Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats Fail Once Again…This Time on SCHIP…


US congressional Democrats today have failed us again. Another piece of key legislation went up in smoke as the House failed in their attempt to override President George W. Bush’s veto in response to their bid to expand a health care program aimed at millions of poor children.

The House of Representatives backed the override vote by Democratic leaders by 273 votes to 156, but fell 13 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to check Bush. Bush vetoed the bill on October 3, arguing it was a step towards “socialized medicine,” complaining it would be too expensive and would tempt some families now using private insurers to switch to government-funded coverage.

A CNN poll found this week that 61 percent of Americans though Congress should override the veto.

Democrats immediately ripped into Bush after the vote. Maybe they should have ripped into themselves.

Nancy Pelosi may go down in my mind as the worst Speaker of the House in history. If you need someone to engage in wonkish debate that results in nothing – she’s your gal! However, if you need someone to crack some political skulls and get a policy that 72% of the American people wanted to begin with (SCHIP) and 61% now want passed via override, then she’s not your horse. You’re probably saying…but Matt, the Democrats are doing everything they can! There’s not enough votes! Bush is heartless and a moron to boot! Blah. Blah. Blah. I say, how about a quick look back to the President’s ‘Medicare Perscription’ bill.

In 2003, Bush famously signed into law the most expensive health bill in our nation’s history. The Democrats wilted. That bill had a price tag of $400 billion over 10 years compared to SCHIP which would cost half that over the same amount of time. It almost didn’t pass as you might recall. Tom DeLay had to strong arm one fiscal conservative with a political threat against his son to get the necessary vote! The press learned later that the administration already knew that the price tag was being understated by over $100 billion, but the actuary with that information was being muzzled by his boss, so Congress might pass it anyway! Here’s the real kick in the head, the money spent on Bush’s ‘Pill Plan’ would line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies and HMOs, and in the end, some seniors saw an out of pocket cost increase! Some projections have a ten year cost on Bush’s Medicaid fiasco as high as $1 trillion! 


Enough of this political small talk. Enough Bush bashing. Nothing is going to change this knucklehead’s position on anything that the Democrats propose to help the middle class. I personally prefer RESULTS and so do the American people (take a look at Congresses approval rating). Instead what we got is another dropped ball. The Democrats do not twist arms like Republicans or they simply will not. The results have been monumentally disappointing.

Here is how they should respond.

The President’s beloved ‘No Child Left Behind’ bill is up for re-authorization shortly. The Democrats should make no mistake here. Stick it right up Bush’s ass. He needs Democratic votes to get it re-authorized. In no way should the Democrats cave on this. They are bashing Bush as heartless toward the needs of children and he will inevitably bash back, saying Democrats have abandoned the educational needs of our children.

So be it.

If this ass of a President wants to play obstruction pinball, then let’s play. At least we can claim stalemate. If the Democrats do cave in, that will be the last straw for me. I will personally begin an online campaign for the removal of Nancy Pelosi as speaker and I will also punish my party by crossing over for the first time in 2008. I am also prepared to support Cindy Sheehan’s Congressional election efforts.

There, I said it.

Some states have already run out of funds, and in instances children may be literally dying because their parents can’t afford the procedures they require. Get these people on the ball Nancy and let’s start doing the shit work we need to do, in order to get a win on something…anything…please! Dig for dirt, rat out Republicans if you have to. Play Tom Delay style ball. If the Republicans are willing to go over the hill with Bush then make them pay – all of them. No more ‘No Child Left Behind’, no more war funding, no more anything. It stops now.

So far, the Democrats as a whole have accomplished nothing. Personally, I’m tired of nothing.


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  1. I don’t know if you realize this, but this bill is offering to take money from people who use a legal product and give it to people who make upwards of 60,000 annually. Apparently, these people who earn 60k a year are spending too much of their annual income on expensive SUVs, vacations, and weekend toys to afford to buy health insurance for their children. If you don’t have the funds, don’t have the damn kids people!!!!!

    Where does it say ANYWHERE in our constitution that any group or individual has a RIGHT to receive subsidies for health care? For that matter, how can it be right or ethical to take one family’s hard-earned dollars and give it to someone else’s family who perhaps earns even more that that person? Their are plenty of low-income individuals (no kids) out there that struggle with a low-income wage yet buy cigarettes (a legal product!). This poor sap is going to be giving his/her money to a family earning probably three times what he/she makes! How can that be right?

    I’m not a smoker and I hate smoke! I can’t stand second hand smoke. But – the bottom line is that cigarettes are a legal product that people are apparently free to still enjoy. Of course, I say enjoy them at home – but people can still have them. What if the government comes along some day and decides to tax a legal product or activity that YOU enjoy?? I bet you’d be freaking out about it!!!

  2. I must agree with you on the method of financing this. Using cigarettes to finance health care is absurd really. No matter what your position, either your going to try to eliminate cigarettes from the landscape or your going to provide universal healthcare. Logically you can’t do both and you certainly cannot take from the ‘have nots’ and give it to the ‘haves.’ I do support SCHIP though and hope they can get it passed.

    The constitution does not say anywhere we have a right to healthcare, but a civilized society should know that a healthy populus will promote longevity of the culture. Besides, the constitution is a ‘living’, ‘breathing’ document remember? It has been ammended several times and it does say we are allowed to do that the last time I looked, if you want to ‘Ron Paul’ me to death – so why can’t we make healthcare a constitutionl right?

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