Avenue near La Loma Drive, near his home in North Tustin. With no money, he apparently had walked home.

Doris Karras said her son, who is 5 feet 10 and has a beard, looks older than 15.

Amormino said Taylor yelled something when approached by a deputy, then ran across Newport Avenue, causing two cars to swerve. That was when the deputy thought it was appropriate to taser him. The deputy then handcuffed the youth to keep him out of traffic, Amormino said.

Houston, Texas – In a confrontation with a defiant father, a hospital security guard fired a stun gun to stop the father from taking home his newborn, sending both man and child crashing to the floor.

The father claims the baby girl suffers from head trauma because she was dropped.

“I’ve got to wonder what kind of moron would tase an adult holding a baby?” said George Kirkham, a former police officer and criminologist. “It doesn’t take rocket science to realize the baby is going to fall.”

The episode began when William Lewis said he and his wife felt mistreated by staff at the Woman’s Hospital of Texas so they decided to leave. Hospital employees told him doctors would not allow it, however Lewis, fully within his rights as a parent, picked up the baby and headed for the elevators. The elevators would not move because wristband sensors on each baby shut off the elevators if anyone takes an infant without permission. Lewis gave the video to The Associated Press. The baby continues to suffer ill effects from the fall.

“She shakes a lot and cries a lot,” Lewis said, noting doctors have performed several MRIs on the child, Karla. “She’s not real responsive. Something is definitely wrong with my daughter.”

It was not clear whether the baby was tasered or suffered a shock. 

I say, any cop found to using a taser gun inappropriately should be tasered in the genitals. That should bring these arrogant bastards back down to earth wouldn’t you say?


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  1. Funny how lazy, out-of-shape cops who carry tazers, are what we rely on for community protection. These are replacement puppets for real officers. Why is it that when I think of the word cop I think of overweight, under-trained law breakers with a badge? I remember when policemen could outrun you, take you down by themselves (i.e. without back-up)and contain a situation with a bit of common sense. Now they need a tazer so they don’t have to get close. If they at least had some brains, I could understand handing them a “safe-weapon”.

    I say rubber bullets, aim for the eyes!

  2. virtualmartyr,

    Your opinion of police is basically the same as mine. If it involves getting out of the cruiser to do more than get coffee or write a traffic ticket, most cops opt out. That’s one reason why police unions won’t allow cops to walk the beat anymore. Too much work I guess. Cops might cite danger as the reason, but if that’s the case, then go work at The Home Depot, because police work is dangerous by definition and requires some common sense as well – which most cops seem to lack nowadays.

  3. So, you say that cops are pigs, and they’re too lazy and fat to beat you up? Well, punk, I can’t wait to meet you out on the street, I hope you’re committing a crime. That way, I can have an excuse for outrunning you, then taking you down, old fashioned style!!

  4. Cops, huh!

    These loosers are nothing more than frustrated GI Joes, high school dropouts. Cowards hidden behind their badge. They have way too much power and employ abusive force.

    I don’t brake laws, one speeding ticket in 5 years. I must admit though, I get a kick every time one of these pigs get popped!

    Arrogant uneducated rednecks…. Thes are my 2 cents.

    Good day

  5. MJ "revoltingpawn"


    Hope you don’t think we here would be in agreement with your comment. We are not looking for anyone to get “popped”… You need know where to draw the line there pal.

  6. taser abuse is a concern of mine- please visit my weblog Half A Bubble Off Plumb thanks

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