Ron Paul’s Jewish Problem…


People seem to think Ron Paul has a Jewish problem…and maybe he does. 

At an event on September 11, 2007 at Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies, Paul argued for withdrawing from the Middle East, telling his audience that “Israel is quite capable of taking care of itself” — though interestingly adding that US policy has “hurt Israel tremendously.” Paul also downplayed the threat Iran poses to Israel, saying that even if Iran does develop nuclear arms, that it would not be a serious danger to Israel.

His subtlety is what bothers me.

Given that Israel is armed as Paul suggests, really doesn’t seem to present a problem…or does it? 

Paul’s position towards Israel is not innately anti-Jewish, nor is it necessarily outwardly anti-Israel. In fact, Paul’s position is not particularly uncommon, especially within conservative circles. Pat Buchanan led the charge in March of 2003, writing in The American Conservative that neoconservatives participating in and advising the Bush administration were steering the United States into wars that were not in America’s interests, but rather Israel’s. 

Yet, much to his supporters’ dismay, Paul’s willingness to speak out against U.S. policy regarding Israel has effectively made him the sweetheart among those whom Presidential candidates would typically not desire support: white supremacists and anti-semites.

The Internet is filled with data that indicates Ron Paul has become the most popular candidate among right-wing extremists, including white separatists, neo-Nazis, and conspiracy theorists who believe that “the Zionists” were behind 9/11. Among these people are Frank Weltner, creator of the anti-semitic website, who in a YouTube video, accuses the “Zionist-controlled media” of attacking Paul’s candidacy.

Paul has also received support from the Vanguard News Network, a White Nationalist news organization. Then there’s the members of Stormfront, an online neo-Nazi community. 

Of course, Congressman Paul cannot be held accountable for the views of his extremist supporters. Yet, he isn’t exactly doing anything to distance himself from them. For instance, when his extremist supporters began providing a substantial amount of campaign funds, his campaign has a habit of not returning the funds. 

According to the Lone Star Times, White Nationalists like Don Black have become high profile donors to the Paul campaign. Black, the founder of Stormfront, and one of the most notorious neo-Nazis in America, has personally contributed $500 to Paul’s campaign.

To date, there is no conclusive evidence showing the Paul campaign has returned the money.

Paul’s campaign has no control over who sends them money. However, wouldn’t it make sense that if you do not wish to be identified with neo-Nazism, that you would send the money back? 

Paul’s spokesman Jesse Benton told the Lone Star Times back in May:

At this time, I cannot say that we will be rejecting Mr. Black’s contribution, but I will bring the matter to the attention of our campaign director again, and expect some sort of decision to be made in coming days.

I believe any other candidate would unequivocally reject that money as soon as its donor’s identity was known. Why not return the money immediately?

On October 26, nationally syndicated talk show host Michael Medved posted an open letter on that read: 

Dear Congressman Paul:
Your Presidential campaign has drawn the enthusiastic support of an imposing collection of Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, Holocaust Deniers, 9/11 “Truthers” and other paranoid and discredited conspiracists.

Do you welcome- or repudiate – the support of such factions?

More specifically, your columns have been featured for several years in the American Free Press-a publication of the nation’s leading Holocaust Denier and anti-Semitic agitator, Willis Carto.  His book club even recommends works that glorify the Nazi SS, and glowingly describe the “comforts and amenities” provided for inmates of Auschwitz.
Have your columns appeared in the American Free Press with your knowledge and approval?

As a Presidential candidate, will you now disassociate yourself, clearly and publicly, from the poisonous propaganda promoted in such publications?
As a guest on my syndicated radio show, you answered my questions directly and fearlessly.

Will you now answer these pressing questions, and eliminate all associations between your campaign and some of the most loathsome fringe groups in American society?
Along with my listeners (and many of your own supporters), I eagerly await your response.

Respectfully, Michael Medved

Medved received no response to the letter from the Paul campaign.

There is even evidence that suggests Ron Paul is anti-semitic on Shadow Democracy’s comment threads. A person by the name of Eric Dondero, who identifies himself as a former Ron Paul staffer wrote:

Ron Paul, my former boss, is not an explicit Anti-Semite, but he is most certainly anti-Israel and one could make a strong case – outright anti-Jewish.

During my 6-year stint with him, I served as his only Jewish staffer. He regularly touted me as proof against allegations that he wasn’t an Anti-Semite, even one time ordering me to wear Jewish clothing and attend a press conference of his Democrat opponent who was exposing his links to Anti-Semitic groups. I felt used.

(For the record, Ron did not know I was Jewish until I had already been hired.)

Ron and I finally departed ways, partly because I was ashamed to work for such an explicitly anti-Israel advocate.

If you still doubt his anti-Jewish/anti-Israel views, ask yourself this question:

Why is it that when Ron Paul talks about the evils of taxpayer dollars going overseas for foreign aid, he only singles out Israel as a recipient? Why does he never mention the billions we send each year to Egypt for foreign aide? Turkey, the Palestinians, other Nations? Never a peep out of Paul about those dollars. It’s just always the “Jews.”

Eric Dondero, Fmr. Senior Aide
US Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)

He comments in a second post:

In fairness, the comments about Blacks being “fleet-footed” were written for Ron, though published under his name in his Ron Paul Newsletter, by his Top behind the scenes aide Lew Rockwell.

But the other comments about Israel being the most powerful lobby, were definitely Ron Paul’s words. In fact, I’ve heard him say similar comments on numerous occasions, some far more explicit, to private quasi-Anti-Semitic groups… the Jewish comments are very accurate.

Check out Eric Dondero’s website here: 

So what are we left with? Is Ron Paul anti-Jew? The facts posted in the article seem to suggest that. How extreme are his views and can the nation take a chance on electing him to find out? His fundraising is on the up-swing and his poll numbers are climbing. Some polls have him as high as 16% in New Hampshire.

I contend that Ron Paul is merely being coy regarding his racism towards Jewish people and indeed, people of color. Couple this with his many other extremist views, as well as massive support among racists of various stripes, and you are left to ask yourself – is this a guy who we should be considering on any level for the Presidency?

Based on this information, I say absolutely not. 


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  1. Since when is less than 1/10,000th of a percentage considered a substantial amount?

    Ron Paul got over $5 million in the quarter that $500 donation came in.

    You did pretty good in admitting that Ron Paul himself isn’t anti-semitic and I’m glad that you at least quoted him.

    His support from those nefarious types is much overblown. Jews represent what, 2% of the population? Guys like Don Black represent an even smaller number. In comparison I would venture to say that Ron Paul has gotten a disproportionately larger percentage of support from Jewish folks than he has from the nuts you describe.

  2. It took Dondero 6 years to come to the conclusion that he “was ashamed to work for such an explicitly anti-Israel advocate”?

    The internet is filled with data? What data? You give the names of THREE PEOPLE! On November 5, FORTY THOUSAND PEOPLE contributed to his campaign!

  3. MJ "revoltingpawn"

    Z. Dean…

    What does the fact 40,000 people on Nov. 5th contributed to Ron Paul’s campaign have to do with this post?

  4. Whoever wrote this garbage article cared not about the truth. Only slandering the only Hope for America we citizens have. Go do your own research…. please!!

  5. Why should Ron Paul give money to white KKK members? That makes no sense.

  6. MJ "revoltingpawn"


    Your comment made no sense… Where is the KKK mentioned in this post?

  7. If you read his book, Ron Paul makes it clear that he is against financial aid to all nations, not just Israel. In addition, he mentioned that Israel was on the verge of wiping out the PLO until we decided to finance the PLO while financing Israel. This Anti-Jewish, Nazi and KKK campaign against Ron Paul simply means that he is now considered dangerous by the establishment and needs to be eliminated by any and all means.

  8. Paul has said on every occasion that we should not be giving money to ANY foreign government, be it Israel, Saudi, Pakistan, or any other.

    It has nothing to do with racism, it has to do with sending our tax money overseas to fund other countries.

  9. Podoba produces a new dishonest hit piece against Paul about every other day – all telling the same lie: that Paul is a bigot of some sort.

    Podoba is a cheat since cheating is the only way to smear Ron Paul.

    There is in fact a powerful lobby for Isreal. Recognizing it is not anti-semitic – except in the eyes of the powerful lobby for Isreal, who would no doubt prefer not to be noticed as they go about their work.

    Let’s start smearing Podoba as a Zionist infiltrator in our midst. Let’s do it every other day.

  10. MJ "revoltingpawn"

    Timur Rozenfeld…

    You make it sound like the “establishment” will put a bullet in Ron Paul’s head if it feels there is a need. Ron Paul is no Jesus… Ron Paul is not dangerous but not so sure about his supporters.

  11. Z. Dean

    Google this:

    “white supremacists support ron paul”

    Result…637,000 hits. I found at least fifty unique stories before I got tired of reading.

    Give me a break.

  12. George R,

    No slander here…only verifiable facts. Sorry.

  13. John Reading,

    I’m cheating? If cheating is telling the truth then I’m guilty I guess. Do me a favor please. If you are going to comment, at least offer some useful insight. Thanks.

  14. Jason,

    No one is arguing Paul is universally against all forms of foreign aid. In many instances I agree. This post however focuses on Paul not distancing himself from people who want to exterminate Jews, much like Hitler did. It’s one thing to be anti-Jewish regarding monetary aid to Israel, it’s quite another to implicitly be aligned with murdering ‘Nazi Wackos.’ It’s the ‘Nazi Wacko’ part that bothers me.

  15. Curtis,

    No one said Paul is supporting neo-nazis…I make the argument that they are supporting him (which is long established) and that he isn’t putting distance between himself and those wackos who would work to exterminate Jews. Why doesn’t he just return all neo-nazi campaign money and institute a new policy of no donations being accepted from these crazies, from this day forward? I don’t care if it’s $1.00, it’s still wrong.

  16. fellow traveller

    ya just gotta love it when the Anit-Gentiles start hurling lies, innuendo, slurs, and all of the rest.

    i’ll take DR. Ron Paul over any other candidate any day of the year. [in EITHER Wing of he Governing Party!]

    and one thing IS for sure. this Gentleman WAS in CONgress the first bit he did, when Democratic Party CONgressmen and Senators were schtupping young CONgressioanl pages in their keesters.

    Remember that?

    I DO.

    Now it would appear that it’s the Republican’s turn to do degenerate stuff. Ron Paul returned to and STILL does not indulge this CONgressional filth and degeneracy!

    That Ron Paul is NOT some kind of pedophilic freek, like much of the MSM ‘reporters’, and Main Stream Politicians are, speaks VOLUMES about the man’s character.

    Now that the “nazi” crap has been spewed forth, played out ,and shown to be the BS that it IS, WHAT will come next?

    I next expect the purveyors of filth, [located at your nearest Central Services Office], to claim some sort of homophobia and/or homosexual crap about the man.

    It’s to be expected.

    After that, expect some “Negro crap”. I can see it now, “oh yes! Ron Paul had a ‘dark child with a former slave girl”. Or some other pseudo horeshit.

    What the crapsters don’t seem to understand, is that this denigrating of an honest man’s character is now OLD HAT!

    So supporters DO expect this filth.

    Heck! I expect TONNES more of this filth.

    Train-loads , perhaps Super-tankers loads of this crap and filth.

    No matter how many times it takes, the filth woll be revealed for what it is.

    ANTI-GENTILE generated, Collectivistic aided and abetted, falsely framed and formatted…filth.

    Go Ron Paul!

    Last Hope for the USA!

    And as for the rest of you ANTI-GENTILE Haters, why not go to Hell?

    You’d like it there! FIlled with other Haters just like YOU!

    To the Collectivists? Why not join the Anti-Gentile Haters?



  17. MJ "revoltingpawn"

    fellow traveller…

    Calm down, take your medication, and use a spell checker for God’s sake.

    Now we can add anti-Gentile to Jewish, white race haters, and mainstream media to the terms we have been labeled. None which of course are accurate.

    I am not big fan of the mainstream media but was unaware of the “pedophilic” freak problem among them…

    You seem to confuse hate with disagreement. If we wanted Ron Paul hung up at the nearest tree then that would be hate my friend.

    Thanks for reinforcing the crazy and cult-like stereotypes associated with Ron Paul followers.

  18. I believe that Ron Paul cares deeply about all peoples but as president of the United States his constitutional sworn duty would be to serve and protect Americans and there individual rights.
    I’m of Irish decent but in my heart i am an American.
    There is a plan to destroy America, with its freedoms and liberties and apart from whatever God you choose to believe in, somthing really good in this world, perhaps, YOU, Matthew Podoba, are part of THAT plan.

  19. Racism is such a self perpetuating idea. It can be a powerful weapon used to gain the alliance of the weak and the feeble minded. Our nation was founded on the principle of individual liberties. This principle, by its very existence, negates the need for collectives. People do not need to huddle in groups for protection when their government extends the constitutional law of personal liberty. Who exactly are any of these groups you speak of protecting themselves from? You say Ron Paul is a racist because he does not “support” Israel? Our tax dollars go to support this very rich country, and it shouldn’t, by law, by principle. By last count, 75% of the United States (225,000,000 people) want us out of the middle east. Does this make these 225 million people anti-Muslim, or anti anything that someone could identify with the people of that region? I refuse to feel guilty for personally wanting the United States tax payer’s dollars to stay in the United States. This does not make me a racist, nor does it make Ron Paul a racist. This blog is an obvious political attack.

  20. MJ "revoltingpawn"


    Oh good grief Charlie Brown…

    Now we are part of a plan to destroy America!

    Maybe you should read some of other posts on this site besides the Ron Paul ones before you judge us.

  21. Ron Paul Should be the Zionist Choice for US President

  22. There is no plan to “destroy America” (?). There is just stupidity, ignorance and carelessness. This article illustrates that very well.

    Eric Dondero was fired by Ron Paul and is running against him in Texas elections. Nothing he says about Ron Paul should be taken at the face value because he has a very big stake in it. Perhaps some of it is true, but nobody can tell unless the accusations are confirmed by an independent source.

    No poll actually puts Ron Paul at 16% in NH – at least, not yet. The figure 15-18% was mentioned in the interview by Zogby, but it was not based on any actual data.

    $500 is not a substantive part of whatever money Ron Paul raised so far by any stretch of imagination.

    There is absolutely no reason for Ron Paul to distance himself from anybody. His message is perfectly clear and his behavior spotlessly consistent. If a neo-Nazi, child-molester or wife-beater gives money to him We know for sure what the money will not be used for to harm Jews, children or women and that is all that matters.

  23. I am not running against Ron Paul for Congress. I have endorsed his opponent Chris Peden. This is very old news. In fact, from June to be exact. The poster above is obviously ill-informed.

    Nor, was I “fired” by Ron Paul. As a matter of fact, when I resigned from his employ I was given a $10,000 bonus and a lifetime pension from the US House of Representatives. In addition, I’ve used Ron as an employment reference for the last 3 years. And I know for a fact, that at least one major employer of mine got a favorable reference from him.

    “Eric, your enthusiasm for liberty is infectious. Stay that way. Thanks for all your help.” — US Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)

  24. Someone complained that the Ron Paul campaign accepted money from 3 nefarious groups. Me thinks the Devil had the money long enough. 🙂 Go Ron Paul! Ron Paul for President!

  25. MJ "revoltingpawn"

    Eric Dondero…

    Thanks for setting the facts straight for us and our readers.

  26. He NEVER singles out Israel and you know it. His ‘subtlety’ is your reach to uncover something that doesn’t exist.

    There is no ‘there there’ and we don’t give a hoot.

    I hope everyone and anyone gives money to Ron Paul as it will be used for good.

    Hillary takes it from Communist Chinese, and Obama from Black Separatists so what’s fair is fair. We don’t care.

  27. OMG Eric Dondero? This is a new attack by this moron.

    I guess we could say some people are anti-Arab as well. Eric is one of them.
    I’m offended.. Hmmmm.

    Perhaps Israel, the government of which is what we are complaining about, NOT THE PEOPLE or their religion.

    But you morons either don’t get it or purposely twist it.

    Hey I don’t want to give money to France either, but that’s their GOVERNMENT not their people… Eric needs to get a life and so does this blogger.

    He’s a joke and so are you.

  28. MJ "revoltingpawn"


    Why must the Ron Paul followers always resort to personal attacks? What information do you have that Eric is Anti-Arab?

    If comment again with personal attacks your comment will not be approved…

  29. MrTom

    Nope. I don’t want to destroy the U.S. Really I don’t!!!

  30. Ranohr,

    Please comment on something you actually thought up instead of rehashing Ron Paul’s position on racism. Thanks.

  31. Anica,

    Where do I start?

    Why is it stupid and careless to reveal facts? Moreover, why are Paul supporters so consistently insulting?

    Not one thing mentioned in this article is false or “careless.” I am merely trying to get to the bottom of ‘Ron Paul’, candidate for president.

    And by the way…you’re comfortable with the fact that he is identified to white supremacists? Sounds like you are…so that makes you what?

  32. Eric Dondero,

    Thanks for the comment that helped clear things up for Anica and the rest of us. Nice to hear from you.

  33. NH,

    Ditto on MJ “revoltingpawn” last comment and warning. Either stick to intelligent discourse, or you’re out my friend. Sorry we have to resort to scolding you like a school child…but that’s where name calling gets you in the grown up world.

  34. Eric Dondero is blatantly racist. While I was a guest on his schlock-jock political weekly radio show he called peaceful Muslims protesting a US federal building ” Islamic trash ” while I was on with him and I couldn’t believe I heard it. A spew of anti-Muslim invective from Dondero continued along with “Islamo-fascism” and other incendiary anti-Muslim, anti-Arab remarks. Dondero is a chauvinistically minded Zionist, he makes no bones about that, but he is way more filthy and extreme with his on air language than Ron Paul ever has been. Dondero is riding such a high of egomania that i’m sure he has archived all of his on air rants and you can verify my appearance (Marc Scott Emery – Vancouver- April 2007) where he spews a torrent of blatant racism I have never, ever heard on a broadcast I was on as a guest before,. but that might be because i was brought up Canadian and we don’t typically hear that kind of redneck baiting up here.

    On that note of Dr. Paul, this week alone the good Congressman said to stop giving Pakistan any foreign aid. He said he should not give India any financial aid last week. On youtube you can find speeches where he say the US should stop all subsidy of Saudi Arabia. Its the questioners who ask Dr. Paul about Israel and the money they receive from the US taxpayer. His answers flow from the questions asked, and Dr. Paul is unfailingly polite and answers all of them guilelessly.

    Additionally, if you check Congressman Paul’s record in the congress, he voted against aid to every country that received money from the US taxpayer, without prejudice, that was subsidies of ANY nation on earth got the Dr.’s veto.

  35. Mathew you tell Ranohr,

    “Please comment on something you actually thought up instead of rehashing Ron Paul’s position on racism. Thanks.”

    No, Ranohr is right. We are tired of writers out there like you making up garbage on Ron’s positions. The best way is to quote Ron. No reason for us to guess.

    As for foreign aid, you later comment to Jason,

    “No one is arguing Paul is universally against all forms of foreign aid. In many instances I agree.”

    Well, you printed Eric Dondero’s comment for the sole purpose of backing up your story line “People seem to think Ron Paul has a Jewish problem…and maybe he does.”

    Eric’s comment:

    “Why is it that when Ron Paul talks about the evils of taxpayer dollars going overseas for foreign aid, he only singles out Israel as a recipient? Why does he never mention the billions we send each year to Egypt for foreign aide? Turkey, the Palestinians, other Nations? Never a peep out of Paul about those dollars. It’s just always the “Jews.”

    What a bunch of garbage. How can Eric say this with a straight face as his boss has been writing speeches such as this for years:

    “All foreign aid would be discontinued. Most evidence shows that this money rarely helps the poor, but instead solidifies power in the hands of dictators. There’s no moral argument that can justify taxing poor people in this country to help rich people in poor countries. Much of the foreign aid, when spent, is channeled back to weapons manufacturers and other special interests in the United States who are the strong promoters of these foreign-aid expenditures. Yet it’s all done in the name of humanitarian causes.”

    Why don’t you stroll over here for the rest of the speech and quit spewing your incorrect opinions.

  36. The truth is that Dondero, while working for Congressman Paul, showed up high on blow at some Christian event and was fired for it. He now bounces website to website to trash his former employer.

  37. disinter,

    According to Dondero, he quit. He even posted a comment on this thread that quoted a favorable job reference from Paul? If Paul fired him for drug abuse, why would he give him a favorable reference?

    Can you prove he was fired for drug abuse? I’d be careful with your accusations.

  38. David,

    My incorrect opinions? Since when are you the judge of what opinions are correct or not. As for Eric and comment on Ron Paul, he uses the word “mention” not the word “write.”

    I interpret that as…he is always talking Israel and Jews down. It is well known that Paul is anti-all-foreign aid, as I mentioned in this post.

  39. MJ, one of your posters claims that I’m “Anti-Arab.” Funny, I do happen to speak basic Arabic, and believe it to be a beautiful and fun language to learn. I’ve also spent 9 months of my life stationed in Bahrain.

    It was a very cool place in many respects. The Bahraini people were very friendly.

    If anything I’m Pro-Arab. I wish to see the entire Arab world move towards more liberty, freedom and democracy.

  40. Marc Scott Emery accuses me of being “raunchy.” Yup, I please guilty. I am rather raunchy, especially on my radio show. And I can be very insulting too, especially to Socialists and Islamo-Fascists who want to destroy the United States.

    I’m sorry if I’ve offended his virgin ears with my Military-style of speech.

    But I’d urge Mr. Emery to “man up,” and stop being such a wussy.

  41. For the record, I have never used Cocaine in my entire life, or any other substance even remotely related to it.

    As a matter of fact, I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my entire life. Never even a puff.

    I’m not a tetolar. I thoroughly enjoy beer, margaritas and coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

    But to insinuate in any, manner, shape or form that I’ve even used cocaine, and worse to claim that I was fired because of it, is outright libelous. I’d ask you to
    come up with some evidence or witnesses for the accusation?

  42. For those interested – a shameless plug here – tonight, our guest on Libertarian Politics Live on Blog Talk Radio will be Andrew Walden from the American Thinker. He’s the one who wrote, “Ron Paul and the NeoNazi connection.”

    Show starts at 7:00 pm cst. Call-ins welcomed at 646-915-9887.

    And Matthew, we’d love for you to participate!

  43. Mathew, sorry about that “incorrect” opinion statement. Certainly no such thing as that.

    So Eric says Ron Paul never “mentions” about cutting foreign to countries other than Israel. Simply not true. If you watch the youtubes that have his 2007 debate appearances, you will see he talks about cutting foreign aid to all countries.

  44. David,

    I am not disagreeing with you at all. He has made these statements. I’m just focusing on the Jewish question here because so many people are up in arms over it.

  45. Here’s a good article that might be of interest to you:

    The few, the proud, the Jews for Ron Paul

  46. MJ "revoltingpawn"


    Here is a interesting article(s) for you on Jim Perry and the Jews for Ron Paul…

    Is Jim Perry nothing but a fraud? Thinking maybe another post will be coming from Shadow Democracy on this very question.

  47. The campaign finance laws do not require a contributor to identify himself as a racist on campaign contribution forms, nor campaign staff to be mind readers.

    Under the Fifth Amendment no individual can be forced to incriminate himself. It is unconstitutional to require individuals to identify themselves as racist.

    If one is not allowed to remain silent, one is a slave, not a free person. And silence does not imply consent, as Sir Thomas More will posthumously attest. The silence of the Paul campaign will mean nothing. Choosing silence is exercising right to be free.

    There is nothing at all improper with Ron Paul accepting a donation from a fellow citizen who may be racist. Campaign finance laws do not forbid such contribution as they forbid money from a foreign national. It is not rational to expect a candidate to know what motivates a silent citizen to donate.

    There is no explicit contract between the donor and candidate as a campaign donation is like buying a lottery ticket. There is no certainty that the candidate will produce the donor’s desired outcome.

    Candidates who campaigned as defenders of the Bill of Rights and ripped the first amendment by enacting the McCain-Feingold law didn’t give any money back. Likewise racists can’t expect a refund if Paul ignores their idealogy.

    RPC staff can make the Jewish lobby’s attempt to lynch RP look like disgraced prosecutor Mike Nifong’s behavior and completely un-American to the electorate.

    Slam dunk on the Anti Defamation League. Caught in the act of defaming a man of high integrity.

  48. Mr. Dondero is such a hack.

    In Reason Magazine, Ron Paul was asked about Eric Dondero

    Reason: Your former staffer Eric Dondero is challenging you for your House seat in 2008.

    Paul: He’s a disgruntled former employee who was fired.

    Eric, if Rep. Paul gave you a check for $10,000, either you should still have the canceled check or can obtain a copy.

    Those of us who know you would love to see a copy of this check so we can verify the veracity of your statement.

    Proper dating and everything….If you are getting a pension check then you should have a copy or three laying around somewhere, correct?

  49. Do Dondero thinks saying ” Muslim trash” is merely raunchy when having an on air discussion of serious events.

    These Dondero-called “Muslim Trash” were US citizens peacefully exercising their constitutional rights, as i pointed out on his show. He then called them “garbage” in addition to “trash” , and four other pejorative labels. Why, because they were solely of Muslim background.

    Dondero conducts himself similarly on his show every week. That he calls himself a libertarian is pure slander — to other real libertarians like myself or Ron Paul. That he is quoted in this blog to me affiliates this blog with blatant indefensible repeat racist remarks that go on and on without apology. Dondero stands behind his racism! Proud to be a hater, as it were.

    Dr. Paul is such a classy man. Dondero is a miscreant who calls his warped unhealthy ideas “mainstream libertarian” to the discredit of us all.

  50. MJ "revoltingpawn"


    Everything you said in your comment is true but like every other Ron Paul supporter you missed the point in the post. Just cause you are not required to do something does not mean you shouldn’t.

    Why does every commenter who has something bad to say about Mr. Dondero never provide a link with some documentation like we do here in our posts? We don’t know Mr. Dondero personally but have no reason to doubt his words as of yet.

  51. Mr Podoba
    I googled the phrase you suggested and I got 8 hits
    I repeated the search with the ommited results included and got 249 hits
    I used this phrase [white supremacists “ron paul”] and got 167000 hits which is a lot less than the 657000 you claim if I remove the terms [donations] and [Don Black] it is reduced to 235. Can you suggest how Icould get a number closer to the 657000 you mention?

  52. MJ "revoltingpawn"


    Dude try… white supremacists support ron paul …no ” ”

    you will get…

    Results 1 – 10 of about 648,000 for white supremacists support ron paul. (0.16 seconds)

    I went down the results and found the many different stories Matthew was talking about. Took me two seconds to figure out. There are many ways to search with Google… ” ” gives you a narrow search and no ” ” gives you a broad search. Helps with the research. Please do not say was not 657,000 since the Internet changes on a daily basis and search engine results are not an exact science.

  53. To all tearing down Eric Dondero,

    It is said that he has been fired, is a coke user, and is a hack who is out for revenge. Not one Ron Paul supporter has offered a shred of evidence to back any of this up. Mr. Dondero was employed by Mr. Paul and this can be verified. There is also plenty of data that exposes Ron Paul’s inuendo regarding Jews. Who’s lying here???

  54. The campaign donation form does not ask donors what aspect of the candidate’s platform the donor specifically endorses nor does the donor explicitly offer policies for the candidate to support.

    Just as in the military with respect to homosexuality, in politics regarding donations, it is a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

    The donor should be a citizen with voting rights (not a convicted felon ) in my opinion although I don’t think any campaign screens for felons . Nothing about the citizen is my business nor the candidate’s business knowing.

    If later discovered that the donor funds were produced from criminal enterprise like a bank robbery or illegal drug sales I would expect the funds to be returned.

    Thank you for stating that everything I said was true. That’s good enough for me.

    There was no point for me to miss.

    I did not concern myself with Mr. Dondero’s specifics.

    If there were headlines that Paul categorically refused to deliver Jewish babies, I would take notice. What if the case is one of reverse discrimination– Jewish mothers avoided Dr. Paul’s practice because he is a gentile? They discriminated based on race because jewishness is based on genealogy. One isn’t considered a Jew with full rights unless born of Jewish mother. It wouldn’t be Paul’s fault that he never delivered a Jewish baby. Yet some reporter out to defame Paul could misleadenly report that his records show he nevered delivered a Jewish baby.

    I trust that Paul thinks that all human beings have equal rights. There is no right for society to demand that we all think favorably of each other. Paul speaks Truth that social tensions arise based on contention between groups whose members think alike. I don’t care what they group think as long as they respect my rights under the constitution in their behavior.

    Try a “Don’t attempt to mindread, don’t fear what other’s think of me” policy. Life is much less stressful. Live with the fact that another human being is the most uncertain phenemon we face in nature. That’s just they way it is unless you want to walk around in perpetual fear of all people.

    When humans fear they tend to be mean toward what they fear. Decide to be calm of mind. That’s what Christ aluded to when he said peacemakers are the children of God. One can’t have harmony with others unless one first calms his own mind.

  55. Let’s turn the headline around. “Jews’ Ron Paul problerm”.

    I think Ron Paul is a problem for Jews because he challenges them to drop their group think which causes them to think of themselves as either elite or victim in relation to other groups.

    However, Paul challenges all groups to drop the mindset of being elite or victim. Social tensions do not arise when individuals mutually relate to all other individuals as beings with the same set of rights.

    Differences in abilities are another matter and may cause one to think favorably or disfavorably towards another individual. If someone can’t carry a note, I don’t have to hire them as a singer.

  56. MJ "revoltingpawn"


    No you did not get the point of the post… Twice you have commented about how the contribution form does not ask about the donor’s political positions or if a “racist”. NO SHIT!

    If you read the post which almost all the Ron Paul supporters who comment here can’t seem to do well would understand it was found out later the contributor was a neo-Nazi. It even says in the post – “Paul’s campaign has no control over who sends them money”.

    The point, I guess have to spell it out for you is the Ron Paul campaign has not returned the money as far as we know. Since you like most Ron Paul supporters have no problem with support from Nazis you are helping to make the arguments in our posts. Thanks…

  57. MJ,
    The main point you missed is that it is not a contract. It is a lottery ticket. Paul can use the money as he sees fit, even to thwart the interests of the donor.

    The campaign spokesman said in a JTA piece on this quixotically imagined injustice that it is the nazi’s unrecoverable loss if they misunderstood Paul’s platform. I would be completely tickled were Paul to use neo-nazi funds to defeat their supremacist interests. So should you.

    Similarly Goldstein wrote, “If the Stormfront would send one billion dollars to Dr.Ron Paul I would be happy so he could win and teach them about freedom” in post at which is a hit piece Mona Charen did on RP. There are a lot of eloquent comments in defense of RP which you should read there.

    I think you possess the logical blindspot not me. Most RP supporters see the neo-nazis as dumb if they expected RP to endorse their ideology. There is no way they can contractually require Paul to jump through their pinhead diameter hoops.

  58. MJ "revoltingpawn"


    No sense of ethics or morals… No other candidate would take that money knowing where it came from. Why do only Ron Paul supports think it’s ok to take money from racist groups? You said wouldn’t take money from someone convicted of a crime. Why not? By your logic take their money and use to thwart their crime committing ways.

    Why are you talking about contracts now? Who said anything about contributions being contacts? Do you take drugs?

    Sorry your just wrong and no one still has answered why all the racists groups like Ron Paul so much…

  59. Actually, I have an email that I sent to the campaign to confirm or deny whether the money was refunded to Mr. Black or not. You see I don’t want to speculate on the matter until I have my ducks in a row. Does it look bad, in some ways yes, but I have also questioned some other moves that the campaign had made and having been patient, the record was set straight.

    I have jumped the gun before and was found wanting. But this blog wants instant gratification on this issue.

    On the other hand, we know that Eric Dondero is an unreliable source, and enters into hyperbole and obfuscation every chance he gets. He has never been nor will ever be a credible source.

    That is why anytime someone references Mr. Dondero, I assume they haven’t looked into his credibility, or that they haven’t looked into other facts regarding Rep. Paul.

    IMHO, if Mr. Dondero ran into a room of 100 Libertarians and
    yelled the sky turned purple, most would have to confirm it instead of taking him at face value. Prima facie evidence would be it’s a lie then be very surprised if the truth was told.

    Like other hit pieces on Ron Paul, once I do a bit of research the evidence is either a blatant lie or outright distortion.

  60. They like him because he stands for the Constitution. The supremacists are probably torqued over policies like affirmative action which discriminate against whites. Paul states the Constitution is and that our government’s selection criteria should be color blind if all are equal under the law. Paul and the racists can share common interpretation of the law which is perfectly legitimate and ethical free association.

    However, you have to prove that Paul shares the venomous hatred that a white supremacist holds against those not of his group. You can’t prove that. Have you some evidence that Paul has refused to deliver black, hispanic, or native american babies? No.

    I expressed an opinion about convicted donors and also expressed doubt that any campaign screens. Most criminal types often use aliases. I was admitting impracticality of my opinion.

    Do you know anything about contract law? A contract stipulates the conditions to be met. Where does a contribution form record the conditions which a donor expects the candidate to meet? It doesn’t. Therefore a donation is more like a raffle or lottery ticket which is bought without any guarantee of a desirable result.

    You tilt at windmills.

    Quote from JTA piece up on Google News: In response to a question from a reporter for Reason magazine, a campaign spokesperson said, “If people who hold views that the candidate doesn’t agree with, and they give to us, that’s their loss.”

    The nazis lose every penny out of stupidity.

  61. MJ "revoltingpawn"


    Seriously just stop dude…

    Umm… We never said anything about Ron Paul not delivering babies of other colors.

    Why are you talking about contacts again? The post nor I have said anything about donations being contracts. Is English not your first language?

    You tilt at windmills???

    I want some of your drugs man…share

  62. Ok I will stop as it seems that you are a victim of public education and do not understand the definition of legal concept like “contract” and phrases like “tilt at windmill” which has a clear definition at Google the phrase if I am incorrect on website for dictionary.

    I assumed you were as well educated as I am.

  63. MJ "revoltingpawn"


    You really don’t understand English…

    What makes you think I don’t understand what a contract is?

    I am going to go slow for you man…

    Once again I never said a donation is a contract!

    You made that up and referred I said that…

    This also applies to you asking for evidence that Ron Paul won’t deliver babies of other colors.

    Once again no one said that…

    You are having a debate with yourself. Anymore nonsense comments by you and it will be deleted on this tread.

    Got it?

  64. don’t bother me because this is all just mental masturbation anyway.

  65. @ MJ “revoltingpawn”
    Thanks for that, I wish I knew how google search really worked I did as you suggested and got 1150000 hits! I then tried to exclude the term “Don Black” and I got 1160000 hits 10000 more, obviously I don’t know how to do exclusions properly although it seemed to wor last time.

  66. Kash,

    The whole “tilt at windmills” thing is from Don Quixote. Just trying to move things along for those literature challenged.

    Bottom line, Ron Paul takes money from racists that openly endorse ethnic cleansing, and that is morally questionable at the very least. You have no argument here as I see it.

  67. Texas Little El,

    I don’t see any proof that lends credibility or diminishes it in regards to Eric Dondero, either way. Sorry, just because you say he isn’t credible, doesn’t make it true…no matter how many times you repeat it.

  68. Matthew,
    If the racists are stupid enough to give money to a man, Ron Paul, who clearly respects and defends the rights of all individuals, a man in the mold of Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, it is the racists loss.

    There is no harm nor foul to the rest of us. The racists merely have spent their money foolishly.

    As the Irish would say something like, “Well Thank God,…..the money has been in the devil’s hands long enough.”

    Anyone who tries to make a big deal out of this incident of foolish spending is tilting at windmills, and their imagined fear or moral outrage is merely mental masturbation resulting from their egos desire to be in complete control of everyone else. In other word, self-delusion.

  69. MJ "revoltingpawn"


    I glad you think you are better educated and a literary giant because read a book I haven’t. Oh wait… What about the books I have read you haven’t? No worry we won’t count those and keep you up on your mantle of literary superiority.

    Thanks for then making a statement I already made about the moral problem in taking the donations which was the point of the post.

    If you would carefully read the post and the comments that you respond to then there be no need for most of your irrelevant comments on this thread.

  70. As for my credibility, please see for some quotes from other top libertarians about my political activism.

    Here’s my libertarian resume:

    Secretary, Libertarian Party of Florida, 1985/86
    Libertarian candidate for State Legislature, 1986
    Libertarian National Committee, 1986/87
    Ron Paul, Libertarian for President, Travel Aide 1987/88
    Florida Chairman, Libertarian Republican Organizing Committee (LROC), 1989/90
    Founder, Repubilcan Liberty Caucus, 1990
    First National Chairman & Exec. Director, RLC, 1991-95
    Personal Assistant & Political Advisor, Roger MacBride, 1976 Libertarian Presidential candidate, 1991-95
    Coordinator, Ron Paul for President Exploratory Comm. 1992
    Ron Paul for Congress Coordinator, 1995/96
    Senior District Aide, US Congressman Ron Paul 1997-2003
    2004 – Present, Political Petitioner, Property Rights initiatives nationwide.

  71. Eric D. said: “a lifetime pension from the US House of Representatives.” FOR WORKING SIX YEARS????

    That’s what is scary and why we need to elect RP!!!!

  72. MJ, I don’t mean to imply that the establishment will put a bullet in his head, but they will try to discredit him by painting him as a racist, kook, fringe candidate, etc. And he isn’t Jesus nor does he have to be to have something important to say.

  73. Hey Matthew,

    I’m just stopping by, reading through all these comments, and I was wondering if you could explain your position on the ethical dilemma of accepting donations from someone with unethical views. (Why is that wrong?)

    I don’t believe it’s wrong for Ron Paul to accept donations from anyone, as long as the money is theirs to give and they give within the guidelines of the law. I believe he will use any freely donated money to restore America’s economy and civil liberties, and speak to the American people about how our rights are given to us as individuals, not as groups, and that everyone is created equal. If he returns money to a racist, then how would the money be used?

  74. Nathan,

    The “ethical” problem is this…

    White supremacists endorse the murder of non-white people. Being “ethical” by definition means to “adhere to an accepted standard of conduct.”

    It is not standard conduct among presidential candidates to accept money from would be murderers, therefore I must conclude that Ron paul accepting donations from such people is patently unethical.

    As far as the money being returned to a racist/murderer and how it would be used is not an answerable question because I am not the ‘Great Kreskin’ and I simply cannot predict such things. However I do know that if Ron Paul kept the money, which he has, it would signify his tacit endorsement of a racist/murderous agenda.

    That sums it up I think.

  75. MJ "revoltingpawn"


    They really need to teach a ethics class in high school so we would not get questions like this.

  76. Matthew J Padoba,

    I’ve been perusing these posts interested in the central ethical question posed up top concerning Dr. Paul’s apparent refusal to return money and publicly distance himself from less-than-savory individuals and organizations, particularly, in this case, of Jews.

    Seems to me the conflict arises from those extolling an “extenuating circumstances” opinion, and those such as yourself who support an ideal. In your case, you seem to support the idea that there is absolutely no gray area or logical, rational reason for continued receipt of funds from these fringe groups. It is just not right, and is not ethical, period.

    Other posts on here seem to imply that perceived sleights against a given group are a small price to pay for the greater good that the message of Dr. Paul promises will begin the process to try and exonerate the country from a host of ill-thought policies and their tragic consequences, which affect all groups. The ends justify the means, in other words.

    While there are infinite subtleties that I’m sure both camps could point out within the proceeding text, in the interest of The Point this is my basic perception of this argument.

    I must admit to being a disenfranchised citizen when it came to politics throughout my life. Since discovering and researching Dr. Paul’s stance on the issues, his congressional record, and other miscellaneous information about him and his character, I have felt a surge of hope, yet my skepticism remains steadfast as I fear always the “too good to be true” mantra that permeates the political world. I find myself conflicted between the two basic arguments posed in this forum, as I am fully aware that association with a group of hate-mongering people (read: not necessarily “would be murderers” – your assertion that you are not the “Great Kreskin” applies here as well, nor does breaking convention of other candidate’s practices logically constitute unethicality, despite my agreement with you that, in this case, tacit endorsement of hate-groups is morally repugnent) does not reflect well within the campaign and particularly the character of Dr. Paul himself.

    In the context of the bigger picture, however, I believe that though there may be circumstantial (none of these links contain hard empirical data or proof, i.e audio, video, transcripts, or other forms that rely not only upon a given person’s word that Paul said anti-semitic things directly) evidence of fallibility with my candidate, it is not proof that he is an unfit man to run for the nation’s highest office. Obviously there is a flaw with my argument because I am not Jewish, and therefore cannot fully grasp the insult that has been felt.

    However, when I attempt to empathize based on my own experiences of discrimination, I find that I believe that not returning money from fringe elements that are calling for my destruction is a necessary evil in a campaign that has been systematically ridiculed and excluded in the mainstream media, only less so after recent fundraising success and occasionally favorable analyst/pundit reviews. I believe that this action supports the consistent views of Dr. Paul, as liberty and freedom of speech allow people who hate one another to equally participate in the electoral process, which in this case, is tragically dependant upon fundraising prowess as a measure of presidential character.

    Though you may expect a greater moral stance symbolizing a commitment to unity of peaceful thinking, I believe the danger present in our current national state transcends the need to either screen donations or return them. If you make the argument that because he does not return anti-semitic money, as it were, he is furthering the agenda of despicable individuals through tacit enabling, then he is either a tacit enabler of all hate groups, or is just one who frankly doesn’t care what they believe and is concerned only with fundraising and avoiding any kind of direct discrimination with any person or group, regardless of idealogies. I see a parallel here in reasoning between fighting for what’s “right” in the war on terror, for example. I think the definition itself needs examined in this particular case.

    This is tough to say, as I am disappointed to hear charges like this against my candidate, but I also strive to keep an open mind on any flaws he may have. Despite my disappointment, I suppose I support “the ends justify the means” argument, in the hope that my perception of his character will not allow him to be so stupid as to directly insult those who do not deserve it in the future. There will always be friction between tacit enabling as a perceptive side-effect for a reason versus insinuation of character flaws. In this, I think the only resolution is the likely outcome of what this person will do, and I believe all groups of people will benefit under Dr. Paul’s presidency considerably more than any other candidate’s, including Jews.

    Your basic question requires alot of thought and personal reconciliation, and I hope I’ve offered a decent response to what you’re looking for. I certainly appreciate educated debates that force me to question why I support whom I support, and with that I’ll stop typing. 🙂

  77. free speech is his right too

    I am clearly a Democrat- Liberal Party supporter over supporting the Conservative Party and I still do rightfully believe in God, but I gave up supporting the lying, hypocritical, Pharisaical Conservative party. It was also very clear to me that Sarah Plain’s family did not live what she herself had preached to the others too.
    One inappropriate graffiti on a Jewish Center wall in Calgary Alberta makes the national news of Canada.. many Palestinian homes torn down in Israel makes very little news, What real unacceptable Hypocrisy. Peace in the middle east is never possible but it is not just the Arabs but the Jews themselves clearly who are part of the unacceptable problem. None of this is politically correct.

    US ‘dismayed’ by Israel’s new settlements in Jerusalem – The White House has said it is dismayed by Israel’s decision to build new settler homes in Jerusalem saying it makes it harder to kick-start the peace talks.

    Do see also

  78. Go Ron Paul and he is absolutely correct about Israel and the AIPAC influence on our FP.

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